Video Blog Tools: 5 Gadgets You Simply Can’t Do Without [Video]

Whether you are a dedicated video blogger that tends to avoid the written word as far as humanly possible, or you just like to spice things up with the odd spontaneous screen capture video recording, then these 5 video blog tools will claim the trick.

Free Video Screen Recording Software

Video screen recording, like the movie above, is the easiest way to record video in my opinion. It’s also a great way to reproduce the exact content that you have written on your blog to help syndicate your content.

An easy example would be to take a blog post, position 4 – 5 sentences of your post per page into something like Powerpoint, then simply read the your blog post while doing a video screen recording.

This is a great way to maximize the output of your content as now you can share your video on Youtube, Facebook and other social networking video sites.

That’s one way, let’s not forget about doing great how to tutorials, team training, how to’s and product reviews.

Video Blog Tools to use:


Screentoaster is the ultimate free video screen recording software. All you need to do is register for a free account and you are ready to record your desktop. Unlike like other video screen recording applications, Screentoaster does not require any downloads, you log in and you are ready to record.

You can upload your video straight to Screentoaster, post it directly to Youtube or share your video screen recording directly on Youtube, Facebook and a bunch of other social networks.

Jing Project

Jing, the more popular one out of the two,  makes screencasting super easy. Jing is an application developed by Techsmith who are in fact the creators of the video recording software authority Camtasia.The Jing Project helps you capture screenshots or to record a video of your desktop which can be uploaded directly to Once on, you can share the direct link with your friends, colleagues or team members. Jing is also free with an upgrade available for extra benefits.

Which is better: Jing or Screentoaster? One over the other will be a personal preference, so you be the judge!

Online Video Interview

Online video interviews is something that I’m really passionate about getting into motion and I have the perfect applications to compliment this. Video interviews provide excellent value to your blog readers and are easy to reproduce into podcasts. Even better, why not squeeze your top interviews into a small membership site, also referred to as a micro-continuity membership?

Here are the perfect software applications for the job:


We all know Skype as the VOIP chat service, but did you know that you can record video interviews with Skype? Skype has dozens of addons and extra’s with answering services and voice recordings. The only video recorder that I’ve found is called Pamela. Personally I’ve only tried the free demo and the voice recorder is great. They have a 30 day trial so put Pamela to the test.


Ok, this software application absolutely rocks! ooVoo is a desktop application which stretches from free 2-way video calling all the way up to 6-way video calls with one of their paid plans. Imagine doing face to face, well, face to screen meetings with your team scattered right across the world? You can record your videos and even host a chat service on your blog. The possibilities with this are simply endless!

Video Streaming Service

Finally, we need a place to host our new, hot videos. The first place that normally jumps to mind is Youtube. Problem with Youtube is quality can be poor and the display of advertising. The last thing you want to do is loose your hard earned traffic with the direct links to other videos which are displayed at the end of your movie.

Many internet and network marketing professionals have suffered a great loss from their accounts been banned in the past and all their months, even years of content went literally down the tube, no pun intended.

This was a major wake up call for hundreds of marketers including me, realizing that free video hosting services like Youtube have no mercy when they change their policies.

Also, if you plan to host a membership site and need to protect your content, a free hosting video service won’t work.

This is where paid video hosting services give you the upper hand.

Most people use Amazon S3 which is extremely cheap with storage and power being the major benefits. Unfortunately, it is not easy to make players though.

Video Hosting Solution

That is where EZS3 comes into play. With EZS3, you load your videos with the interface directly to your Amazon S3 account.

You choose a player, the size and copy one line of javascript which you can paste onto your blog or website.

This service is $20 a month and you pay Amazon S3 for the use of the server bandwidth. (pennies)

It works with FLV, MPEG4, MOV, SWF, JPG, GIF, Camtasia Codec, WMV, AVI and MP3.

Other features include autoplay, center, left or right alignment, watermarks and graphs which are great to determine which of your videos are the most popular.

In Summary, If you don’t want to be at the mercy of social video sites and you want secure, fast, affordable and high quality streaming videos, then EZS3 is the way to go.

Get a $1 trial for EZS3 Video

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