3 thoughts on “Turning Everyday Into a Top MLM Blogs Contest [Beat Plugin]”

  1. Hi George, I have installed the plugin on 2 of my blogs but when ‘beaten’ a popup says “Wrong Domain”. What could be done to correct that?

    Secondly, “support/help” is not very easily found on this site… or I might be turning blind 🙂

    Been traveling. Looking forward to staying seriously here. Love the work you’re doing.

    1. Hi Sandeep,

      The support forum for ‘The Beat’ plugin is here:


      Wrong domain normally means that you either haven’t added your blog as an ‘external blog’ to thatMLMbeat.

      That can be done via your profile.

      The other reason would be that you haven’t added your username to settings in your wordpress dashboard.

      Can you please confirm if you have done both of those?

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