Young Living Celebrates Connecting a Global Community for 20 Years


When D. Gary Young founded Young Living Essential Oils in 1994, he started with a small group of wellness-minded individuals. Now, with more than 200,000 members in multiple countries, Young Living serves as the connecting hub of a flourishing global community that few would have imagined 20 years ago!

Although some may be surprised by this amazing growth, it was all part of Gary’s plan. In fact, Young Living’s vision—to take Young Living Essential Oils to every home in the world—not only explains our recent success but also forecasts our bright future! We open new international markets every year, and with upcoming openings in Sweden, Malaysia, and the United Kingdom, that trend won’t go away any time soon.

Connecting a global community isn’t just about extending our reach across the map, though—it’s also about strengthening our positive local influence. Young Living employees have strengthened their communities by providing much-needed disaster relief, participating in cancer-awareness events, contributing to local programs aiding disabled children, and much more.
Through powerful growth and community involvement, Young Living has been connecting people from around the world for two decades, and we plan to do it for many years to come.



Why Young Living Goes To The ‘True Source’

There’s been much talk about the Young Living True Source… Young Living Distributors go with Gary to Oman where they get to see the frankincense distillery and frankincense trees up close. Essential oil quality is not left up to chance with Young Living. That is why Young Living has 9 farms and distilleries. The only you can make sure you have the highest quality essential oils is to produce them yourself.