How A Pure Leverage Blog Can Help Your Online Business

Pure Leverage Blog

What is a Pure Leverage blog and how can it help you grow your online business?

These days, everyone seems to be talking about the benefits of blogging. Pure Leverage offers a simple to use, ready to go blogging platform that you can use to promote, build, and brand to your heart’s content. This blog is designed to be very user friendly.

All the technical stuff has been taken care of. It is an ideal blogging platform for beginning bloggers as well as pros who wish to expand their online presence and reach.

Some people feel that having a blog is not necessary to have a successful online business. No doubt, it is possible to make money online without ever blogging a single word.

But guess what? A blog can give you some tremendous advantages as you are building your online presence and growing your home business.

Let’s look at how a Pure Leverage blog (built on WordPress) can help you.

Promote – you can promote any business you want with your blog. Some people choose to focus on promoting the Pure Leverage online marketing tool suite and income opportunity. Others choose to focus on an existing business opportunity they’ve been building.

In either case, by working with your Pure Leverage blog, you are able to reach online entrepreneurs worldwide who are prime prospects for what Pure Leverage offers.

Many people promote opportunities that are USA and Canada based only, or opportunities that have limited international presence. As you continue to market and promote online, you will attract prospects from all over the world. Even if your focus is not on Pure Leverage products and the business opportunity, you stand a good chance of building a nice affiliate income from prospects who learn about our online marketing tools through your blog.

Build – blogging helps you build an online presence, and increases your chances of getting found online when people are looking for what you offer. By following our system and taking advantage of all the tools you have at your disposal, your content will be pushed out there in front of millions of potential prospects.

By its very nature, a blog encourages fresh and frequent content updates. This is one of the huge keys to success with an online business, as it increases the chances of your content being found in searches. This helps build your business in a big way.

Brand – a Pure Leverage blog helps you begin branding yourself as unique and special, differentiating you from the pack. Blogging helps you reach out and tell the world more about you and what you do. You have an opportunity to let your visitors see more about who you are and what you’re about.

The Pure Leverage blogging platform is set up to make it easy for you and your visitors to share your content across the most popular social networking sites. Every time I publish a post on my blog, I share it to 25 LinkedIn discussion groups, 30 Facebook groups, and more. All in just a few minutes. This is one of the big advantages of blogging, your content is super easy to share across the major social networking platforms and this helps you get leads and prospects for your business.

How do you get the most from your blog? Just do this:

1) follow the simple step-by-step training provided
2) be consistent and blog regularly – I suggest one post per day for at least the first 60 days
3) promote your content and get eyeballs on it (there is training available that teaches this)

Your Pure Leverage blog can be your Internet “home base”, on which you can build a very profitable online home based business.

How to Use Thieves Essential Oil Blend

Young Living’s Thieves® essential oil blend was inspired by the legend of four 15th-century French thieves who formulated a special aromatic blend composed of clove, rosemary, and other botanicals to use while robbing dead and dying victims of the plague.

Our one-of-a-kind Thieves blend, crafted in the spirit of that legendary blend, contains powerful essential oils that defend and protect such as clove, rosemary, cinnamon bark, and Eucalyptus radiata.

Thieves has also been university tested for its cleansing abilities. It is highly effective in supporting the immune system and good health.*

There are dozens of ways to use Thieves essential oil blend. Here are some of our own tips, as well as tips from our Facebook fans on how to use this amazing product.

Thieves Usage Tips from Young Living:

Put a few drops in a capsule and swallow with water to support your immune system*
Put a few drops in your dishwater or dishwasher to thoroughly clean dishes and eliminate odor
Diffuse for 15–30 minutes in your home or office to help eliminate airborne bacteria
Apply on the bottoms of feet for internal support*

Thieves Usage Tips from Young Living Facebook Fans:

“When traveling, I’ll spray a few puffs of Thieves Spray in front of the A/C unit, which allows Thieves to go through the filter and out. I also pull back the bed covers and spray the sheets. I also spray Thieves inside the pillow cases on both sides. In the public toilets, I’ll spray a few puffs over the toilet before sitting. I never travel without it.” —Pam J., Senior Star

“I use Thieves oil to freshen bed linens, pillows, and mattresses, clean the kitchen and bath, mop the floor, use it as an air freshener, flavor hot tea, use it as my deodorant, and use it to brush my teeth. The better question is: What can’t you use Thieves for?” —Kathy J., Star

“I am a flight attendant and use Thieves for travel. I moisten a cotton ball and stick it in the hotel vent. I spray down the room. I use it on the remote control. I clean the galley and serving trays with Thieves.” —Dorothy R., Star

“I tend to place a drop or two of Thieves in my trash can and laundry baskets for dirty clothes. I also enjoy just diffusing and breathing in the fresh air it exhibits.” —Danikah J., Distributor

“I put 8–10 drops of Thieves in a dark-colored glass spray bottle and filled it with water. I’ve labeled the bottle and keep it handy by my front entrance. I use it to take away the spring scented shoes and boots in my front porch closet. Ahhh! The best air freshener ever! Works GREAT! Thank you Young Living!”
—Robyn D., Distributor

“I love Thieves and use it for everything. I even spray Thieves on money! Everyone asks about the smell. It smells so good.” —Marion N., Distributor

“I wear Thieves as perfume when going somewhere public!” —Erika S., Distributor

“A drop of Thieves on a tissue and a quick rub completely removes stains from whiteboards for when you grab the wrong type of marker. Plus, it smells great!” —Jan B., Distributor

How do you use Thieves essential oil blend? Leave a comment and let us know!

*This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Editorial Format For Text And Video Posts

It’s very important for all ambassador bloggers to stick to one editorial outlay and structure. Imagine flipping through the pages of your favorite magazine, only to find different fonts styles and colors on each page, different size headlines and sub headlines, some articles start with images at the top, others at the bottom, etc.

Clearly it turns into a slightly organised mess. So create a strong brand (for us) and train our readers to action on links, sharing and your about section (for you), we all need to be on the same page.

Further more, the outline below is structured in the best format to attract the most visitors and get the best results from your content.

This format won’t be set in stone!

Here is our current editorial structure and outlay which will adjust as we move forward and optimise our progress.

You will also find a brief summary of this in the checklist below each post.

SEE ALSO: How To Use The Checklist The Checklist For Editorial Guidelines

Headlines (aka Post Title)


It’s a known fact amongst copywriters that headlines are the most important part of your content. Without grabbing attention, your post simply won’t get read.

SEE ALSO: How To Manipulate Existing Top Headlines & Turn Them Into Your Own Attention Magnet

(sidenote: when linking to any other post within your post, the above structure is the way to do it: ‘SEE ALSO’ in all caps and everything in bold with the link opening in a new window)

Keywords: Add your primary targeted keyword into the title, unless it sounds completely awkward. ALWAYS serve the reader first, not the search engines.

Style: Start Each Word With A Capitol Letter Even If It’s A Connecting Word Like And A An It Etc.



Not much to do here, but do try and shorten this to only a few primary words. E.g. In this post I simply shortened it to editorial-format so that the entire link is instead of


Add Media

Images play an important part in content creation and is an requirement for every post unless a video is being featured, then your post will only need a featured image (located at the bottom right sidebar, below tags). You can also use the main image within the post as a featured image.

Featured Image

But remember, ALWAYS have an featured image and ALWAYS have an image unless there’s a video included in the post.


Try and go for big images, but not exceeded about 550pixels in width. As long as it doesn’t exceed the width of the posting area. The best images are originals. If you can get creative with your smartphone, then this is the way to go.

SEE ALSO: 17 Free Image Sites To Spice Up Your Blog Posts

Naming: Name your images correctly When you do this properly, all your images get ranked in Google Images. E.g. instead of screenshot123.jpg do my_primary_keyword.jpg



Image Linking: Link your image to nothing by selecting the ‘None’ option.

General Linking: Always set links to open up in a new window.

Categories: Select at least 1 maximum 2 categories for your news post.

Theme SEO Settings

Theme SEO Settings

Only complete the 3 illustrated in this picture:

Custom Document Title: The easiest way to do this is to simply move your primary keyword to the front of the title, or insert your primary keyword here if it wasn’t appropriate in your original title.

e.g. Standard Title: 7 bizarre ways to extend your laptops battery life (primary keyword: laptop battery life)

Custom Document Title: Laptop Battery Life: 7 Bizarre ways to extend yours

Maybe sounds a bit strange, but I’m sure you get the idea 🙂

Custom Post/Page Meta Description: This is a brief curiosity driven teaser what your post is about. It’s not about giving away the answer, but maybe positioning the answer or primary benefit of the with a question to entice readers to want to read more.

The ideal length for this is +/- 160 characters, as that is how much gets displayed within the search engine results.

IMPORTANT: When you have completed this, copy and paste this exact description into the ‘excerpt’ section further down below.

The excerpt is what will get displayed on the homepage of your blog.

Custom Post/Page Meta Keywords, comma separated: It’s more important to focus on relevance than keywords. With all the latest penguin and panda updates from Google, their has been plenty of penalties for focusing on the same keywords throughout a site.

So there will be no need to add your company name and your name on every single post.

Try go for 2 – 4 targeted keywords and focus on the longtail. Longtail keywords are normally 3 – 5 word phrases.

The easiest way to find these is to type your company name or product in question into Google and see what comes up in the search results.

We will do an in-depth training on keywords in a future video.

IMPORTANT: You can copy and paste these into the ‘Tags’ section positioned below the ‘Publish’ area within the right hand sidebar.

That’s it!

Have any feedback? Or any suggestions how we can improve and optimise our editorial outlay?

Leave your feedback and thoughts in the comments section below.

How the Pure Leverage Marketing System Grows Your Online Business

Pure Leverage Marketing SystemWelcome to our Pure Leverage marketing system blog! Our purpose here is to provide insight into the company, products, and opportunity.

If you are considering the Pure Leverage opportunity, or looking to see how our suite of Internet marketing tools can help you grow and expand your existing business, you are in the right place.

It’s a fact – every day, millions of people across the globe access the Internet looking for ways to make money. This number will only grow in the years ahead. It makes sense to put yourself out there and help these people earn the income they desire, right?

The Pure Leverage marketing system is designed to be simple, but very effective. It isn’t necessary to be a technical guru. We help the opportunity seeker who desires to learn how to make money online. We help those who want to earn an income without home parties, hotel meetings, cold calling leads, or chasing people who really aren’t interested in doing anything anyway.

That said, our system provides the tools necessary to build a profitable online home business.

  • Authority Blog – set up and ready to go – just add content and let the system do its magic (we show you how to do all this)
  • Lead Capture System –  a full featured lead capture system, complete with sales letters designed to convert prospects into buyers
  • World Class Marketing Training –  how to attract prospects, convert leads to sales and signups, and long term strategies for success
  • Video Email Service – a great way to keep in touch with your team as well as help develop relationships and trust with your prospects
  • Live Meeting Room – this is what the pros use to conduct webinars, as well as hold trainings and meetings with their business associates
  • Products to Sell – market the Pure Leverage system and products and earn an excellent income, or plug in and promote your existing products using the Pure Leverage marketing system platform

All in all, Pure Leverage is designed for anyone desiring to make money online, with everything you need in one place.

The Pure Leverage marketing system can help you if….

  • you are new to Internet marketing and need a system (complete with essential tools, marketing training and support) that takes you step by step through the process of creating your first online income stream
  • you are already established online, have a product or opportunity in place, and want to expand your business while adding an additional income stream

This is what Pure Leverage is all about. Please bookmark this blog and visit again soon. We will be adding new content every week, all designed to help you learn more about the Pure Leverage marketing system as well as how to be successful with your own profitable online home business.

6 Essential Oil Blends to Enhance Personal Development and Business Success

abundance young living essential oils
Where else but Young Living Essential Oils can you take a hands on approach to your personal development using the best essential oils while you grow?

Young Living has several essential oil blends that can be very powerful when using them to enhance personal development. Not only are they wonderfully mood uplifting but they increase the effectiveness of your efforts.

When you have a good emotional energy, you are in a better position to have the law of attraction working in you life and your network marketing business.

Essential Oil Blends To Use With Personal Development

Acceptance – Acceptance oil helps you accept where you are right now whatever situation you are in. You must accept who you are before you can step forward into change. Accepting things as they are make the law of attraction work in your life. When you feel good about where you are, you have a better energy which attracts more abundance.

Believe – One really important reason to work on personal development is to build belief in yourself, your network marketing company and the network marketing profession in general. Using Believe oil as you are reading books and listening to audios can help raise the intensity of your belief.

Magnify Your Purpose – This is a wonderful oil blend to help focus on your WHY. Knowing and focusing on your WHY is crucial to your success. You need to have a strong WHY that really moves you to want to do the things necessary to be successful. Using Magnify Your Purpose and reflecting on why you want to build a successful business before you do any personal development can magnify your efforts.

Valor – This oil is for courage and confidence. Let’s face it. Changing can be scary. Sometimes we don’t even realize we are scared. I have had many distributors tell me they are not scared but those very people are major procrastinators in their business. Procrastination is evidence that there is something in the subconscious that you fear.
Valor is the oil to use before any marketing, followup phone calls, conducting business meetings, making videos and audios, talking to prospects, etc. Valor helps you feel confidence when you are doing business tasks.

Abundance – This is another oil I use everyday. It’s the first oil I put on when I get in my office. This oil puts your body in an energy that attracts abundance. It is important to consider the law of attraction in your daily life and business. I wear Abundance oil whenever I go anywhere I might find prospects. That means EVERYWHERE! It smells wonderful and people ask about the wonderful smell. Opening to talk about Young Living Essential Oils.

Transformation – This oil empowers and upholds changes you want to make in your belief system. By replacing negative beliefs with revitalizing new thought patterns, a transformation in behavior is possible. As you are doing personal development, you will be transforming your life and business. You will become stronger, more professional, more successful and surely happier.

These are just 6 of the emotion oil blends from Young Living. We will discuss more in a future post.


3 Simple Ways To Attract ‘Traffic Karma’ To Your Blog

MLM Productivity Tips: How To Crush Fatigue And Be On Your ‘A Game’ 24/7


George Fourie chats to Deborah Tutnauer about a few simple yet essential health tips to stay in top form while working your MLM Business.

As online entrepreneurs and Network Marketers, it’s easy to ignore our bodies cries for circulation and basic nutrition to stay productive throughout the day.

If our energy levels are down, your dragging voice can easily kill first impressions when talking to your prospects on the phone.

Deborah chats about how you can overcome this and dispels the myth of keeping the balance.

Links mentioned in this Interview

Deborah’s Blog

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How To Avoid a Cease and Desist Order From Your Network Marketing Company

George Fourie chats to Natasha Hazlett about the huge ordeal that caused her to flush away 18 months of content and hard work down the drain.

It’s the email that no one wants to get: A cease and desist order from your Network Marketing Company to remove all your content from your MLM Blog within 48 hours to avoid legal action.

Natasha shares how you can avoid this happening to you and how to go about setting up your blog foundation the right way through attraction marketing.

Resources mentioned in this interview

Natasha’s ‘Branded’ Course

Did you get value from this interview? Please leave us your comment below and ask if you have any questions for Natasha.



Richard Matharoo Interview: How To Go Full Time In Network Marketing In 5 Short Months

George Fourie interviews Richard Matharoo, 5th runner up in the Top 50 MLM Blogs contest for 2012. Richard has a remarkable story on how he managed to go from a part-time income with his network marketing business, straight to full-time in as little as five months!

Although new to the industry, Richard comes from a strong entrepreneurial background and has been self employed since a very young age.

If you’re struggling to make the switch from part-time to full-time, Richard delivers great tips to do so in record time.

You can checkout Richards blog at

Marquel Russell: How To Sponsor In Network Marketing Through Blogging


***Checkout Today’s Top MLM Posts on thatMLMbeat***


George Fourie interviews Marquell Russell

George Fourie: Hi, everyone! Today, I have with me Marquel Russel all the way from Atlanta. I wasn’t familiar with  Marquel until the recent Top 50 MLM blog‘s contest. He was dominating in that Top 5 spot for quite a while and just got down to Top 6 at the last stretch of the contest. With all the comments and positive feedback, Marquel is definitely a respected person in the industry. We get to learn about how he got to Top 6 and his strategies with blogging, social media and media marketing. So welcome, Marquel!

Marquel Russell: Thank you, George. I’m excited about being here.

George Fourie: Ok, let’s start from the beginning because it’s going to be new to me as well. So what’s your story? How did you get into the industry?

Marquel Russell: Well, my story is a little different. My mother was a single parent and I have 2 other sisters. I always want to be wealthy at a very young age. I’ve always had an entrepreneurial gift. I got convicted as a felon at a very young age, had my son at a very young age. I’m starting some other entertainment promotions and artist management. I’m actually hanging out in a club one night, I was heading home and a gentleman walked up to me and pitched me up to his network marketing business. He was pretty new as well — so he taught me about the products, the conversation plan and how much money they were making. And I’m like, “OK. Really? How can I get more information about it?”

So he invited me out to a home meeting. I went to the meeting — the whole idea of residual income, making money in your sleep sold me out. I was like, “Where do I sign up?”  I jumped ahead. Of course, I initially struggled, had a few people who I thought was going to join with me. I see it like I saw it, but they shut me down. So I kind of got discouraged at first, but I bounced back. I went to an event, after that I came out excited and was able to get a few promotions within the next 30 days. So I created some momentum. And then it kinda plateued, You need more people to talk to and more people to expose.

I got introduced to an internet marketer and it was like, wow! This is very, very powerful because it was all pretty new to me….I got overwhelmed. I’m trying to learn everything… (recording unclear) What am I doing wrong? My mentors said, I gotta stop trying to learn everything. Learn a thing or two and focus on it and just master it. So I got focused on video marketing and blogging and the rest is history.

George Fourie: Sounds like you came from an interesting background as well. It is fascinating how you swam your life around and you got yourself back on track. What was that for you?

Marquel Russell: Well, it was when I had my son at 19 years old. I happened to be incarcerated when I had him at the time. So I told myself that when I get out, I will do the right thing. Give me two jobs, I will work really hard. Something I’ve never done. So I got two jobs, got out, money wasn’t coming hard. I’ve always had an ear for music. A friend of mine introduced me to his cousin who owned a club and he actually gave me a night at the club, so I got into promotions. I guess that helped me involve my communication skills and my network and marketer skils. One thing led to another…I was introduced to a guy and when I was a network marketer, it was a whole new world to me.

George Fourie: It sounds like that guy who gave you that random pitch was obviously a big  blessing in disguise!

Marquel Russell: Absolutely! I tell him all the time…We’re not in the same business together but we still stay connected. So I’m like, “Hey, I’m always indebted of you. If there’s anything you need, I’m here for you because you really changed my life just by bringing me to that one meeting. The whole game changed completely.”

George Fourie: It’s cool that you’re still in touch with him. So let’s move back to blogging…You’ve been blogging for quite some time and you’ve got a bunch of writing fans. Seeing all the comments and feedback you received from the contest, it is evident that a lot of people love and support you. What attributes to this success?

Marquel Russell: Connecting with people and giving them value by seeing how I can help. My main this is I get a lot of Facebook requests everyday and I always respond. I try to create a relationship with all of my Facebook friends. If you send me a friend request, I’ll say “Hey George, thank you for the friend request. Tell me about what it is that you do and how I can help you in any way.” And you know, people kinda like that when you start a relationship with them. I saw the contest and I was like, “Hey! What do I got to lose?”

So I did it, sent it out on Facebook, sent it to my email list and I looked up and I was on spot number 5! And I’m up there with some top bloggers and I connect with them as well. So I was like, this is pretty interesting! So I thought I’d connect with everybody (on my Facebook page) — “By the way, I’m in this contest, MLM Blogs, check it out… It will only take you 3 seconds to vote…” and I get a reply, “Oh yeah, absolutely! I would be more than happy. The least I can do is vote for you. You don’t cost me anything.” So it’s all about adding value and connecting with people. And once you add value, people feel like they need to do something in return to help you in some kind of way.

George Fourie: Alright, cool. I always love when people talk about that because a lot of them ask me — How do I get traffic? How do I do this? But nobody really likes my answer which is you just got to make one on one connection. There’s no quick fix, no Google ranking is going to pull therelationship for you. A lot of people get stuck on value. So how do you got about creating value and how do you define it to people?

Marquel Russell: Well, the way I describe value is just solving problems. You really wanna figure out who’s my target market, for one. And then you want to figure out what are their problems, their challenges and how you can help them. Once you figure that out, you can talk directly to people when you create your content. So I talk to a lot to people all the time and they say, “Hey, man! I watch your videos all the time, I check out your blog posts and it seems like you are talking directly to me.”

And the reason it seems that way is because I’ve been on that road you’re going now. I’ve faced those challenges, I’ve faced those obstacles, I know where you are and where you wanna go. So now when you publish your content online, people are gonna come across your blog post and they’re gonna resonate with you. Now the way I take it to the next level — if you go to my blog and connect with me — the first thing I wanna do is to get you on the phone. I always tell people, “Facebook is kinda impersonal, what is a good number for me to give you a call?” And the key thing is, a lot of people get scared to pick up to pick the phone. But when you pick up the phone and call your connections, they get excited to hear from you. Because they see so many gurus and they never get a phone call. So just by you calling them, they see your video, they read your blog… so they automatically view as the expert and you put so much value out there. They’re really excited to hear from you.

George Fourie: Awesome. I want go back to that strategy because evidently, we speak the same language and I love that. Being a problem solver is pretty much what it is. And now your prospect says,  I am brand-new to this. I don’t have much value to share. I am not familiar with solving these problems. How would you educate people in your team to provide value even though they are just starting out?

Marquel Russell: That’s a great answer and I actually hear that all the time. The teacher only has to be one chapter ahead of the student. So I’m like, “Hey have you ever been on a Webinar? Yeah! Did you learn anything? Yeah! Did you take any notes? Yeah,” That’s value.

And you can shoot a video, make a blog or make a podcast — you gotta paste your notes, take what you learned…because a lot of people just de-value what they learn. So when I started creating contents, all I did was go back to the notes that I have from the event, webinars and even in watching this interview, take something that you learn from here, put it in a blog, shoot it in a video and share it. Whatever you learn, take it and teach it. Because the best way to learn something is to teach it yourself. So if you teach somebody else, it creates neuro pathways in your brains. So like I always say, take the simple things you learn and share it, no matter what it is.

George Fourie: I want to dig deep into that because I asked the same question to Jane Orlov, the second runner up, and you gave the same answer which is a coincidence. I love what you said about being just one chapter ahead — that’s golden. Jane’s answer was divided into 3 steps: conceiving content, producing it, and sharing it. It’s pretty much what you said.

Marquel Russell: That’s it. Absolutely.

George Fourie: That’s pretty cool. Let’s go a bit further…When you call people on the phone, do you feel that they get hesitant when you talk to them?

Marquel Russel: Yes, sometimes I do. But in most cases, people would give you their number and you’ll be surprised. And the way I do that is we create a rapport online first. As soon as we connect, I don’t automatically say, “Hey, give me your number so I could give you a call.”

We create a rapport. And I may go to their page and see something on there and start a conversation like, “Oh ok, I see that from you’re from Delta Airlines…I see you live here…How’s the weather out  there?” I just start asking questions…Network marketer? Which company are you involved in? I see that you are involved in this particular company… How is that going for you? What are you doing for marketing and lead generation? If you ask more questions enough, you will find the need they have and you just figure out where to fill that need. And you can say, “Hey, ma’am, what’s a good number and best time to give you a call? Facebook is a little impersonable and maybe I can give you a call so we can talk.” And by this time, you’ve already created a rapport. And you have your Facebook page and Twitter setup right, most people will be honored to get a phone call from you because they automatically see you as expert of how you position on your page?  Does that make sense?

George Fourie: Very well said. Is there a secret to how you set up your page?

Marquel Russell: The only secret? I would say… A lot of people, if you go to their page (network marketing business), their profile picture is the company logo, their cover photo is their whole product line, every post that they have is a PITCH! But if somebody goes to your page and they see real pictures of you, you got engagement going on your page, etc. And then what most people do is go through your photos and they start to connect with you. And now you are chatting back and forth on Facebook. Just be transparent, put some random videos out and about, pictures of you and your family–it’s really no secret . Just be sociable and transparent. That’s what really people want to connect with.

George Fourie: Alright. You are a good blogger, you provide lots of value with your content, and you connect with people one-on-one on Facebook and so on. Is it totally two different strategies? Like, when you are prospecting on Facebook, are you MSN-ing people from Facebook to your blog? Or you’d rather get them on the phone first? Or do you do that strategy vice versa?

Marquel Russell: Good question.Basically, how I have my Facebook setup (for example) in my ABOUT sections on my fan page and my regular page, I’ll just say a little about me. And then I’ll say, “If you want to learn more about Marquel, visit” So they go over to my blog and say, “Wow! This guy is really an expert! This guy has videos. This guy must be the bomb.”

So typically once I got on the phone with someone, they’ve already been to my Facebook page, gone through my pictures, they’ve already been to my blog, and if they leave their phone number, I call them right away when I’m not doing anything. But if they just put their email address on my blog, I go to Facebook and put their email address in the search box. In most cases, people have their Facebook page connected to their email address. Not all the time but in most cases, I go ahead and find them and start a conversation from there. It kind of goes both ways. Same thing with YouTube because this is all social media. So they may go from YouTube to my blog, or from YouTube to my  Facebook page and we’ll connect there.

George Fourie: Alright, perfect! There’s a time when we potentially working our way towards doing business with your new friend on Facebook which started out as a friend which you’ve taken all the way to a conversation on the phone. When you get on the phone, what’s the purpose for you of that first phone call?


Marquel Russell: Well, it depends. Basically, I start the conversation, get them on the phone, chat with them on Facebook… I do a recap of what we talked about on Facebook. If they’re interested in taking a look at what we’re doing and they’re open to earn additional income, I send them a link through Facebook, ask them to watch the video and give them a call back after 20 minutes. So I call back in 20 minutes of course and kinda go through the closing process. I ask them if they have questions and see if it’s a good fit. In most cases, they have a problem with generating leads, or marketing or prospecting or closing, so that’s how the conversation goes. What are some of your talents in marketing and lead generation? What are you doing so far? What are your challenges?

And then, I’ll give them some tips and point them to a resource. By that time, when you do it that way, you look more like a trusted advisor versus some sales pitchy guy…’cause I’m asking questions, trying to figure out what’s the challenge and offer a solution. If you’re serious about fixing that challenge, here’s something I can recommend, check it out. If it’s a good fit for you, that’s fine. If not, that’s also fine. Let’s still stay connected. Let me know what it is that I can do to help. Now we have friendship created.  So whether they join my business or buy a product from me, either way, that’s fine. Let’s still stay connected. Whatever I can do to help, let’s do that. And now, we create a relationship.

George Fourie: OK, perfect. You did mention that some time in that Facebook chat as well, it does happen that you actually at that point when you picked up the phone, that it is about business already – not just to connect. Is that correct?

Marquel Russell: Well, yeah. We connect of course. And then…It’s kinda a little bit of both. Of course we have a connection, we started the conversation and then we see if we can do business together. If not, that’s fine.

George Fourie: You said some cool things here which is why i’m digging deep to the questions to formulate the entire strategy from beginning to end. So on the phone,  sometimes  there’s a potential for business. Somethimes, obviously not. Then you said you do send them to a different resource…Do you have like a lead generation system or something in particular that you send them to?


Marquel Russell: I actually have an online coach and training platform called Infinite Success University. It’s like a membership site, we have a product Facebook group, etcetera. And I have a Facebook recruiting training that I just give away for free. And once they go to that training, they will get some more information about Infinite Success University. If they decide to be a part of it, that’s cool. And if not, they still get the free Facebook videos to help them with the Facebook recruiter.

George Fourie:  That’s excellent! What you’ve done is, you build that personal relationship up to then and provided solution to whatever problems they have…Then you are actually just referring them to more value.

Marquel Russell: Right.

George Fourie:  So even though — I wouldn’t say the one-on-one connection stops —  but you are still present in their mind and you’ve given them more value as their resources, so they are still connecting with you even though it’s not a one-on-one basis anymore.

Marquel Russel: Exactly.

George Fourie:  Alright, cool! Going to business, what’s your golden strategy of getting the business in? Does it happen on that same call or does it happen in  follow ups? What’s the general strategy?

Marquel Russel: Well, it’s kind of 50-50. First scenario, let’s say they watched the video and I gave them a call back. I test the temperature by asking them what they like and they tell me where they are in a scale of 1-10. If they decide to get them started, of course we’ll go ahead and them get started, put their gameplan together. If not, let’s still stay connected. You have my number, I have yours. I’m not a real pushy guy. If there’s anything I can do to help, let me know. For me, that really sows the seed. And the powerful thing about Facebook, even if you don’t know it, people are watching. So everytime you post something, people are watching. And these people you’ve created a relationship with, whether they bought something to join you or not, they’re still watching. So now, you might get that phone call or message like, “Hey, Marq. I just saw that you a got a new promotion….Or I just saw that you help somebody become successful…I see you just came back from this trip…I saw that you just bought your wife a new truck…Are you still doing that business?” *laughs* So just continue to sow seeds and eventually, you will see the fruit. That’s how it goes.

George Fourie: That’s awesome, Marquel! Thank you. You shared some absolute goal there and I’m glad we’ve gone down this track…because we’ve gone from just blogging to connecting with people on Facebook, all the way to everything that you do. So thank you for that…You know, taking your entire strategy…getting and pulling relationships, but actually taking relationships to business which is a crucial part and a lot of people struggle with.

Marquel Russel: Right! No problem…

George Fourie: Awesome! I guess the one last question I would ask you… Is there a question I didn’t ask you that I should’ve asked?

Marquel Russel: The main question a lot of people ask but they don’t really like the answer to is…Ok, I’m doing a lot of these…I’m connecting, I’m calling people, I’m creating content. What am I missing? And the main thing is PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT – a lot of people miss that. I tried to overlook the personal development (yeah, listen to audios, read books, that sounds good). But tell me what do I do? How do I get more leads? How do I get more traffic? How do I prospect? And completely miss that personal development — MY self-development part.

And that was really the game-changer for me. Because as I said, I came from the streets, went to jail, all those crazy stuff! And now it’s network marketing…It’s like a whole new world for me. I’m like, how are these guys making 7- 8 figures and you got some people, the majority of people, are just kinda confused. And a lot of people just overlook that personal development. Once you get the personal development piece and you continue to do that on a day-to-day basis over extended period of time, the how-to becomes a whole lot easier. Because now you have a different conversation with yourself, you create a whole new image of yourself; people see that and they are more attracted to you. And I close with this quote…one of my mentors told me when I  first got started, “Marquel, if you could have everything that you want in your life, using the same way of thinking that you’re using, that you’ve always used, when you already had it.” Wow! That’s pretty strong but that’s reality! I mean, we could have everything we wanted using the same way I think we’re always thinking, we already have it!

That’s obviously the shift that need to be made! So the first thing we have to do before we become a master marketer, or a prospector, or a closer is personal development; it is very, very important. So I always recommend my coach, clients, and team members, get 20-30 minutes of personal development to start your day out, read 10 pages of a book, listen to an audio, go to YouTube and type in Jim Rohn, Les Brown, Zig Ziglar, John Maxwell, watch their video clips just to get yourself ready and you will begin to have that mindset, that inner transformation and that will transform your outer world. That’s very, very important for me.

George Fourie: That’s awesome, Maquel. And I think you are a walking testimonial for that. Because I think where you came from the people you would have  attracted in your business that time without going through your personal growth, wouldn’t have helped your business very much. Marquel, thank you very much for your time! It’s really been awesome connecting with you. And for anybody who wants more information, where can they find more information about you?

Marquel Russell: You can find more information about me on my blog And I’m always hanging out on Facebook, (search for Marquel Russell) and I definitely look forward to hearing from you. Say hi and let me help you any kind of way.

George Fourie: Thank you and I’ll connect with you soon!

Marquel Russell: Thank you for having me.