Creating Your “Home Base” for Online MLM Success

setting up your own blog for online MLM succcessAre you ready to create a successful online MLM business? Let’s talk about the first thing you need to do in order to get things rolling in the right direction.

In order to effectively promote your opportunity online, what you want to do is to create a name, or a “brand” for yourself. For long term success, your objective is to brand and sell yourself, not your specific business opportunity.

Typically, there are two traditional approaches to getting started with online MLM.

  • linking to and promoting a company replicated site that promotes your products and business

Problem: these replicated sites offer little ability to customize, and one looks pretty much like another. This won’t help you stand out from the crowd.

  • starting your own blog or website with emphasis on your MLM products or opportunity

Problem: this type of site is okay to use as a secondary site, but shouldn’t be your primary online base.

A key to ongoing success in MLM, both online and offline, is establishing yourself as a leader and creating relationships with people. You don’t want to be known as “that person who sells the XYZ products”. Rather, you want to be known as “Joe or Jane…successful home business owner…”.

See the difference? You are your own best asset. By branding yourself and focusing on building relationships and what you can do for others, you are setting yourself up as a leader who will naturally attract people seeking opportunity.

The first thing I recommend that you do, when beginning to seriously promote your MLM business online, is establish a “home base” that will be your primary site. This is where people will go to learn more about you and what you can do to help them. What you’re all about.

Ideally, your home base should be a domain with your name in it – for example, mine is “”. If you find that is already taken, try to find something by putting other words around your name or use a dash.

There are other possibilities too. Just be creative. Do a Google search for keywords related to home business and MLM, and see what others are doing. You can brainstorm and get lots of ideas this way.

Once you’ve chosen and registered your domain name, set up a WordPress blog. The blog format is very interactive, and allows visitors to leave comments and have discussions. This is what you want. By posting to your blog frequently, you increase your chances of getting visitors through search engine traffic.

One common question I hear is “if I start a blog, what do I write about?” For many people, this can be a struggle. I can assure you, though, that you don’t have to be a professional writer to write decent blog posts. Blogging by nature is not supposed to be rigid or formal – it’s more an expression of you, your personality, and your own unique style.

Next week, I’ll be back with some ideas and “post starters” to help you come up with topics to write about when your mind is drawing a blank. Stay tuned!

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Online MLM Success – Developing Quality Connections and Relationships

Of all the necessary skills for achieving success in MLM and network marketing, perhaps the most important is taking time to develop quality connections and relationships with other people.

I’m not talking just about prospecting and getting to know people you’ve identified as current MLM leads for your opportunity. This is certainly part of the big picture, but just a part. The more people you meet and connect with who AREN’T immediate prospects for your business, the more prospects you’ll have for your business long term. Does this make sense?

When you look at entrepreneurs who have achieved success in MLM, you’ll find they all have one thing in common. They are sociable and enjoy meeting and working with others.

One very successful MLM leader that I know once said “your success in this business is directly proportional to the number of people in your contact manager, and the quality of your relationship with those people”. His message is clear. The size of your personal network will be a prime indicator of your success in MLM and network marketing.

You might be thinking…

But what if I do everything online? What if I don’t have a big network of friends, and choose to market my MLM business through advertising and attraction marketing? Can’t I do that?

Of course you can! Here is an important point. What you want to focus on is developing as many connections and relationships with people as you can. Let’s say you put an ad out there that brings 250 visitors to your blog or website. Let’s say that 10% of them (25 visitors) decide to fill out a short form on your site and opt in for more information about you and your business. What’s next?

You already started to develop a relationship when they visited your site. It’s a pretty good bet that those 25 people saw something about you, or what you’re doing, that they liked. Step one accomplished.

Next, you’ll want to have an opt-in form on your site with some sort of free report or ebook as an incentive to sign up for your mailing list. You want to have an autoresponder loaded up with enough follow-up messages to last a few months (assuming they go out once a week or so).

What happens now with your prospects who don’t sign up or express an interest right away? Hopefully, your follow-up messages will include personal success stories as well as insight into how you build your business. Perhaps a little bit about your day to day life and the lifestyle you’re enjoying or seeking with your business. All of this will help continue building a relationship and connection with your prospects long after their initial visit to your site.

When  you have some great news to share about your opportunity (perhaps a hot new product has been introduced), send a broadcast out to all your leads. When you come across valuable tips or information about achieving lifestyle and prosperity with a home business, share it with your list. Share your successes and stress to your prospects how they can do the same thing.

Remember, circumstances change. Prospects who are cold today might be red hot leads in six months.

Take care of your MLM leads. You want to connect with them and help them think of you as different. So many people follow up very aggressively with their leads, frequently hammering them with sales pitches and solicitations and nothing more. Be different. Provide some material in your followup that is entertaining, enlightening, and educational. Show people that you offer value. You will be remembered, respected, and rewarded well!

Two Popular Methods for Getting Free Traffic to Your MLM Blog

You’ve got your MLM blog up and running. Whether your blog is focused on promoting YOU as a leader and attractive sponsor, or your opportunity specifically, what you’re looking for is traffic. You want visitors who might be interested in what you have to offer.

I believe that the best way, long-term, to get free traffic online is through consistent and smart use of social media resources like Facebook. The drawback here is that it takes time to get on top of it and start establishing trust and authority on these sites. In the meantime, while you are building up your social media presence, how can you start getting more visitors to your site?

Many MLM business owners are drawn to free or inexpensive advertising methods such as traffic exchanges and safelist type programs. Since these have been around a long time and are appealing on the surface, I want to address the pros and cons of each.

Traffic Exchanges

Traffic exchanges are programs like Trafficswarm that allow you to earn credits by viewing web pages that other members have published. In turn, you can use these credits to get exposure for your own web page in the rotation. You also have the option for purchasing credits, which are usually cheap and save you hours of time clicking through to other members’ sites.

There is much debate about the effectiveness of traffic exchanges. The bottom line – they are not the most efficient way to get good MLM leads, but if you use them correctly, you can get leads using them. The key is understanding what most members are clicking away trying to accomplish in these programs.

People using traffic exchanges are shooting for one thing mainly – getting exposure for their site or offer. They may endure hours of clicking through sites, to build up credits, and barely notice the pages they land on. You can sit and read or do other things and occasionally click a link to visit another site and earn credits, without actually paying any real attention to it. It becomes robotic and automated after a while.

If you want to use traffic exchanges as part of your online MLM business strategy, the only chance you have to make it worthwhile is using them to build your mailing list. You need to create a free ebook or report on a topic that will appeal to people using these programs. Why are they there? To get more traffic and leads. So, offer a report or ebook on a topic like “Ten Steps to More MLM Traffic” or “Five Free Ways to Get Qualified MLM Leads Online“.

Make sense? Once you have the report, create a series of auto-responder messages and set up an account with an email list manager like Aweber. When someone opts in to your list, you can promote your opportunity to them in whatever manner you want (there are smart ways to do this that are beyond the scope of this article, but the bottom line is providing value to your subscribers and not trying to cram your opportunity down their throat with hype and hoopla).


Safelists are programs that you sign up in and agree to receive emails from other members in exchange for being able to send emails to them. The catch with these is that you are quite limited in how much mailing you can do as a “free” member. You almost always have to do a paid upgrade to make it worthwhile.

The major drawback to safelist advertising is that you are facing the same problems you face with email marketing in general. Many participants will set up secondary email accounts for these programs that they rarely if ever check. Paid members may have an option to opt out of receiving any member emails. Nonetheless, there are some people who actually scan the subject lines and open the ones that look interesting.

If you choose to use safelist marketing, follow the same basic strategy as for traffic exchanges – focus on creating a giveaway and build your list. With both, work hard on creating a good headline that will attract attention.

The Bottom Line

I want to make it clear that I don’t particularly recommend using traffic exchanges and safelists for promoting your online MLM business. The reason I am writing about them is that I know some MLM marketers who do get decent leads this way, and I realize that many are drawn to them because they are free or inexpensive to advertise with.

Just remember that people who have real success with these methods do it by focusing on getting opt-ins to their list so they can stay in touch and drip information and promotions to them over time. Nobody will sign up for your list unless they think there is something valuable in it for them.

About the Author

Eldon Beard is a network marketing and home business coach who enjoys helping others achieve the lifestyle that they truly want. Visit his blog at and discover a balanced and professional approach to network marketing and home business success.

Do We Over-Train Our People?

MagnifierG’day gang 😀

Today I promised you more details about the series of articles I plan to post here on training. But before I do, there’s a timely and important issue I want to raise about training in general in network marketing. It’s this…

Do we tend to over-train our people in network marketing?

The network marketing concept is pretty simple and basic, and all about understanding some fundamentals of human behavior. If we understand those fundamentals, and apply them, reason says that we should be successful.

But there’s another fundamental of human behavior we tend to ignore — and it typically sneaks past us, then spins back and bites on the backside.

Until we can complicate something so that it can no longer be
understood or made to work, we refuse to believe it’s real.

Sound familiar to you?

Action conquers fear!”
We hear it a lot in network marketing, and it’s quite true — but not in the way that most people think. (More about this in a coming article.)

So, instead, we tend to substitute activity for action — and end up with a seemingly endless array of training events, materials and more comforting activities that distract us from the unpleasant reality that most of us are not making enough money!

Are you beginning to get my drift here in asking that original question? Is it just possible that a lot of our training is more about keeping people BUSY than about improving their business know-how?

Because, despite all the training, the failure rate in network marketing doesn’t really change!

From what I see, as a professional educator (and business trainer — and network marketer), too many of our people actually become less inclined to get out there and put what they learn to work because — so they tell me privately — they feel they haven’t yet mastered all the know-how and skills they’re continually being taught!

So let’s start with the fundamentals — and we’ll start with WHAT is TRAINING?

Here’s a dictionary definition:

training |ˈtrāni ng |
the action of teaching a person or animal a particular skill or type of behavior : in-service training for staff.

So training is a particular application of teaching, which has a much broader purpose:

“The purpose of teaching is to change lives by changing behavior.” (David O. McKay)

That certainly holds true in network marketing.

It also covers the WHY of both teaching and training (which tends to be more vocational in nature).

So that’s what I’ll be covering in coming articles: WHAT training we should be focusing on (specific, MLM-related knowledge, insights, attitudes and skills), and HOW to teach our people most effectively — and simply!

I’ll alternate between the two: one week we’ll concentrate on the four critical duplication processes in network marketing…

  • Learn to learn
  • Learn to teach/Teach to learn (they should happen almost simultaneously)
  • Teach to teach

Then the other weeks we’ll talk about WHAT we should be teaching in our training, now that we’re learning those four important, life-changing learning and teaching skills.

As part of the ongoing process, I’ll be looking for your feedback and input about what aspects of MLM you’d like to see discussed here.

Where to start?

If 90% or more of network marketers fail, then it seems to me that this is where we should look for clues. We don’t have to look too far, either.

I was asked a few days ago, on a forum that I moderate, what I thought were the five main reasons why so many network marketers fail.

Easy… the Five Fatal FAILURE Factors get ’em every time:

  • Ignorance
  • Fear of Loss
  • Greed
  • Laziness
  • Gullibility — or, if you keep falling for it, stoopidity!

To be a bit more specific to network marketing, though, they typically translate into these five BIG booby-traps:

1. They think and act like EMPLOYEES — who are obsessed with security (ignorance and fear of loss) — when it comes to BUSINESS MANAGEMENT decisions, instead of thinking and acting like ENTREPRENEURS (who take calculated, minimized risks).

2. They think and act like CONSUMERS — who are obsessed with price, urgency and scarcity (ignorance and fear of loss) — when it comes to BUSINESS MANAGEMENT decisions, instead of thinking and acting like MARKETERS (who are focused on margins, timeliness and abundance).

3. They think and act like IMITATORS — who play it safe and do what everyone else does (when 90% FAIL!ignorance and fear of loss) when it comes to BUSINESS MANAGEMENT decisions, instead of thinking and acting like INNOVATORS (who are focused on innovationout-thinking, out-performing and out-lasting their competitors).

4. They fail to find the most accurate, reliable PERSPECTIVE on their current situation. (Too long to explain here, but it’s critically important to their survival and is closely linked to the next failure factor. See it here.)

5. They never learn the little-known Law of SUCCESS. So they obey the even-lesser-known Law of FAILURE by default, because they don’t know any better — and it’s the human default setting! (Ever wondered why 90% fail at most things in life?)

You can never succeed by obeying the Law of Failure. Not possible. Yet it’s so simple to fix.

In 35 years of consulting, training and publishing for small and home-based business owners — including network marketers — these are the BIG five.

So it stands to reason, for a rational old Aspie like me, that this is a logical place to start.

Do you agree? Disagree? Or do you have a better suggestion?

Post your comments below…


The Author: John Counsel is the founder and CEO of The Profit Clinic and an author, columnist, speaker and trainer specializing in small and home-based business and the direct selling profession. John has taught marketing, advertising, copywriting, graphic design and professional practice management at two of Australia’s leading universities. He is a guest lecturer in MBA and Master of Education programs at RMIT University, and trains direct sellers in several industries (including MLM) throughout the Asia-Pacific region.

MLM Training: WHY Is It So Important?

G’day gang! 🙂 In a survey of network marketers around the world in the late 80s/early 90s, this question was asked:

“What single factor was the most important to you in your choice of company, upline team or sponsor?”

By far, the #1 factor was this: the quality and availability of TRAINING.

A whopping 40%+ of all people surveyed gave TRAINING as their #1 influence in choosing a company, upline team and sponsor.

I have a sneaking suspicion that a survey in 2010 would produce a similar result: training would still rank #1 ahead of the company, the compensation plan, the products, the “system”, the upline team or the would-be sponsor.

Why is the right training so important to your business success?

It’s estimated, based on numerous surveys (including several of my own over the past 25 years), that around 90% of all network marketers don’t earn enough to be profitable. Their costs outweigh their meager earnings every month until they finally give up, often under a mountain of debt.

Here are a couple of valuable insights into the reasons why this happens, and how YOU can fix it!

Insight #1: The Williams Report

Professor WilliamsProfessor Alan Williams, former head of the School of Management at Newcastle University (Australia) and a personal friend and colleague, conducted a survey of more than 10,000 small business owners over 10 years. (Actually it was 30,000 business over 14 years, but 20,000 of them went out of business during that period.)

There were three key conclusions from Professor Williams’ ground-breaking research:

  • Only 10-12% of small and home-based businesses survive the first ten years in business. (By the way, this is one of the few definitive conclusions on that issue. Most others are drawn from purely statistical surveys that don’t accurately reflect reality, such as the precise causes of failure.)
  • Three, four or more training programs completed by an owner-manager result in a survival rate of around 90%.
  • The training itself has NO relevance to the result. The real cause of this result is the owners’ attitudes to training – or, more to the point, their attitude to their own ignorance!
Training  programs and survival rates
Training and Survival Rates

(Source: A. J. Williams, The Characteristics and Performance of Small Business in Australia (1973 to 1985) (Newcastle: University of Newcastle, 1987).

In other words, if the survivors don’t know what they need to know, they go and get the know-how they need to survive.

They’re not too “independent” (in other words, emotionally dependent on the opinions of others!) to admit that they have a problem and that they don’t know the answer!

Insight #2. The Bailey Report

This report, commissioned by the New South Wales Government (Australia), found that:

  • 70% of small and home-based business people have a defensively negative attitude toward training. That is, they don’t like the idea that someone might think they’re lacking in know-how… that they haven’t a clue what they’re doing!
  • 10% of small and home-based business people have an aggressively negative (hostile!) attitude to training. You can’t even talk to them about it.
  • Only 20% have a positive attitude toward training.
  • Only half of these actually DO anything about it! (That’s just 10% of the total who go out and get the training they need.)

Can you see a connection between the conclusions of these two reports?

1. Survival rates are linked directly to the number of training programs completed.
2. Only 10% of owner-managers get the training they need to succeed.
3. Only 10% of small and home-based businesses survive the first ten years.

Attitude is everything!

The conclusion is inescapable. If you want to ensure your survival and prosperity (quantity and quality) in small or home-based business, you need to overcome any emotional dependence on pride and “independence” (a real Barker’s Egg) and admit you don’t know everything you need to know about working ON your business.

This has nothing whatever to do with how good you are at your profession or trade! That’s working IN your business. It’s time to recognize the difference.

Now… how’s YOUR attitude to training? Grin

Over the next few weeks I’ll focus on aspects of training that most people aren’t aware of, particularly as it relates to direct selling and network marketing.

In my next article, I’ll show you how to quickly become measurably MUCH more productive, so you have more free time to spend on your part-time network marketing business. (Can you believe a WHOLE EXTRA DAY every week?)

Until next week…
John Counsel

The Author: John Counsel is the founder and CEO of The Profit Clinic and an author, columnist, speaker and trainer specializing in small and home-based business and the direct selling profession. John has taught marketing, advertising, copywriting, graphic design and professional practice management at two of Australia’s leading universities. He is a guest sessional lecturer in MBA and Master of Education programs at RMIT University, and trains direct sellers in several industries (including MLM) throughout the Asia-Pacific region.

Blog: Forum: MLM Training

You Have No Control Over Your Results

Gambling?We have all heard time and again that “it’s a numbers game” and “some will, some won’t, so what?”  It is a fact that we cannot control the results of our marketing efforts.  Sure, we can learn new tactics and then test and improve on our plans, but we have no control over the decisions that our prospect will make.

Focusing on results will do one thing effectively… waste your most valuable resource, your time.

I know that I have spent countless amounts of time looking for results.  I was in the habit of checking my marketing and referrals several times a day.  I was looking for that feeling that we get when someone finally says “yes”!

That feeling will not make my business any more successful, no matter how much I desire it.

In essence, I was dumping the box of Cracker Jacks for the cheap plastic prize instead Prize Inside of just savoring the sweet crunchy goodness.

The only thing that you have complete control over is your efforts.  Spend your time creating and implementing marketing strategies.

If you want to create a big list, then focus your efforts on creating a lot of sources of traffic.

If you want to add one new rep to your business, go out there and show the business to ten people.  Looking for five?  Well then make it a point to show it to 50 people.  Are you thinking now that you could do better?  Great!  Do it.

It does not matter if you are able to recruit five people or twenty people out of every fifty.  All that matters is that you set the goal of the effort and then accomplish that effort.

Focusing on your results rather than your effort will actually eat away at your business.  If your results are not what you want them to be, then constantly thinking about them will diminish your confidence and eventually erode your persistence.

My goal is to Inspire Freedom in everyone that I come in contact with including myself.   If you liked this post, please leave a comment or share it and then come visit with me on Facebook

MLM Success Stories: Network Marketers Who Eliminate ALL Excuses – Part 1

Best MLM Compensation plans, company statistics, non me too products, best leadership, best teams are all great facts to promote your network marketing business.

However, NOTHING makes quite an emotional impact  like an inspiring, true MLM Success story.

Yes, we all enjoy a good (even bad) story which we can relate to. Stories are also the ultimate way to clarify any unanswered questions that anyone might have before joining your business.

What would you rather listen to: an explanation of statistics, product statistics and company history? Or a real MLM success story accomplished by a real person that you and I can relate to?

Enough said! 🙂

Well, I want to share with you a story like no other.

Here is one that will not only inspire you, but also eliminate all the excuses that might cross ones mind before taking action. Be sure to pass this one on.

Meet Dave Kotecki

Dave Kotecki runs his network marketing business successfully in an environment that is equal to most peoples worse nightmare.

Yes, a country no other than Afghanistan.

Besides being extremely dangerous and life threatening, Dave also deals with limited internet connectivity, small living quarters and limited time.

Yet, his business is growing rapidly day by day. Instead of using his circumstances as the perfect excuse, Dave rather focuses on doing what he can do when he can do it.

What more can I say other than watch the videos and checkout Dave’s Blog and connect with him on thatMLMbeat.

I hope that inspired you!

Do you have one or have someone in your team with an MLM Success story we should know about? Contact us so that we can share it to the Network Marketing world.

Now what was that excuse again? 🙂

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