Eric Walker: Claim Social Media Authority Through Being a ‘Add-on Entrepreneur’ – Episode #19

Eric Walker chats to George Fourie about a little-known secret to claim your authority with social media by becoming a ‘Add-On Entrepreneur’.

These are simple, practical yet powerful social media strategies that you can implement right now.

Eric is a goldmine of diverse knowledge working behind the scenes for one of Attraction Marketing‘s initial innovators, Ann Sieg.

You can learn more from him through his Eric L Walker blog and The Renegade blog.

Google Author Rank a.k.a. Attraction Marketing? With Dereck Arreguin – Episode #18

George Fourie chats to Derreck Arrequin about Google Plus, but more importantly, Google’s author rank.

Exciting times for anyone doing online marketing.

In the very last minute, listen out for our unexpected conclusion about how attraction marketing is becoming more essential for your online or network marketing business.

Ray Higdon On The Numis Convention and U.K. Launch Date – Episode #17

Ray Higdon shares great news about the Gold and Silver network marketing force Numis Network, who is about to launch in the U.K. Ray also clarifies why so many network marketers fail and revealed the 3 most important elements to consider when joining ANY network marketing company.

Can TribePro Murder Your Blog? Staci Gauny Clarifies Potential Dangers – Episode #16

George Fourie chats to Staci Gauny about their revolutionary blog syndication system called TribePro. TribePro is any MLM bloggers saving grace and ultimate time saver when it comes to getting your blog posts blasted across the social hemisphere.

Ronnie Gauny, Staci’s husband, initially created TribePro to be a simple giveaway to help Staci grow her Network Marketing business. Little did they know what impact this syndication would make on helping MLM bloggers get instant blog traffic with the flick of a switch.

But, like all automated systems, there are always dangers in using tools that grows your blog’s backlinks too fast. Ignoring this could get your blog sandboxed (the term used when your blog gets pushed to the bottom of the rankings) by Google.

Staci shares the benefits and how to avoid murdering your blog through syndicating your content through TribePro.

Diane Hochman: The One Thing I’d Do Differently [INTERVIEW] – Episode #15

George Fourie interviews network marketing professional and top leader Diane Hochman. Diane’s success story is nothing short of remarkable. Although Diane dropped 70 pounds in merely 6 months, her idea of walking around the mall with a badge on to attract new business partners was not a sufficient path to financial freedom.

Instead, she reverted to post cards, direct mail and mastered the art of delivering a message to the right target market. Today Diane Hochman dominates the internet and is responsible for the success and financial freedom of thousands of network marketers.

Diane also revealed the one thing she would do differently if she had to start building her business from scratch. Watch this exclusive interview to find out what it is.

Top 17 MLM Countries That Turnover Billions With Troy Dooly – Episode #14

George Fourie chats to Troy Dooly about the Top MLM Countries that produce more than a billion dollars worth in revenue every single year. We further discuss the demographics of the market place and how you can use this information to build a rock solid MLM business.

International Downlines, ‘Facebook Dying Myth’ And MLM News with Troy Dooly – Episode #13

George Fourie is back again with Troy Dooly for another week of MLM news and golden nuggets. This week we follow up on my first Australian interview with Marcus Schubert about building International downlines. We dig a little deeper into the one thing that network marketers should caution when building a network marketing business abroad.

We share a few take-aways on last weeks myth of ‘Facebook’s Death’ and what we can learn from Facebook losing 6 million users.

Big in MLM News is AMA Nation cutting their network marketing arm and is Brig Hart selling R3Global? Watch now for all the details.

How Ray Higdon Went From Foreclosure To Numis Ambassador – Episode #12

George Fourie chats to Ray Higdon, our partner blogger for Numis Network, about what it takes to become a company Ambassador, that all in less than one year! Ray was close to foreclosure only 2 years back, today he gratefully celebrates being the first distributor to become a 6 star director as well as his companies official Ambassador.

Only 2 years? It obviously wasn’t that easy as Ray explains. Keep a listen out for the fine distinctions that you can apply directly to your MLM business.

Marcus Schubert – Secrets To Building Your Business The ‘Australian Way’ – Episode #11

George Fourie chats to Top Australian income earner Marcus Schubert. Ever wondered what it takes to grow your your downline in Australia? Should you approach the Australian market the same way as the American market?

Marcus shares how to use fear as your ‘green light’ motivator, why we are opportunity rich yet relationship poor and 5 key team essentials to build a rock solid business today, that be in Australia or any where else in the world.

D.S.A. Annual Meeting 2011 Review with Troy Dooly – Episode #10

George Fourie chats to Troy Dooly about his eventful trip to the D.S.A. annual meeting for 2011. To make the trip even more interesting, Delta airlines lost his suit case and Troy had to initially attend the event in his usual surf gear!

Great discussion about creating business plans and what the future holds for our phenomenal industry.