MLM: Marriage Or Prostitution?

MLM Marriage Or ProstitutionThere are several conclusions that can be drawn from that strange headline and  possibly even offensive for some. If you are one of the latter, bare with me. This could get interesting.

Eric Worre recently did a four part must see video interview with Gary Vaynerchuck.

There are countless golden nuggets buried within this ‘say it like it is’ debate and we are going to elaborate on a few.

So back to the major question: Are you involved in a MLM Marriage or MLM Prostitution? Here is one definition that leads to many.

Gary talks about doing what you love and cashing in on your passion.

As a network marketing professional, are you serving your passion? Or are you strapped into the quick cash mentality? Do you really want to be a network marketer and serve a goal and purpose larger than a downline? Or are you simply doing it for the money.

Of course we all want to make money, but if money is the sole motivation, chances are that you might be accomplishing the opposite.

Let’s dig even deeper.

Gary also mentions that social media is one of the best things that’s happened to the network marketing industry.

While this is true, it’s debatable that it is also the worse.

“Good is going to win, bad is going to lose”, as Gary expressed.

Social media makes it extremely hard to hide and become successful at the same time. The network marketers that’s given the MLM industry a bad rap through scams and unethical business practices now get exposed through a few Tweets and blog posts.

So why is social media bad for network marketing? Spend some time on Twitter and Facebook and experience what the majority are up to: Automated one line pitches vs. Valuable content and authenticity. Or, MLM Marriage vs. MLM Prostitution.

So let’s think ‘Gary’ here for a minute:

If we should be following our passions, creating value while serving our industry and there is no more place to hide with social media network marketing, is it possible to survive as an avid MLM Jumper?

If building a rock solid network marketing business in the new world of social media is dependent on true authenticity and and building a respectable personal brand, can you still be taken seriously in the public eye by jumping from one opportunity to the next?

We are not talking about going through and ethical divorce, the sincere decision to change companies for personal or business reasons. But rather the juggling act of getting caught up in the moment of hype and grabbing every MLM opportunity that meets the eye.

What are your thoughts? (comment below)

MLM Blogging: How to Be the ‘Cool Kid’ at the Party

MLM Cool KidBeing the ‘Cool Kid’ at the Social Media party is all about ‘being in position’. Unfortunately most MLM and internet marketers in general haven’t grasped this concept as yet.

While some inspiring network marketers are attracting as much as a 100 leads in a single day by providing true value, others are ruining the credibility of the industry (a.k.a. the party poopers) by practicing their one line closes to pitch their MLM business opportunity on Facebook and Twitter relentlessly.

This makes the industry look cheap and distributors desperate. Or as Randy Gage likes to call them, MLM Morons.

So how did social media turn into a MLM pitch festival?

Well, plenty of answers to that question raging from pure ignorance, bad marketing habits and honestly not knowing, but here is my guess:

Not enough clarity and guidance between the difference of social media and direct response marketing.

Back in the day, most marketers started out here:

Direct Response Marketing

MLM Direct Response Marketing

Direct response marketing is a fairly simple concept: You have a problem, here is the solution. You want it, here it is. You provide a solution to a problem and if I need it, I’ll buy it or join your business in our case as network marketers.

Pay per click (like Google Adwords) is the perfect example of this.

Now let’s look at the opposite scenario…

Social Media Marketing

MLM Social Media

With social media marketing, people simply want to socialize and ‘hang out’. Or, as Perry Belcher likes to call it, the party!

No one’s looking for solutions to any problems or looking to join any network marketing business. That’s what Google is for. People want to socialize and build relationships.

Perry’s training takes this to a new level and is a lot more in depth than this, but here is the basic concept:

Social Networking is the party to chitchat and get to know people, your blog is the barbecue at your house that furthers the conversation and develops the relationship.

From there, if the relationship is sound and the need exists, you might invite them to your office (sales letter or network marketing opportunity website) to discuss business.

When looking at Perry’s approach, it’s easy to see why so many network marketers become the party poopers!

Then again, Social Media is a new playing field and a huge temptation for any network marketer who is new to the online world to try and implement offline marketing strategies online, similar to direct response marketing.

So how do you make social media work for your MLM business?

It’s all about positioning.

Positioning and providing value through content that has an impact on peoples lives in some shape or form. To provide valuable content, you need a place which you can call home.

Not your page on Facebook or any other social site, but your own personal MLM Blog.

Your blog should become your central hub of communication, a place where people can find out more about you and what your values are. If you don’t have a blog yet, this video will show you how to get a free blog in 5 minutes flat!

Next step is to change your website links from your social networks. Instead of all the links on your social profile pointing to your replicated company website, have it point to your MLM blog.

Even better, to your about page or a page with a video welcoming them from that particular network.

What a great way to continue the conversation and build real relationships.

Build your central hub and be generous when sharing information about yourself. After all, your blog replaces your voice to build relationships for you when you are not present.

How to Create a Custom Branded Blog in 4 Minutes 10 Seconds

Depending on your technical skills, setting up a custom branded blog can either take a few minutes or several hours. Yes anyone can get a free blog on WordPress or Blogger, but that is more effective for syndicating your content onto a remote blog than building your personal brand.

So whether this is your first MLM blog or if you are simply looking for a remote blog for linkbuilding and content syndication, you are going to love this! Plus, you can have your custom branded blog setup in under 5 minutes flat! Well, 15 minutes if you are really taking your time.

This video will show you how to:

  • Setup your own personal or remote blog with
  • Choose from more than a 100 super blog themes that are already uploaded for you
  • Add your own, personal blog header in minutes without having to upload any files
  • Use your own domain name so that you can stay focused on building your personal brand instead of ours
  • Have an active, growing audience waiting to read your blog posts

If you already have a blog and you want to expand your readership, generate backlinks and increase your traffic by the power of our growing community, then head be sure to watch the movie on how to add your existing blog with

Any questions? Please ask in the comment section below. Good luck!

How to Add Your Existing Blog to

IMPORTANT: Do NOT Forget This:

The FIRST THING you need to do once you have added your RSS feed is to click on the author tab as illustrated in this picture below

Author Tab

Once you have clicked on this, you will need to click on the drop down box and find your name / username on thatMLMbeat

Author Drop Down Box

DOUBLE CHECK that you have selected your name and make this the default for ALL the feeds that you import. If you do not complete this step, your syndicated posts will create a new profile on thatMLMbeat and your blog posts won’t link back to your profile on the front page.

Please double check that you have selected your name as no one would like someone elses content to be posted on there profile and if this happens, we will be forced to control this option from our admin back office and make adding external blogs ONLY available to thatMLMbeat PRO members.

Not fond of the technicalities of setting things up?

PRO Members get blogs added and syndicated for Free! Log in follow the upgrade links at the top.


Let’s face it, managing multiple blogs can be a time consuming task. Yet setting up various remote blogs on web 2.0 properties are essential for link building, RSS syndication and attracting more raving fans to your MLM blog .

So we’ve done some super tweaking with hours of creative thinking to simplify this process for you.

In this video I clarify how to add your existing blog to thatMLMbeats social network. This setup shouldn’t take you more than 20 minutes. It’s structure to be a “set and forget” process. But, like everything in life, there are a few extra activities that you can add to your syndication to maximize your results, but that’s another topic for another video.

From our perspective, here are the 5 top benefits that you will get for adding your blog to our social network:

  • build quality links pointing back to your blog which helps your SEO
  • have your content feed through the social community which helps you attract more readers to your blog
  • open up the possibility for one of your new readers to publish your post on their blogs to further strengthen your link building strategy as well as expand your readership
  • have your new blog posts title displayed on the front pages recent site wide posts widgets as well as the dedicated page for site wide posts (coming soon)
  • Attract new customers for your personal or MLM product and possibly new distributors for your network marketing business

Got any questions or need some assistance? Contact support if need be or ask your questions in the comments below (recommended).

MLM Blog Network Now in Prelaunch for Network Marketers

MLM Blog NetworkWow, it’s been a while, but here it is. Well, at least half of our social blog network for network marketers.

Rarely did the thought cross my mind that a project can turn so sour before turning into something immaculate.

The ordeal this company has been through since we started development on our site four months ago was of course a little unexpected.

So here we are, 3 months overdue, several thousands of dollars down the tube with only half of the site done.

But let me not bore you with any of that… There is still some Spectacular News!

Most importantly we’ve experienced exponential entrepreneurial growth with invaluable business lessons learned.

Plus, if you are a passionate network marketer who practices attraction marketing, understand the concept of delivering value and providing quality content, then we have something very unique for you.

(and if the above is not your forte but you are inspired to learn, we will guide you every single step of the way!)

So here’s how it has turned into something special that will serve you, your personal brand and our beautiful network marketing industry.

OUR PURPOSE: To provide a universal, social blog network that delivers up to date MLM Training, leadership skills and network marketing company information from various experts within our industry.

Our goal is to arm you with all the necessary resources and guidance to help you (and ourselves) embrace world knowledge so that we can grow together and excel to the top.

Simply said, our business is your business!

The ‘Blog Hub’ for Network Marketing Entrepreneurs

On face value, this page you are on right now may not reveal much of what’s waiting behind the curtain, so let me fill you in.

The main focus of thatMLMbeat is to deliver quality, valuable content through a community of personal and company blogs. Once you sign up, you have 2 options: To create a new blog or to just grab a username. If you don’t want to create a blog just yet, don’t worry. You can do that anytime you want and as many times as you want. Simply just claim your username in that case.

If you are ready to start your first blog OR import your existing blog, you are in for a treat!

1. Creating a New Blog

Unlike most social networks and web 2.0 blogs, your thatMLMbeat blog is powered by WordPress. WordPress MU (Multi User) to be exact. The difference? From a bloggers perspective the difference is slim. From a perspective of  using WordPress MU as a content management system, HUGE!

With your thatMLMbeat blog you have:

  • A choice of more than a hundred super hot blog themes to choose from to suit your style
  • Carefully selected WordPress plugins to enhance your blog and personal community (uploaded and ready to go)
  • Domain mapping so that you can use your own domain name to brand your blog instead of our subdomains, That way you can focus on building your own brand and still focus on the benefit of the community.
  • Add your own custom headers to design your blog to your liking
  • Create your own community within the community (coming soon)
  • Create multiple forums for your network marketing team to communicate and share ideas (coming soon)
  • Best of all, Have an active, growing audience ready to share your content with.

Every time you submit a new blog post, your post will appear on the site wide activity, as well as the recent site wide posts.

What’s even better is ever time someone comments on your blog, it will appear on both your and their profile activity, called the wire. This means that your blog content constantly rotates and circulates through the network, helping you claim your share of the traffic while engaging in new relationships.

What can be better for a brand new blogger to have their content exposed to a growing, targeted audience?

Already have a blog? Great! Syndicate your blog content to a larger audience while building rock solid links back to your personal blog…

2. Add Your Existing Blog

This is really neat! We have an RSS system setup that allows you to import all your existing posts into your personal thatMLMbeat blog without having to lift a finger.

You will need to setup your external thatMLMbeat blog once only and all your posts from your personal blog will automatically syndicate to your thatMLMbeat blog while updating your wire, the site wide activity, as well as the recent site wide posts.

A great hands free way to deliver content to the community without consuming the time to manage multiple blogs.

WARNING:  Our system is still in prelaunch and after our unpredictable issues the last few months, I refuse to put an official launch date on our system.

We have 2 programmers working on the system full time as the best component is still to come. So we will remain thatMLMbeat Beta for a little while longer! 🙂

Within that said, you might run into a few bugs here and there. If you do or if you have any suggestions or feedback, please take a minute to contact us.

NEXT STEP: Head over to our sign up page, grab yourself a blog (or three) or just grab your username and complete your profile for now.

Looking forward to reading your blog posts and connecting with you!