[Show Recording] Announcing Top 50 MLM Blogs for 2010

Here is the live show recorded from thatMLMbeat.TV announcing the Top 50 MLM Blogs for 2010.

The official post will be released in the next few days, but if you missed the show (or got caught knocked off due to technicalities) and you simply can’t wait, then this is for you!

In part 1 I discuss various things about the Top 50 MLM Blogs as well as long awaited news on thatMLMbeat 2.0.

The new blog adding feature is explained which is open for members right now. I briefly discuss how we will turn every day into a blog contest as well as how we will be promoting your Network Marketing business and products in 2011 and beyond.

And part 2 is all about the announcement!

Introducing the Top 50 MLM blogs for 2010 as well the MLM Celebrity blogs provided by Rose Mis.

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IMPORTANT: If the video loads slow or doesn’t stream properly, press play and then pause the video for a few minutes. That way it has time to load and you get to experience uninterrupted viewing! 🙂

Part 1

Part 2

27 thoughts on “[Show Recording] Announcing Top 50 MLM Blogs for 2010”

  1. Congratulations to everyone in the top 51 and the “celebrity” bloggers as well. A special congratulations to Kimberly on #1 this year.

    Thank you George for hosting this awesome contest.

  2. Hey George, You know if our good buddy “George” would have voted for our blog, maybe we would have made the top 10! lol Just Kidding! It was fun and you did an excellent job throughout the entire process.

    We would like to personally congratulate all the top 50 and would also like to thank everyone who took the time to vote of our blog.

    Next year, Top 10! 😉
    Dave and (Dawn)

  3. Just watched the replay George, I enjoy the show, you are getting good at it now 🙂 Improving with each show… Congrats to everyone who made the top 50 and especially to the top 10!

    Keep up the fantastic work George,

  4. George!
    Wow!!! What a great list of bloggers! Thanks for hosting this contest, and I am honored to be in the Top 20. Wowzers!!! Love what you do at ThatMLMBeat. You are amazing my friend!!


  5. It’s always a pleasure to be learning
    side by side with such an amazing group
    of friends, colleagues, and partners!

    I love how this is birthing a new community
    and movement of like-minded entrepreneurs
    focused on improving people’s lives and
    innovating their niches in the process.

    Well done and congratulations everyone
    who participated! And of course a special
    thanks to my buddy, George, too… lol

    Blessings & Prosperity in 2011 everyone,

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  7. Hi George,

    thanks for putting this together, awesome. Congratulations especially to Kimberly. She has a great blog and also a “look” for important details, has always good tips for her friends.

    Thanks also to anyone who voted for my blog.

    Take care


  8. Hi George, Thank you for such a great contest, Larry and I are truly honored to have been chosen and included amongst such great Top 50 MLM Bloggers! We are highly mindful of all the hard work and tireless effort you have put in to organize and pull off all the details of this awesome contest. Your leadership is an example to us all! We also want to acknowledge and thank everyone who thoughtfully supports, comments and voted for us, and everyone!

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