The *Importance* of Personal MLM Video Messages on Facebook

I logged into Facebook one sunny morning a couple of years ago and I started making friends with people in the network marketing industry. Just like I did every single day…(I used to add people in batches of 20 at a time and then wait until the next day to start again.)

I’d just click on make new friend… add, add, add, add and it was getting pretty boring for me. I was getting restless and wanted to do something different.

So, I sat down for a while and thought to myself…

WHY am I doing this?

The answer came back.

‘Your doing this to connect with people, to help and IMPACT people and to build your business.

There must be a BETTER way to do this, to reach people on an individual basis rather than on a mass scale. After all, Network Marketing is a people business. It always has been and always will be…

So, at that point I decided to use PERSONAL video messages to welcome my new friends on Facebook. I’d seen generic video messages on Facebook where people tag you in the video when you become their new friend, but ANYONE can do that and if I went down that route, I wouldn’t stand out from the masses.

So, I started recording personal video messages. I’d go to someone’s profile, learn more about them, their hobbies, likes, business, websites, family, location etc and I’d include that in my personal video message to that person.

I was AMAZED by the response!

Almost EVERYONE I recorded a person video message for replied back to me, and some people recorded me a personal message back…

Just because I’d took the time to speak directly to the person, get to know more about them and SHOW I CARED!

Once I became more personal with people, I started sponsoring people into my business. People started asking me for help and hiring my services…

Just because I’d took the time to speak directly to the person, get to know more about them and SHOW I CARED!

(Yep, I know I said that twice… but that’s because it’s that important!)

So, open up, be yourself, get to know people as individuals and it’s AMAZING how many doors open for you when you do this. People will reply, comment on your stuff, help you get your message out and be themselves to you.

All you need is a webcam and microphone and you can get started…

Let me know if you’ve ever seen anyone do this before?

I am TRULY on a mission to change the way we do business on Facebook, so if you agree with me and if you honestly want to impact people’s lives, please SHARE this with your friends,

Your friend,

Gavin Mountford

PS Last week, we talked about how to make a POWERFUL first impression on Facebook – It all ties in together…

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Gavin Mountford is the author of which shows Network Marketers how to use the POWER of Facebook and the Social Networks to build relationships, generate leads, become Superstars on Facebook, brand themselves and grow their MLM business in a simple way.

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