World Ventures Review: The Complete Lowdown On World Ventures

WorldVentures ReviewThe Lowdown On World Ventures

World Ventures Review. Who are they, what do they do and what’s the major benefits to customers and representatives of World Ventures? If you’re at all considering World Ventures as a customer or representative, here’s the complete & honest lowdown in this open and valuable World Ventures review.

World Ventures : Background & Numbers

World Ventures was founded in 2005 by Wayne Nugent and Mike Azcue who went on to be nominated for the extremely prestigious 2010 Ernst And Young, Entrepreneur of the Year Award as a result of their thriving World Ventures company. Wayne and Mike founded the company out of a simple yet often pondered question. What stops people experiencing more in their life? For most it comes down to two challenges, time and money. So Mike and Wayne set about creating World Ventures as a vehicle that would help everyday people create a more fun, free and fulfilling life.

At this moment (March 2014) WorldVentures is building it’s business in 26 countries with Australia next on the list to make it 27 and rising. In terms of growth, the company boasts around 200 000 members with the last year (2013) and previous two months to this very world ventures review being record breaking months at 27 000 and estimated 36 000 new members within February and March 2014.

World Ventures is a part of the International Association of Travel Agents (IATA) and adheres to their strict criteria and operating standards.

WorldVentures : DreamTrips

World Ventures core product is their DreamTrips Life Travel club membership which was voted the Best Travel Club in the world by the World Travel Association (WTA) in 2013. At it’s heart DreamTrips allows the public to purchase travel at deeply discounted rates due to the buying power of the company and also to benefit from extra special treatment on many of the trips due to the long standing relationship World Ventures has with it’s international travel vendors.

DreamTrips has two clear ‘sides’ to it’s membership. Number 1 the dreamtrips themselves that range from days out to tours of China and are bespoke experiences created exclusively for it’s members. And number 2 the booking engine that allows all other travel arrangements such as local hotels, flights, etc to be booked through the members own ‘expedia’ type site to miss out the middle man and receive a simpler experience. Both sides to the membership are covered by price promises and other advantages such as RateShrinker that isn’t available any where else.

As a customer DreamTrips members are able to use 100% of their membership against their dreamtrips meaning the membership is more of an investment than a cost, think of it as a Travel piggy bank.

World Ventures Review : Developments

This section of the World Ventures Review will cover the latest advancements and developments important to you if you’re considering joining the company in any capacity. wings and wheels, training & support,

World Ventures Scam

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