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The Sun's So BRIGHT I Gotta Wear Shades

The 90 days of SUMMER 2010 are here already. Where on earth has the first half of the year gone to? Lots of MLM Bloggers just might find it a bit challenging to blog consistently with all of the summertime fun and activities that will be going on. So, here are some of my thoughts on how to joyfully blog on, while having some serious summer fun. Would love to hear what some of YOUR ideas are. Be sure share them below with everyone 🙂

I have got to be really frank with you, this is not what I originally planned to be blogging about tonight. But, after racing back into the house to write this post (which is 4 hours overdue at this point … George will just have to forgive me), I think it is a VERY timely topic.

If I had had my wits about me, I would have brought my Flip with me to the BBQ. Nothing is more entertaining or effective than delivering a great message through video, especially when everyone in the video is having a fantastic time . If you have been following all of the launches that have been going on for the past couple of weeks, each one of them has been delivered via video and then followed up by email. Video has become the little black dress of internet marketing.

Many  MLM Bloggers and internet network marketers have found that they can create very dynamic content and “stickiness” through this medium. They are also able to create an unparalleled  level of intimacy with their readers and subscribers through using video on standard blogs, or even creating vlogs. The fact is, video is far more effective than plain text any day.

Writing a plain text blog post, like this one for example, requires a certain amount of pre-blogging work. You have to find the right photos to “garnish” your blog post with. Earlier this week, fellow team blogger, Derek Alvarez, wrote a blog post about “Choosing A Facebook Ad Picture That Would Make A Peacock Jealous”. The same concept applies to creating a blog post that will totally grab your reader’s attention both intellectually and emotionally. Pictures are a great way to engage someone’s emotions by hooking them visually and triggering a subconscious memory response. When that happens, people are subconsciously compelled to pay attention to what you have to say, allowing them to easily connect more deeply with you.

Transitioning From Traditional Blogging To Vlogging

Many bloggers, myself included, already use video on their traditional blogs to enhance their reader’s experience. I think that creating shorter written blog posts and adding video is a very smart way to leverage both time and the ability to build reader rapport alot more quickly. One of the decisions that I made to improve my personal blog’s rankings is to do shorter, more frequent posts enhanced with video. I will be using this strategy for  the entire summer and evaluating the results to see if I want to keep on doing it after 90 days.

Videos don’t have to be terribly time consuming. With a little bit of planning, you can pretty much use ANY real time experience to illustrate a valuable network marketing success tip that your readers will benefit from. You could even create a series based around a single event that you break into 3-4 minute multiple segments. And that results in a week’s worth of MLM blog posts created pretty much all at the same time.

What a really cool way to have your strawberry shortcake and have enough time to be able to eat it too!

If you have any questions about using video on your blog … let me know in the comments below !!!

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