Top 17 MLM Countries That Turnover Billions With Troy Dooly – Episode #14

George Fourie chats to Troy Dooly about the Top MLM Countries that produce more than a billion dollars worth in revenue every single year. We further discuss the demographics of the market place and how you can use this information to build a rock solid MLM business.

International Downlines, ‘Facebook Dying Myth’ And MLM News with Troy Dooly – Episode #13

George Fourie is back again with Troy Dooly for another week of MLM news and golden nuggets. This week we follow up on my first Australian interview with Marcus Schubert about building International downlines. We dig a little deeper into the one thing that network marketers should caution when building a network marketing business abroad.

We share a few take-aways on last weeks myth of ‘Facebook’s Death’ and what we can learn from Facebook losing 6 million users.

Big in MLM News is AMA Nation cutting their network marketing arm and is Brig Hart selling R3Global? Watch now for all the details.

D.S.A. Annual Meeting 2011 Review with Troy Dooly – Episode #10

George Fourie chats to Troy Dooly about his eventful trip to the D.S.A. annual meeting for 2011. To make the trip even more interesting, Delta airlines lost his suit case and Troy had to initially attend the event in his usual surf gear!

Great discussion about creating business plans and what the future holds for our phenomenal industry.

D.S.A. Weekend, Caution on MLM Systems and Will Social Outbreak Dominate? – Episode #9

George Fourie chats to Troy Dooly for the weekly MLM news update. Troy will be attending the D.S.A. annual meeting which takes place on Sunday, June 5 – Tuesday, June 7, 2011 at the Fontainebleau Resort Miami Beach. He shared some insight on what will be happening, but expect a full report on our show next week.

We cover an update on Jerry Chen and clarify his position with MLSP and Priority Team. Also a general caution on what to look out for when choosing an MLM system for your business.

Social Outbreak seems to be creating quite a buzz with their pre launch, what’s great and what should you watch out for?

Also an update on Global Cash Card and will Troy’s sister be patrolling Miami South Beach in her new bikini while Troy takes care of business at the D.S.A. annual meeting? More news news coming soon! 😉

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Young Living Farms, BIG Lawsuits, Jerry’s MLSP Come Back & Mia’s Bikini Stunt – Episode #6

George Fourie and Troy Dooly discuss Young Living Oils, Evolv Health, highlights of a my interview with #1 income earner for Numis Network, Ray Higdon and Ambit Energy’s 1 Billion dollar lawsuit.


Why did Jerry Chen choose to give MLSP another shot and Mia Davies decide to sell her Numis Network position?


Why did Mia decide to shoot a video in a bikini?

Numis Buy Back, ViSalus Rumor & Peter Chapman – Episode #5

Troy Dooly joins me today to clear up a rumor about ViSalus Sciences as well as a big announcement over at Numis Network. Troy will be joining me every week for our MLM Video podcast. I also make my first trip over to the UK to chat with Peter Chapman from Global NPN.

MLM News Report: Coffee May Be The Next Billion Dollar Direct Selling Niche

Reserve Your Cup from Reserve Your Cup on Vimeo.

To learn more about JavaNomics and Reserve Your Cup, Click Here!

Vi-Tell Wireless

Scott Rogers over at Vi-Tell Wireless and his team have done something pretty remarkable. Instead of offering a Car Bonus, in a down economy when folks might not qualify for a new BMW or Cadillac, they put together a cool program where distributors can have the Car Payment paid for a year! Free Car Payments! Check it out!


Formerly Ethos Environmental has launched a new All Natural Male Enhancement Product! My concerns with this product is the website doesn’t list any of the ingredients in the product.

Plus, “All Natural” doesn’t mean “Organic”, which means there could still be chemicals or a mixture of herbs which can cause the end user issues. What good is it to have the ability to make love, if you die of high blood pressure, or low blood pressure for that matter?

MLM News: Network Marketing Is Growing Worldwide CHeck Out Your Country!

MLM News Report: Direct Selling Billion Dollar Markets

Direct Selling News Billion Dollar Market

You can read the full report at Direct Selling News!

1. United States—$28.3 billion

2. Japan—$22.4 billion

3. Brazil—$13.5 billion

4. China—$10.9 billion

5. South Korea—$7.84 billion

6. Mexico—$4.83 billion

Financial News:

Pre-Paid Legal Agrees to Buy-out

Amway Parent Grows to $9.2 Billion in 2010

Len Clements Market Wave Alerts

Barry Minkow Charged With Securities Fraud – Again

Len Clements MARKETWAVE ALERT 173: Barry Minkow Charged With Security Fraud – Again

Len Clements Reports On Glen Jensen and Agel

Glen Jensen Sues Agel Seems $1 Million-Plus in Damages and Agel’s Dissolution

Weekly MLM News: Xowii and Evolv Health Merge Into New MLM Powerhouse

This is some of the most exciting news of 2011. Last last year Xowii settled the pending lawsuit with MonaVie and opened a new door in their future. However, there just did not realize how all the positive events surrounding their company was going to change the lives of the distributors and the corporate team.

Tonight on ACE’s Radio Live Jim Gillhouse and myself will be interviewing some or all of the executive team of these two great companies to have them share how this all took place.

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