[Show Recording] Announcing Top 50 MLM Blogs for 2010

Here is the live show recorded from thatMLMbeat.TV announcing the Top 50 MLM Blogs for 2010.

The official post will be released in the next few days, but if you missed the show (or got caught knocked off due to technicalities) and you simply can’t wait, then this is for you!

In part 1 I discuss various things about the Top 50 MLM Blogs as well as long awaited news on thatMLMbeat 2.0.

The new blog adding feature is explained which is open for members right now. I briefly discuss how we will turn every day into a blog contest as well as how we will be promoting your Network Marketing business and products in 2011 and beyond.

And part 2 is all about the announcement!

Introducing the Top 50 MLM blogs for 2010 as well the MLM Celebrity blogs provided by Rose Mis.

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IMPORTANT: If the video loads slow or doesn’t stream properly, press play and then pause the video for a few minutes. That way it has time to load and you get to experience uninterrupted viewing! 🙂

Part 1

Part 2