[Interview] Kary Rogney, Social Tribes And Free Blog Syndication Buddies

In a recent post discussing the benefits of social tribes, I shared 3 Facebook pages which focus on free blog syndication.

Well, today I did our first official interview with Kary Rogney who is the founder of the Tribe Syndication Network.

Kary and his Tribe members have managed to master a Tribe Syndication system where a group of various marketers from different companies work together to promote each others content.

We briefly discuss free blog syndication, the importance of blog buddies and how authenticity attracts! Stop by Kary’s blog, leave him a comment and be sure to mention that I sent you there! 😉

How To Setup Your Own Social Tribe With A WordPress Forum

Whether you are forming a mastermind group or teaming up with fellow internet and network marketing professionals for free content syndication, creating a social tribe is the way to go.

Not to mention creating social proof on your MLM Blog and hundreds of other great reasons. Your blog is the first place to establish your following for social proof, but what if you need to create something a little more private?

You might need to share information that you prefer to not display publicly as well as have conversations and share links behind closed doors.

That’s where forming a social tribe (a.k.a groups) on thatMLMbeat does the trick. Now don’t let the term ‘groups’ relate to what you might be familiar with on Facebook.

You have the choice to:

  • Display your group publicly on the site wide activity feed, hide it completely or set it up for invitation only
  • Attach a wordpress forum for interaction and conversations (privacy settings above apply to this as well) and subscribe to different conversations
  • Add external blog feeds to your group. A great way to keep track of new blog posts within your social tribe
  • Setup different moderators and administrators for your social tribe
  • Create a group blog where everyone in the social tribe can contribute content
  • Setup meeting times and events with the group calendar for when you need to meet
  • Email the entire group to remind them about events and meetings
  • and lots more

Soon to be added

We are working on a live chat feature that will enable you to have a live chat with your entire social tribe.

The video explains everything in detail. If you are in a hurry, simply login, go to your profile, click on the groups tab on the left and then on ‘create a group’ on the right.

At least the group founder will need to be a thatMLMbeat PRO member to setup the social tribe.

If you need any assistance or run into any problems, head over to The Lounge and ask away!

Out With The Old, In With The New [Plus a Special Invitation]

Old vs New

Wow, a whole week since my last post, but you will soon see why. Let’s just say it’s the calm before the storm!

Unless this is your first time here, you might have realized a new look and feel on thatMLMbeat. So I have to ask: How do you feel about the new look? Do you like it? Or do you prefer the old design and layout?

Personally I am still slightly attached to the old theme and it’s functionalities, but not the technicalities and endless customization that came with it.

Being a custom theme that wasn’t built for the social platform we are using, it’s been like trying to convert a four wheel drive into a grand prix racing car. Both are good for what they were built for, but not so for the opposite.

So here is our new theme chosen with two thoughts in mind; easy navigation and growth.

The old look was getting a little busy and with more and more [tag-tec network marketing]network marketers[/tag-tec] joining our inspiring community, the layout needs to accommodate the visibility of more blogs without the site looking too cluttered.

You will see that we changed to a 3 column layout so that we can display both the sitewide activity and the recent site wide posts close to the top.

The layout is also much wider to accommodate a soon to be up and running forum and additional social tribe and community building tools amongst a few things.

If you do run into any technicalities along the way, I would really appreciate your feedback. Please contact me if you happen to discover a bug or have any suggestions on how we can improve this site.

What’s happening this week?
Expect to see plenty of video tutorials in this weeks posts as it’s something that I’ve needed to complete for sometime, but been holding back to make sure that most of the technicalities have been taken care of.

There are so many great tools within thatMLMbeat that you can use to compliment your personal brand and it’s important that you are aware of the full potential. Now would be the time to position yourself within this community as we are getting ready to turn up the volume!

We should be back into our regular posting schedule by early December.

After the fine tune of our membership and offer is complete, lookout for video updates on our affiliate program which will be launching soon.

But really, the words ‘affiliate program’ are honestly to bland for what we have in store with this, and I’m not even kidding. Just doing the final tests so don’t want to let the cat out of the bag just yet. Let’s just say that you can attach your affiliate code to your profile or ANY post on thatMLMbeat.com or ANY post on ANY MLM blog on thatMLMbeat.com!

That’s a mouthful I know, you might have to read it again. The idea is to make sure that you get rewarded for doing your everyday social activities of sharing content and linking to blogs. Nice, but more on that later!

A Special Invitation
Would you like to increase your name recognition and have your content featured on thatMLMbeat? We are opening the gates for guest writers and anyone who can contribute value to the community. If you would like to blog for us as a guest writer or even on a regular basis, now would be the perfect to get in touch with me and to take advantage of what this site has to offer.

(technorati claim: KCHPJM6V3BAR please ignore this line!:)

thatMLMbeat will be launching an exciting show like no other real soon that will turn many heads (in a good way). This will shift my focus from regular blog updates, so would like to rely more on the community to maintain the content flow of industry news and promoting the MLM bloggers on thatMLMbeat. If the above sounds like something you want to know more about, get in touch with me and we can schedule a time to chat. Have a rocking prosperous week!

Front Page On Google In Less Than 18 Hours – Here’s How

If you have followed Front Page on Google Part 1 and Part 2, you would have witnessed a case study on 2 long tail keywords that I’ve been optimizing for the front page on Google for the past week.

In part 1 I started off with ‘Social Tribes’ on no 17 and for ‘Free Blog Syndication’ no 7 early yesterday.

Here are the screen shots for the results:

Free Blog Syndication

Free Blog Syndication

Social Tribes

Social Tribes

Social Tribe

Social Tribe

You will see at the time these screen shots, I was positioned at no 4 for Free Blog Syndication, no 6 for social tribes and no 5 for social tribe.

To say that I was impressed with my results is an understatement, but here’s the best bit: I actually messed up the entire strategy and still got great results!

I’m not sure if this will have an effect on my rankings over time, but I made a crucial mistake with my bookmarking process (more on that) and only completed half the tasks.

So, as promised and teased in Front Page On Google part 1 and 2 and without holding back on a single thing, here’s the exact strategy that you can duplicate on your next blog post or article:

1.    Thorough keyword research
This step is crucial so please don’t kid yourself. Most Bloggers simply guess and start writing. But if you are going to be spending 30 minutes, an hour or even longer on a blog post, why not take 5 – 10 minutes to really dig into long tail keywords, 3 to 5 word phrases and make that you rank high on search engines?

Data driven decisions outrank wild guessing by many miles.

Use the Google Keyword Tool for thorough keyword research. Make sure that you change the settings to all countries, keep synonyms selected and search.

Have a good look at the advertisers competition and amount of searches. You can go for something like ‘network marketing’, but you are not going to get anywhere with that in one single post. In fact, you will probably need to build an entire authority site around that keyword and build it over a long period of time.

Instead, think of problems that your prospects might be having and offer a solution. Think 3 – 4 word phrases that don’t have much competition. These long tail keywords are generally searched within the hundreds and under a thousand times.

If your search term seems too competitive or if you just want to double check, head over to Google and type ‘allintitle:keyword’ in the search bar.

What that does is deliver the search results of pages / posts that have your keyword phrase within the TITLE. Generally speaking, if the number of competing websites (top right) are under a thousand and you are doing everything else right, you shouldn’t have a problem getting on the Front Page on Google instantly. Of course, there are exceptions to these rules.

2.    Keyword placement
Other than a few crucial placements in my opinion, you don’t need to be too concerned about this. Gone of the days of repeating your keywords like a parrot.

It’s best to have your keywords in mind and write naturally.

If you can however get the keyword or key phrase positioned within the first sentence or first paragraph, do that.

Throughout the post also bold your key phrase. Everything in moderation of course. This post is a great example of this.

Placing your key phrase as a heading like I’ve done before the images also score points with the search engine spiders. If it’s suitable, also use your key phrase as anchor text.

IMPORTANT: It’s all good and great to have content that’s perfect for search engine spiders, but writing content for the human eye is much more important. Getting ranked on the front page on Google is great, but if no one wants to read your post, then what’s the point?

3.    Write a new article and post it on Blogger.com
Create a new article from scratch (recommended) focusing on your long tail keywords. This is where I made a huge mistake. I’ll explain shortly.

Make sure that you use anchor text, like I’m using here for social tribes, that links back to your post that you want to rank for.

(don’t forget your key phrase in the TITLE of your blogger post of course!)

4.    Digg and Reddit it!
Create a campaign on Digg and Reddit that leads to your new post that you did on Blogger.

And here is my BIG mistake: I rewrote the original post I did for Blogger. By the time I got to blogger, my original post had already been Dugg by one of our readers and Digg does not accept duplicates. So again, be sure to keep your post on blogger original.

5.   Bookmark Your Digg and Reddit Campaign

Here’s the fun part! Bookmark your campaigns on Digg and Reddit Submissions and bookmark then across 3 different bookmarking networks.

Now it is really important that you get someone else to do the bookmarking for you. This is where  Syndd comes into play. Synnd, together with parts of the Superspindle Strategy as mentioned above, is a great way to outsource all your social and internet marketing in minutes.

Without this you will need lots of time on your hands and 2 to 3 dozen friends to help you out religiously for every single blog post or piece of marketing that you choose to do.

Final step that I didn’t complete:
Bookmark your submissions page on Digg and Reddit on 3 other bookmarking networks that you didn’t use in Step 5. Your submissions page is the page that shows all the content that you have submitted to Digg and Reddit.

For more information on putting this strategy in motion successfully, you can try Synnd for a dollar

Front Page On Google In Less Than 18 Hours – Part 2

In yesterdays case study of Front Page On Google in less than 18 hours, we were ranking no 7 for long tail keywords free blog syndication and no 17 (page 2) for social tribes.

Although I was planning to focus on really drilling these keywords for a good week with various content syndication strategies and tools before documenting another update, I simply couldn’t resist!

I’m also learning lots in the process. Today I started out by doing a short utility post on Better Networker titled Free Blog Syndication With Social Tribes (Thanks To 3 Facebook Pages).

The shorter utility post only talks about the original post on thatMLMbeat and links back with anchor text with our 2 targeted keywords.

I then wrote a whole new article touching on different aspects of the topic and posted that on Blogger. I did another mix with the title which concluded as Social Tribes Being Used for Free Blog Syndication (Thanks to Facebook).

Monitoring the search engine placements, three different Google searches have delivered 3 different results. Is this a result of Google’s recent alignment with Twitter to include real-time search results?

The ranking for free blog syndication has climbed one up to no 6, back to 7 and after checking for one last time, back to 6 but also adding the utility post on Better Networker in on 9th position.

Social Tribes have reached the goal of the first page which has been alternating between the 9th and 10th position. What’s interesting is that we are also ranking no 9 for the single plural social tribe, which adds 50% more searches to the mix. Nice!

Let’s see how much higher we can rank for these long tail keywords and then I’ll reveal the entire process. Can you see how the keywords are positioned within the last 3 posts and what’s causing them to rank high?

Is there anything that you’ve noticed that can be improved upon? Would love your feedback in the comments below.


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