MLM Blogging – Ty Tribble’s MLM Blog Secrets Reviewed

Ty Tribble's MLM Blog Secrets

Earlier this week Ty Tribble and Ann Sieg released a new two stage blog training course, MLM Blog Secrets and MLM Blog Code using a Launch Formula that was hugely educational in and of itself (a blog post about that is coming up in the near future).When I first heard about this new training program, I was honestly less than enthusiastic about it.

Before anyone rips my head off and leaves me nasty comments for saying that, allow me to explain why!

I have been blogging for a fair amount of time myself (not as long as Ty that’s for sure, but long enough) and getting a blog up and running for myself and for team members and private clients is a very simple thing to do now. I also teach small groups of brand spanking new bloggers how to setup their own blogs, how to choose a domain, get hosting, which theme to use, plugins, etc.

This is VERY time consuming training  and I can only work with a handful of people at a time.  I also have to charge a substantial amount of money for the training so that it actually is a revenue producing activity in my business. (Yes … it is called trading TIME for DOLLARS.) And that is where the rubber meets the road for a lot of people.

Many new entrepreneurs, especially new network marketers, turn to blogging as a cost effective solution to marketing their businesses on a really tight budget. Alot of times, their budgets don’t allow for a high priced training program. So they try to set up their own blogs and have no success. When they have no success, they decide that blogging doesn’t work and they abandon their blogs.

Here is another thing to consider. Setting up a marketing hub designed to truly support a network marketer/MLM’er is a bit different than setting up a marketing hub for a more “traditional” business or an affiliate marketer. And this is something that Ty specializes in. After all, he is recognized by the best of the best in the industry as THE top MLM blogger in the world.

After watching and listening to Ty, Ann Sieg and our beloved George talk about this new course at great length (I watched each of the videos they sent out at the beginning of this launch and took LOTS of notes), I decided to purchase this course so that I could get access to Ty’s insider blogging scoop and see if I could learn how to put together a more streamlined, less personally labor and time intensive training program for my own people.

Since price was never discussed during the launch videos, I was expecting to have to pay $97 for MLM Blog Secrets upfront. I was flabbergasted when I found out that I would only have to pay $47 for it during launch. I was SHOCKED  when I saw the upgrade offer of $97  for Ty’s MLM Blog Code. A grand total of $144.00 for both courses. My skeptical mind kicked in and said, “Hmmmmmmmm … I wonder what the QUALITY of this training is going to be like. I hope that George knew what he was talking about !!”

I downloaded everything, watched all the videos and took lots of notes…

MLM Blog Secrets

Three Modules – A Terrific Cheat Sheet – And Ann Sieg’s Copy Writing Class From Renegade Breakthroughs

This is a detailed click-by-click BASIC training that covers EVERYTHING someone will need to learn and implement in order to get their own blog up and running. Ty painstakingly covers all of the basics with great attention to detail. The best thing about this basic training is that someone can follow along on their own computer and mimic exactly what Ty is doing whenever they want to, even 3:00 am.  The cheat sheet is a great reference tool for folks that are just starting out and for established bloggers that are looking for additional content and syndication opportunities.

Bottomline, by the time people are done with this training, if they take action, they will have their own blog hosted and on the internet. They will have content on it targeted to their specific audience and should be seeing some traffic. This is the perfect training to offer people who do not wish to go into a private coaching program. And, as a team leader and business builder, it will give you back alot of time to focus on true revenue generating activities rather than systems training.

A question that I get all the time from my students and clients is ” What do I write about?”

The bonus copywriting call that Ann added into this course is over two hours long. It is delivered in both mp3 and mp4 formats. There are cheat sheets included, PDF’s, copies of Power Point Slides, and a bonus call with Master Copywriter David Garfinkle. What I really liked about this bonus is that Ann digs really deep into the mindset of what good selling is all about and how to create a valuable, pleasurable buying experience for your perfect customers that keeps them on your list for a long time.

Marketing, direct response marketing and copywriting are skills that just about EVERY self made millionaire has mastered and they are VITAL to the success of any business because they allow you sell your products and services effortlessly to the right crowd of starving customers. This call is worth 5 times the price of the course alone. (How do I know …??? I study with one of the best direct response copywriters in the business and I know how much I pay to work with him.) There is SILLY value here.

MLM Blog Code

This is the motherload of Ty’s MLM blogging success

  • Ty’s personal blogging success formula
  • Keyword research, SEO and re-purposing content
  • Building flagship content based on keyword research
  • More copywriting strategies and resources
  • How to monetize your blogging – affiliate marketing, properly funneling people into your business opportunity
  • Correctly using statistics and analytics for your blog including which plugins to use to make this as efficient as possible
  • And an in depth analysis of three of the TOP BLOGS in the world (NOT network marketing/MLM related)

I got a tremendous amount of value from these videos.  So much so, that the Attraction Market Kitchen is now undergoing a total renovation. Even better, the training and services that I provide both my team and private clients will be even more valuable than before. Can anyone say world class solutions provider? What do you think that is going to do for my business ? Imagine the possibilities of what it could do for YOURS !!  At full price the training will pay for itself in 30 days. The $97.00 price tag is nuts.

MLM Blog Secrets and MLM Blog Code  go up 50% tonight at midnight.

Ty has poured his heart and soul into this training course. He is sharing his 7 years of successful blogging secrets with you for next to nothing. The presentation and delivery is top notch. The  bonuses are off the hook. I know what I would have to charge for this training to make it profitable for myself and it would be at least 10 times what I paid for the whole she-bang.

MLM Blog Secrets – $47.00

MLM Blog Secrets and MLM Blog Code – $144.00

Get it now before you have to pay double … or before you end having to pay someone else fees like the ones I charge 😉

By the way …

That is George Fourie’s link to the program. Should you decide to purchase the training, George will receive a small commission that will help defray some of the costs of running our awesome community at !!

Hope that you have received some AWESOME value from this post !!

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===>>>P.P.S. Do the math folks: 7 years experience with 5000 blog posts + #1 recruiter + top earner all through the power of blogging, and you can grab it for a paltry $47 bucks.

About The Author –
Rose Mis is the author of “Dead Blogs Don’t Lie ~ 7 Secrets To A Wildly Popular High Traffic Blog”. She is also the Executive Chef (aka Chief Cook and Bottle Washer 😉 ) of the Attraction Marketing Training Kitchen. You are invited to stop by the Kitchen anytime you have any questions about blogging and marketing YOU with your blog !

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MLM Blogging For Prospects Works, Just Ask Ty Tribble

Recognized worldwide as the #1 MLM Blogger in the industry, Ty Tribble demonstrated consummate “SHOCK and AWE COOLNESS” (thank you Frank Kern for that phrase) this week when he gave away the secrets to his phenomenal success in an info packed FREE video training series that includes a speech Ty did a few months ago at an event that people paid over $1,300 to attend.

If you haven’t seen the videos yet, what the heck are you waiting for? Click right <<<===here ===>>> and come back to this post when you have watched Ty’s training. Yes … it is THAT good 😉

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a post about some traffic challenges that I was experiencing with my main MLM blog. I got some Tweets and a few comments. One of those comments was from Ty Tribble which kind of shocked me actually. I was thinking to myself … Self,  why did this LEGEND take the time to comment on this blog post …??? Ty’s action made me very curious ABOUT HIM !!! So, what else does a curious Rose do but check this guy out.  And what I found out was VERY IMPRESSIVE indeed. So, I subscribed to his mailing list and I started receiving  helpful emails from him EVERY DAY that lead me to information on his blog. You know what? I am actually beginning to LIKE this Ty Tribble guy alot.

Success Leaves CLUES

Ty has been blogging actively about network marketing for more than 7 years. He has written more than 5000 blog posts during that time frame. He is the fastest distributor in the history of MLM and Network Marketing to reach $100,000 in income out of 50,000 distributors.
He was also the  number one team-builder and number one recruiter for his former company.
So, what was the secret to his incredible success?
BLOGGING and setting up a MARKETING FUNNEL that allows people to get to know him, like him and trust him at their own pace. And he now has the ability to MARKET what ever he wants to his LIST (me included) whenever he wants to. This is how you start developing a “Launch Formula” of your very own 😉
Some of the things that Ty discusses in those videos,  JUST in case you haven’t watched them yet
  • The right way to start an MLM blog from scratch (or how you can transform your current blog into a lead generation magnet almost overnight)
  • How to create MLM blog content that helps your prospects solve their problems and gets them to take action
  • Several simple things you can do to keep people from leaving (bouncing off) your MLM blog right after they arrive
  • This is the most important one of all ~ How to get a year’s worth of free traffic to your blog in just 30 days. ( I paid big time attention to this one and I am beginning to see my Alexa rating start going back up after 48 hours. Thank YOU Ty!)
If you haven’t watched the videos yet, what are you waiting for ?
Click right <<<===here ===>>>

Ty Answers YOUR SPECIFIC Blogging Questions

I am not sure how George Fourie, creator of this wonderful community did it, but he got Ty to agree to personally answer specific blogging questions for members of thatMLMbeat. They also did a video interview in which Ty shares more of his MLM blog secrets, (Part One). I watched this video as well. MORE great information folks.

So, if you have a blogging question for Ty, click  ===>> HERE <<=== to be taken to the thread on this blog in which he is answering questions and ask your question.  You can also ask Ty MLM Blog questions on our Facebook page for the Top 50 MLM Blogs.

Folks, this is a PRIMO opportunity that every blogger should take advantage of. Ty is NOT charging a penny for this. And, if you aren’t aware of this, advice like this usually comes with a $500 an hour price tag. My advice to you, get it while it is FREE and USE it.

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About The Author –
Rose Mis is the author of “Dead Blogs Don’t Lie ~ 7 Secrets To A Wildly Popular High Traffic Blog”. I am also the Executive Chef (aka Chief Cook and Bottle Washer ;-)) of the Attraction Marketing Training Kitchen. You are invited to stop by the Kitchen anytime you have any questions about blogging and marketing YOU with your blog !

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Lazy, Hazy, Summertime MLM Blogging

The Sun's So BRIGHT I Gotta Wear Shades

The 90 days of SUMMER 2010 are here already. Where on earth has the first half of the year gone to? Lots of MLM Bloggers just might find it a bit challenging to blog consistently with all of the summertime fun and activities that will be going on. So, here are some of my thoughts on how to joyfully blog on, while having some serious summer fun. Would love to hear what some of YOUR ideas are. Be sure share them below with everyone 🙂

I have got to be really frank with you, this is not what I originally planned to be blogging about tonight. But, after racing back into the house to write this post (which is 4 hours overdue at this point … George will just have to forgive me), I think it is a VERY timely topic.

If I had had my wits about me, I would have brought my Flip with me to the BBQ. Nothing is more entertaining or effective than delivering a great message through video, especially when everyone in the video is having a fantastic time . If you have been following all of the launches that have been going on for the past couple of weeks, each one of them has been delivered via video and then followed up by email. Video has become the little black dress of internet marketing.

Many  MLM Bloggers and internet network marketers have found that they can create very dynamic content and “stickiness” through this medium. They are also able to create an unparalleled  level of intimacy with their readers and subscribers through using video on standard blogs, or even creating vlogs. The fact is, video is far more effective than plain text any day.

Writing a plain text blog post, like this one for example, requires a certain amount of pre-blogging work. You have to find the right photos to “garnish” your blog post with. Earlier this week, fellow team blogger, Derek Alvarez, wrote a blog post about “Choosing A Facebook Ad Picture That Would Make A Peacock Jealous”. The same concept applies to creating a blog post that will totally grab your reader’s attention both intellectually and emotionally. Pictures are a great way to engage someone’s emotions by hooking them visually and triggering a subconscious memory response. When that happens, people are subconsciously compelled to pay attention to what you have to say, allowing them to easily connect more deeply with you.

Transitioning From Traditional Blogging To Vlogging

Many bloggers, myself included, already use video on their traditional blogs to enhance their reader’s experience. I think that creating shorter written blog posts and adding video is a very smart way to leverage both time and the ability to build reader rapport alot more quickly. One of the decisions that I made to improve my personal blog’s rankings is to do shorter, more frequent posts enhanced with video. I will be using this strategy for  the entire summer and evaluating the results to see if I want to keep on doing it after 90 days.

Videos don’t have to be terribly time consuming. With a little bit of planning, you can pretty much use ANY real time experience to illustrate a valuable network marketing success tip that your readers will benefit from. You could even create a series based around a single event that you break into 3-4 minute multiple segments. And that results in a week’s worth of MLM blog posts created pretty much all at the same time.

What a really cool way to have your strawberry shortcake and have enough time to be able to eat it too!

If you have any questions about using video on your blog … let me know in the comments below !!!

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About The Author –
Rose Mis is the author of “Dead Blogs Don’t Lie ~ 7 Secrets To A Wildly Popular High Traffic Blog”. I am also the Executive Chef (aka Chief Cook and Bottle Washer ;-)) of the Attraction Marketing Training Kitchen. You are invited to stop by the Kitchen anytime you have any questions about blogging and marketing YOU with your blog !

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MLM Blogging – Metrics and Management, The M & M’s of Your Blog’s Effectiveness (Part Two)

It happens to ALL of us. You are doing the do, following the plan that you have put in place for yourself to a tee. And then STUFFLIFE, whatever you want to call it, happens and throws you a curve ball and to quote Robert Burns, “The best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men gang aft agley”. This is why Metrics are such a valuable tool to use in measuring your blog’s effectiveness and pinpointing specific areas that require your immediate attention.

The last post that I did for this series  TWO WEEKS AGO,  (forgive me everyone, I should have done what I always tell others to do :-(), discussed using Google Analytics to track and measure the results you are receiving for your blogging efforts.

I was shocked and stunned today when I took a good look at my Analytics Account for my MLM Blog and NOT in a good way. Here are snapshots of my Analytics Summary for today and Alexa summaries from March 2010 and today as well. There is LOTS of bad news to be seen. The GOOD NEWS is that situation can be reversed. I’ ll talk about that a little later on.

The snapshot below is from today May 29, 2010 …

Alexa Rankings For May 2010

This snapshot is from March 8, 2010 (almost 90 days ago) …

Alexa Ranking For March 2010

This snapshot is from my Google Analytics Account May 29,2010 …

Google Analytics For 05 29 10

My Alexa ranking was in the 240,000 range 10 days ago …. What Happened ?

Here are the three questions that I am asking myself right now:

  • What relevant conclusions can I draw from this information?
  • What can I do to improve these results?
  • How can this information help me serve my readers better and increase the number of readers to my blog?

Here are the answers that I have come up with (I’m inviting you to add your analysis to this in the comment section below):

1. Although my Alexa rankings are up from March 2010, they took a HUGE nosedive over the past 10 days. My traffic is WAY down compared to last month. The bounce rate is VERY high based on my historical numbers. People are spending alot less time ON the blog. And they are looking at fewer pages.


  • I was posting alot more 3 months ago
  • I was posting really interesting, relevant content
  • I was syndicating and commenting alot more on OTHER PEOPLE’S blogs
  • I was actively publishing articles to different article directories and social communities
  • I had just published my e-Book
  • I was alot more SOCIAL in the blogoshpere, Facebook, Twitter, Better Networker, Blog Talk Radio
  • I had alot of BUZZ going on around my content because I was creating alot of BUZZ around other people’s content

What Happened?

  • I took on several time intensive consulting projects
  • I did not allow sufficient time for Socializing – Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Better Networker
  • I did not create another new product
  • I was not back linking to other people’s content adequately
  • I stopped posting 3 times a week and went to a 1 post per week schedule
  • I didn’t do any sort of article marketing to create back links to my information
  • My content became old and not relevant to the needs of Network Marketers and MLM’ers
  • My self-management went straight to hell

Can This Be Fixed?

Yes it can, but not without a serious overhaul of my daily method of operation. Things have gotten really busy because of the consulting work that I have picked up. Reviewing the LONG TERM results and goals I want, I allowed myself to get seriously off track because of “bright new shiny objects”. This is no way to build a business that is going to be around for the long haul. Here is what I can do right now to get back on track.

  • I can hire a VA to help with some of the more mundane tasks.
  • I need to get SOCIAL again. There are ways to automate some of that, but I will need to invest more upfront time interacting at a higher level with other people so that I can find out exactly what the new concerns are and how to best serve my current readers and attract more people to my information (which is how I got my consulting clients in the first place).
  • I need to create another high value, totally relevant information product.
  • I need to focus on getting more of my content syndicated. TSA (Tribe Syndication with will provide a big boost for me socially as well as for content syndication.

Lessons Learned From All Of This

Maintaining  focus and self-discipline is CRITICAL to the LONG TERM success of anything. Having the right tools in place to measure results is IMPERATIVE to ensuring that one is on the right course. Responding to the detours and challenges that will inevitably occur, in a proactive rather than a reactive way, brings about quicker course correction and better long term results. It is VITAL  to be on the bleeding edge of current trends and information and to share that information with the people that can benefit from it. And most important of all, since we are in a social economy, being surrounded by a Tribe that shares my vision is paramount to my success online.

My hope that you received some real value from this post! Be sure to leave your comments and suggestions in the comments area. And take a minute to share this story with YOUR Tribe!!

About The Author –
Rose Mis is the author of “Dead Blogs Don’t Lie ~ 7 Secrets To A Wildly Popular High Traffic Blog”. I am also the Executive Chef (aka Chief Cook and Bottle Washer ;-)) of the Attraction Marketing Training Kitchen. You are invited to stop by the Kitchen anytime you have any questions about blogging and marketing YOU with your blog !

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MLM Blogging Tips – How To Engage 98-99% of Any Audience With Every Blog Post

To Blog Or Not To Blog

As network marketers and bloggers we are always looking for ways to earn our readers’ and subscribers’ trust, build rapport with them and get them to take ACTION.

What if I told you that there really is a fast, easy recipe, that when followed precisely,  allows you to communicate very effectively with a large diverse group of people ?

If you answer these 4 BASIC questions with your blog post, you will reach 98 – 99 % of ANY audience successfully.

This little recipe is something that I stumbled upon going through some of Andy Jenkins’ (The Video Boss),  Mike Koenigs’ (Traffic Geyser) and Alex Mandossian’s free training materials.

They each use this formula successfully to engage and endear themselves to the 4 major personality types that have been identified over the centuries.

These guys  have cultivated HUGE reader bases, opt-in lists and they get people to want to buy lots of their products and services 😉

The Traditional Personality Types

  • the Driver (Red, Ruby, Bear)
  • the Expressive (Blue, Sapphire, Monkey)
  • the Amiable (Yellow, Pearl, Dolphin)
  • the Analytical (Green, Emerald, Owl)

Each one of these different personality types learns differently. To get and keep their attention you have to communicate into their style and values. And you must keep in mind that they have VERY DIFFERENT attention spans !

The Personality Types Redefined For Marketers (shortest attention span to longest)

  • Sales (Persuaders and Motivators) 35% of your audience
  • Scholastics (Objectives and Outcomes) 18-20% of your audience
  • Technicals/Geeks (Operations and Processes) 25% of your audience
  • Marketers/Supporters/Evangelists (Out of the box Creatives and Visionary Opportunity Seekers) 20% of your audience
  • Each of these different personality types uses a different question for forming ideas about something and HOW you answer their questions gets them to take action.

    The 4 Questions

    • Sales ~ “Why?”
    • Scholastics ~ “What for?”
    • Technicals/Geeks ~ “How?”
    • Marketers/Supporters/Evangelists ~ “What if ?”

    Here are some examples of the four questions…

    Your message is “Opt-In and Get My Free Training Course….”

    1. Sales will ask “Why should I opt-in and get this training?”

    You should answer this question with benefits.

    For example, “This training course will show you how to blog like a Pro-Blogger in the shortest amount of time possible allowing you to start building your list very quickly.”

    2. Scholastics will ask “What purpose should I opt-in and get this training for?”

    You should answer this question with practical results.

    For example, “This training course will get you up and running on the internet with your own blog in less than 2 weeks. This will save you the time and expense of hiring and waiting for a professional designer to do this for you.”

    3. Technicals will ask “How does this training work?”

    You should answer this question with processes or systems.

    For example, “This training will be delivered to you via email over the next 7 days. In each email there will be a link to a video on my blog that will show you the things you need to do to get your blog up and running within 2 weeks. If you follow the videos precisely, your new blog will be customer ready in record time!”

    4. Marketers/Supporters/Evangelists will ask ” What if I get this free training to…??

    You should answer this question by suggesting how they could use the free training in ways other than the obvious…

    For example, “Here’s how you can use this free training to get more people on YOUR team and how it can help YOU earn more money through affiliate marketing!”

    The Secret Sauce

    Cover all of these points in the following order to get the BEST results (think reader attention span here)

    • Why you should get this free training and how it will personally help you.
    • What this free training will do and what it will practically accomplish.
    • How this free training does what I say it does.
    • What are all the creative things that you can do with this free training.

    When this type of structure is used, you will be able to connect effectively and efficiently with the largest number of people possible. This is a great way to start creating wonderful relationships with a broad spectrum of readers that start to know you, like you and trust you so that the next action they take, is what you want them to do through your call to action!

    Hope that you received some real value from this post! Be sure to leave some comments. And take a minute to share it with YOUR Tribe!!

    About The Author –

    Rose Mis is the author of “Dead Blogs Don’t Lie ~ 7 Secrets To A Wildly Popular High Traffic Blog”. I am also the Executive Chef (aka Chief Cook and Bottle Washer :-)) of the Attraction Marketing Training Kitchen. You are invited to stop by the Kitchen anytime you have any questions about blogging and marketing YOU with your blog !

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    Announcing: New Theme, New MLM Blogging Team!

    Wow, I’m excited! To accommodate our vision and focus on promoting passionate network marketing professionals, here’s a gear shift to drive us into the right direction.

    Building new business relationships and getting more eye balls on your blog posts is still our number one focus. So instead of trying to cram that all onto the front page, we’ve made some changes to support the growth of our community.

    So before we talk new team, let’s talk about the theme (new layout)…

    Where the blog posts and conversations are at...

    Previously we attempted to have everything happening on the front page our site to give our members as much publicity as possible.

    Problem was too many distractions and communication was crammed into one place.

    Our new home page (not active yet) will now act as an announcement page (magazine style) to direct both new visitors and community members to various parts of the site that will be of interest to them.

    Right now, the home page is set to the main activity feed, but in the next few days you will find it here:

    We will feature snippets of the activity on the front page and this will be the core page to connect with members and access new blog posts.

    Enhanced navigation for easier browsing

    Besides the standard top menu that can be used to navigate your profile and WordPress dashboard, we have added additional navigation tabs to the main menu with extended categories in the drop down menus.

    This will make it easier to navigate both syndicated blogs as well as posts submitted directly on our main blog.

    Meet the team

    Now introducing the next 6 people has me REALLY excited! Other than featuring guest writers, we have 6 professional MLM bloggers who will each be the voice of a different segment of Network Marketing.

    Expect tips, tricks and diverse knowledge coming your way from unique personalities who are masters in their specific MLM niche.

    Let’s just say we have everything covered from Network Marketing ethics, Social Media strategies, MLM blogging, MLM company reviews, PPC (pay per click) marketing all the way to tips exclusively for Network Marketing moms.

    So with that said, here is our elite MLM blogging line up from around the globe:

    John Counsel

    Location: Melbourne, Australia

    Direct sales professional, author, trainer and speaker since 1965 (including MLM since 1982)

    When people ask John what he does, his answer is “I teach”. Most assume that he means teaching in school or university. He’s done that in the past, but now he teaches people to be successful… and free.

    In John’s professional opinion, the best vehicle for helping “ordinary” people to achieve extraordinary success and freedom is network marketing. He says “Network marketing, when it’s done PROPERLY, is the most ethical, enlightened, efficacious, equitable and egalitarian way to do business of all – but ONLY when it’s done properly by people who are equally ethical, enlightened, efficacious and egalitarian.”

    He doesn’t just teach people HOW to be successful and free, however. That never lasts. The world changes, and so do the methods and media. He teaches the principles, values and standards that are the real reasons WHY they achieve lasting success and freedom. Including those five essential “e” words above.

    Then he teaches them why and how to teach others, so that the benefits flow and grow in all directions, helping more and more people enjoy lasting success and freedom.

    That’s John’s role and mission here at

    Learn to learn -Learn to teach – Teach to learn – Teach to teach.


    thatMLMbeat Profile: Connect with John Counsel

    John’s Forum: Chat, ask your questions and get educated in the MLM training forum

    Troy Dooly

    Location: Miramar Beach, Florida, USA

    Troy Dooly has been in the direct sales industry, specifically the MLM or Network marketing profession since he was 5 years old, he is known as a second generation MLM professional.

    Dooly is a highly sought after and respected MLM expert providing insight into the fundamentals it take to survive and succeed in Network Marketing as both a distributor and company owner.

    Currently, Dooly writes on one of the most visited blogs inside the Network Marketing arena.


    thatMLMbeat Profile: Connect with Troy Dooly

    Troy’s Forum: Chat, ask your questions and get educated in the MLM Companies forum

    Danielle Zack

    Location: Chicago, Illinois, USA

    Danielle Zack is a Network Marketing Blogger for MLM Moms and Families. She first entered the network marketing industry three years ago to stay at home with her two children.

    Danielle believes that “True Success Comes From New Growth Each Day”.

    Her goal is to help MLM Moms find the balance between successful entrepreneur and successful mother.


    thatMLMbeat Profile: Connect with Danielle Zack

    Danielle’s Forum: Chat, ask your questions and get educated in the MLM Moms forum

    Derek Alvarez

    Location: Tucson, Arizona, USA

    Derek Alvarez is an artist by birth, Internet Network Marketer by trade and the Network Marketing industry has forced him to overcome his previous bouts of shyness.

    Since Derek and his wife quit their “day jobs” a couple years ago, they have developed a web presence at, created their own funded proposal system to help their downline, and even started another business that helps local “Mom and Pops” market their business online.

    Derek and Monique originally started generating mass traffic to their site through Facebook and Social Media, but now Derek is at the point where he is ready to really “go for it” through paid traffic strategies such as Google Adwords and Facebook Ads. Derek sees himself as on a lifelong journey of discovery and is always willing to share the insights that come from being “in the trenches” everyday.

    And now, he is out to conquer the Google “Slaps” and Facebook Ads and share his experience doing so — you are welcome to come join him every week here at


    thatMLMbeat Profile: Connect with Derek Alavarez

    Derek’s Forum: Chat, ask your questions and get educated in the Pay Per Click Marketing forum

    Rose Mis

    Location: New York, USA

    Rose Mis is the Executive Blogging Chef of the “Attraction Marketing Training Kitchen”. She serves up a menu designed around the 5 Attraction Marketing Food Groups …

    Captivating Coolness, Passionate Persistence, High-Touch Communication, High-Value Content and Heart Based Entrepreneurship! Her recently released e-Book “Dead Blogs Don’t Lie” gives everyone the secret recipe to having a wildly popular, high traffic blog . She is honored and humbled at the opportunity to blog on thatMLMbeat about mindset and blogging.


    thatMLMbeat Profile: Connect with Rose Mis

    Rose’s Forum: Chat, ask your questions and get educated in the MLM Blogging forum

    Gavin Mountford

    Location: Kingswinford, United Kingdom

    Gavin really enjoys connecting with new people & turning them from strangers into friends. He lives in a small town near London in the UK with his wife Pippa and looks forward to starting a family in the very near future.

    In his free time, Gavin loves traveling, playing the guitar, listening to music, exercising, personal development and spending time with family & friends.

    One of Gavin’s true passion’s is learning how we, as people work. What makes us tick, and why do we do the things we do? Gavin’s been online for 5+ years & during that time he’s studied network marketing, Internet marketing, persuasion, influence & psychology and has been looking at ways to apply it to Facebook and the social networks.

    Gavin will be blogging on thatMLMbeat about how to use Facebook effectively to market yourself, build greater relationships, personal branding and making new friends to bring into your network marketing business.


    thatMLMbeat Profile: Connect with Gavin Mountford

    Gavin’s Forum: Chat, ask your questions and get educated in the Facebook Network Marketing forum

    Impressed? I sure hope so, but let’s get the content to do the talking!

    Really look forward to your comments and feedback on the blog posts as well as in the forums.

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    What do I mean?

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