Pure Leverage Introduces The Online Marketing Masters Workshop

Online Marketing Masters Workshop

These days, many people are turning to the Internet in search of ways to make additional income. Some are seeking freedom and complete financial independence, while others are interested more in a part-time income to help with expenses.

One thing is consistent. For those seeking an understanding of how to make money online, there is serious “information overload”. With so much conflicting advice out there, the average online income seeker can easily become confused and have no real idea what to do.

The “Online Marketing Masters Course” is designed to help cut through the jungle and clearly reveal the most important aspects of creating a successful online business income. The course instructors are experienced online marketers who understand what it takes to create a business from the ground up.

The course instructors include:

Joel Peterson
Jackie Ulmer
Mark Call
Russell Brunson
Joel Therien
Bill McIntosh
Michelle Pescosolido
Roger Dagenais
Adam Whiting
Daegan Smith
Bill Constain

The goal of the Online Marketing Masters Workshop is to lead students through the basics of online marketing.

  • Creating Content (content is what sells and attracts prospects to your opportunity or offer)
  • Capturing Leads (critical for success because it enables follow-up with prospects)
  • Having An Offer To Sell (the right offer can make the difference between failure and success)
  • Marketing To Your List And Generating Traffic (for ongoing income and a continuous stream of prospects)

These are the fundamental keys to successful online marketing. Regardless of your income goals, it’s important to have direction and understand what works in the online marketing world, and what doesn’t.

Pure Leverage has created the “Online Marketing Masters Workshop” as a virtual “university” to help those who desire to create an online income. The course strives to eliminate the fluff and focus on the most important aspects of building a sucessful business on the Internet.