Internet Network Marketing Recruiting – Is This The End Of The Road?

internet-network-marketing-recruitingIs it time to change course? Internet network marketing recruiting has become the norm for most new school network marketers.

Not sure on exact figure, but its safe to say (or is it?) that the majority of new network marketing recruits despise the fact of making a list of their friends and family and doing any type of marketing offline. This especially for us online addicts that live for online marketing strategies and avoid all one on one contact with our prospects.

Question is, are we leaving money on the table?

Mike Dillard of Magnetic Sponsoring fame dropped the bomb this week by announcing the complete unexpected. Mikes announcement stopped hundreds of internet network marketers dead in their tracks.

Mike Dillard, the master of attraction and internet network marketing, focuses on offline prospecting strategies for his network marketing business. This is a major paradigm shift for many.

In fact, a paradigm shift that will be responsible for a mind opening conscious awareness of untapped niche markets and somewhat forgotten marketing methods for some.

Mike explains that with the current state of the economy, there are more and more people streaming to the network marketing industry. Not just for extra vacation money anymore, but rather as a necessity to provide for their families and for pure survival.

There is the massive ‘baby boomer’ generation that is flocking to our industry and will be for the next coming years.

These are people with great communication and leadership skills that are not interested in creating a MLM Blog or learning how to market online.

They like their business to be done face to face, over the phone and preferably with handshakes.

It seems like common sense to have systems in place that cater for them instead of trying to enforce education of internet network marketing recruiting when they simply want to get out there and do business with the skills they already posses.

Mike confesses that this might not be his primary strength, but it is that of his long-time mentors, the one and only Todd Falcone.

Todd and Mike hosted a conference call on Thursday evening where Todd shared his secrets of ‘sponsoring up’ and restoring confidence and posture within yourself to grab the big fish from the big pond.

To clarify, that would be the choice of chasing after burger flippers vs going after real-estate agents in your local area. Not to discredit burger flippers of course, but it’s a job where income is dependent on hours worked and has no skills in common with the network marketing industry.

Real-estate agents on the other hand do what we do, they are just doing it somewhere else at this point in time.

Todd lives by this approach by not just teaching, but applying it in practice. Todd’s prospect list consists of real-estate agents as mentioned, retail business owners, mortgage brokers, sales professionals and baby boomers who have retirement funds to invest.

Within all that said, is internet network marketing recruiting dead? Of course not, but as professional all round marketers, should we ignore a huge growing market of potential MLM rockstars who are hungry for success?

So should we rephrase the question in the beginning to:

How much money are we leaving on the table?

MLM: Marriage Or Prostitution?

MLM Marriage Or ProstitutionThere are several conclusions that can be drawn from that strange headline and  possibly even offensive for some. If you are one of the latter, bare with me. This could get interesting.

Eric Worre recently did a four part must see video interview with Gary Vaynerchuck.

There are countless golden nuggets buried within this ‘say it like it is’ debate and we are going to elaborate on a few.

So back to the major question: Are you involved in a MLM Marriage or MLM Prostitution? Here is one definition that leads to many.

Gary talks about doing what you love and cashing in on your passion.

As a network marketing professional, are you serving your passion? Or are you strapped into the quick cash mentality? Do you really want to be a network marketer and serve a goal and purpose larger than a downline? Or are you simply doing it for the money.

Of course we all want to make money, but if money is the sole motivation, chances are that you might be accomplishing the opposite.

Let’s dig even deeper.

Gary also mentions that social media is one of the best things that’s happened to the network marketing industry.

While this is true, it’s debatable that it is also the worse.

“Good is going to win, bad is going to lose”, as Gary expressed.

Social media makes it extremely hard to hide and become successful at the same time. The network marketers that’s given the MLM industry a bad rap through scams and unethical business practices now get exposed through a few Tweets and blog posts.

So why is social media bad for network marketing? Spend some time on Twitter and Facebook and experience what the majority are up to: Automated one line pitches vs. Valuable content and authenticity. Or, MLM Marriage vs. MLM Prostitution.

So let’s think ‘Gary’ here for a minute:

If we should be following our passions, creating value while serving our industry and there is no more place to hide with social media network marketing, is it possible to survive as an avid MLM Jumper?

If building a rock solid network marketing business in the new world of social media is dependent on true authenticity and and building a respectable personal brand, can you still be taken seriously in the public eye by jumping from one opportunity to the next?

We are not talking about going through and ethical divorce, the sincere decision to change companies for personal or business reasons. But rather the juggling act of getting caught up in the moment of hype and grabbing every MLM opportunity that meets the eye.

What are your thoughts? (comment below)