Yoli Triple Diamond Distributor Carlos Aponte Jr. Moves To Carbon Copy Pro

Carlos Aponte Jr, 16-year network marketing professional who is known amongst his team as one of the first Triple Diamond distributors in Yoli, recently announced on a Youtube video that he will no longer be building his Yoli network marketing business.

He stated that although Yoli is an excellent company, they are moving in a direction that he chooses not to be a part of at this point in time.

Carlos gracefully thanked and praised his team in one of his “keeping it real videos’ for helping him achieve such a great accomplishment in such a short period of time. He confessed that none of it would have been possible without their dedication and hard work.

Aponte also backed out of the Yoli cruise although he had qualified for it.

After doing a quick Google search on Carlos, I came across this press release where Carlos announced his new venture with Carbon Copy Pro.

Carlos stated that “You put yourself in front of an audience of people who are or will soon be online entrepreneurs. People who are already looking for what you have to offer. You’re no longer prospecting but marketing – big difference.”

Carlos has built several MLM organizations that have generated millions in sales volume. His story was also featured in ‘Chicken Soup For The Network Marketers Soul.”

MLM Success Stories: Network Marketers Who Eliminate ALL Excuses – Part 1

Best MLM Compensation plans, company statistics, non me too products, best leadership, best teams are all great facts to promote your network marketing business.

However, NOTHING makes quite an emotional impact  like an inspiring, true MLM Success story.

Yes, we all enjoy a good (even bad) story which we can relate to. Stories are also the ultimate way to clarify any unanswered questions that anyone might have before joining your business.

What would you rather listen to: an explanation of statistics, product statistics and company history? Or a real MLM success story accomplished by a real person that you and I can relate to?

Enough said! 🙂

Well, I want to share with you a story like no other.

Here is one that will not only inspire you, but also eliminate all the excuses that might cross ones mind before taking action. Be sure to pass this one on.

Meet Dave Kotecki

Dave Kotecki runs his network marketing business successfully in an environment that is equal to most peoples worse nightmare.

Yes, a country no other than Afghanistan.

Besides being extremely dangerous and life threatening, Dave also deals with limited internet connectivity, small living quarters and limited time.

Yet, his business is growing rapidly day by day. Instead of using his circumstances as the perfect excuse, Dave rather focuses on doing what he can do when he can do it.

What more can I say other than watch the videos and checkout Dave’s Blog and connect with him on thatMLMbeat.

I hope that inspired you!

Do you have one or have someone in your team with an MLM Success story we should know about? Contact us so that we can share it to the Network Marketing world.

Now what was that excuse again? 🙂

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[Showcase] Great Member Blogs And How You Can Create The Same

Whether you use thatMLMbeat to simply syndicate your existing MLM Blog or if your primary blog is hosted here with us, either scenario is a representation of YOU and your personal brand.

Are your first impressions impressive or do they scare your potential business partners away?

Most importantly, is there something for your blog visitors to do once they have read your post or seen your video? Can they connect with you on Twitter or opt in to your mailing list?

Adding your blog to thatMLMbeat is a great easy way to build links, get more traffic and expand your readership to your personal blog, but what happens if they never get there?

If you post an article in a article directory, you have a resource box. If you create a Squidoo lens or a Hubpage, you might do the same or make sure that you have a link back to your Network Marketing blog or sales page.

We need to make sure that you do the same here on ‘the beat’.

So to help you along, I’ve put together a short case study of a few great member blogs who have added some really cool customization features which are really easy to do.

Remember, you only have to do it once.

There are more than 80 Free themes and a further 10 or 20 Premium themes with our PRO Membership.

Too many to choose from?

Sue Waters was kind enough to break them down into a easy to understand format to make it easy to choose which one will work best for you.

Go here to checkout the 100 blog themes review.

These should give you a few great ideas and inspiration.

Here are the featured member blogs:

John Counsel ==> http://johncounsel.thatmlmbeat.com

Melanie Milletics ==> http://melaniemilletics.thatmlmbeat.com/

Cassie Strom ==> http://cassiestrom.thatmlmbeat.com

Marc Menninger ==> http://healthnetworkmarketing.thatmlmbeat.com/

Dave Kotecki ==> http://davekotecki.thatmlmbeat.com

Emma Tiebens ==> http://therelationalmarketer.thatmlmbeat.com/

Then, as referred to as extreme in the video, is the Tribe Mastermind Formula blog.

The Tribe Mastermind Formula blog is a custom group blog for Kary Rogney, Eric Goldstein, Mike Feil and team members. The group / tribe blog allows multiple MLM Business partners or team members to contribute to one blog, share stories, host events for training and mastermind.

Better yet, you can attach your own public or private group and forum and import multiple tweets and RSS feeds to the blog for content syndication.

This is a custom feature that you will see a lot more of on thatMLMBeat in the next coming months.

If you would like to know more information about getting something similar setup for your team or business partners then get in touch with me.

Lastly, if you are in need of a great blog header for your personal or thatMLMbeat blog, order one from Attila. He will design it for free and you will only need to pay once or if you decide to keep it.

I have not met anyone to date that hasn’t been blown away by his attention grabbing graphics.

Questions are most welcome as always in the comment section. Cheers! 🙂

MLM Blogs: Pop Corn, Movies and Beating MLM Failure With A Stick

MLM Blog Tips To Beat MLM FailureDo you do what you love and love what you do? If not, you might need to explore the heart of your why, eliminate what’s not working, get focused and become outrageously contagious.

What do I mean?

Well, get out the pop corn and kick back for some inspiration and movie time.

Let’s get focused, Twitterific and ready to beat MLM failure with a stick!

Here’s whats hot on MLM Blogs ‘Brewing at the Beat’:

Taking two steps back
New to this whole home business and network marketing thing? Or simply looking for a new business to embrace?

Greg Martin layes the foundation with 7 Things You Should Know Before Starting Your Home Based Business.

At the movies…

Heading over to Palm Spring Studios, Emma Tiebens has been hard out work filming with Author, Mentor and ‘Infotainer’ Joel Bauer and Jorge Bueno discussing how to build a profitable pitch.

Do you love what you do? And do you hang out with people who love what they do?  Carlos Aponte expresses his love in the Real Network Marketing Scoop.

Have you ever heard the old adage that unless you know the “why” for doing a business of your own, then you probably won’t do the “how?” Jackie Ulmer digs deep into Getting to the Heart of Your Network Marketing why.

Are your marketing efforts contagious enough? Maybe you need to work on your greatness? Watch Cassie Strom discuss Greatness is Contagious.

Need the simplified ‘how to’ on Twitter with some great Twitter apps to help you Tweet your way to success? Amanda McClellan shows you how to become Twitterific.

MLM tips to beat MLM Failure

As network marketing entrepreneurs, we all face the constant challenge of staying focus and eliminating distractions. Rachel Henke shares 10 tips for staying focused with Online MLM.

Success is a process, be it in business or in life. Fredric Schwartz delivers 4 Key Points To Consider For Greater Success & Happiness.

Rose Mis is cooking up a storm in the attraction marketing kitchen and talks about why her job is you.

What is Christianity Learning From Network Marketing? Or, what is Network Marketing learning from Christianity?  Jhanna Dawson wrote about a  topic that few people dare to discuss regarding Christian Network Marketing.

Have you ever thought that it was interesting and amazing how we are very naturally and intuitively drawn to particular people, incidences and ideas? David Anderson wrote about a Candle Loses No Light By Lighting Another Flame.


Don’t forget to register and grab your own thatMLMbeat blog so that you can connect and join in the conversation with these great MLM bloggers.

Internet Network Marketing Recruiting – Is This The End Of The Road?

internet-network-marketing-recruitingIs it time to change course? Internet network marketing recruiting has become the norm for most new school network marketers.

Not sure on exact figure, but its safe to say (or is it?) that the majority of new network marketing recruits despise the fact of making a list of their friends and family and doing any type of marketing offline. This especially for us online addicts that live for online marketing strategies and avoid all one on one contact with our prospects.

Question is, are we leaving money on the table?

Mike Dillard of Magnetic Sponsoring fame dropped the bomb this week by announcing the complete unexpected. Mikes announcement stopped hundreds of internet network marketers dead in their tracks.

Mike Dillard, the master of attraction and internet network marketing, focuses on offline prospecting strategies for his network marketing business. This is a major paradigm shift for many.

In fact, a paradigm shift that will be responsible for a mind opening conscious awareness of untapped niche markets and somewhat forgotten marketing methods for some.

Mike explains that with the current state of the economy, there are more and more people streaming to the network marketing industry. Not just for extra vacation money anymore, but rather as a necessity to provide for their families and for pure survival.

There is the massive ‘baby boomer’ generation that is flocking to our industry and will be for the next coming years.

These are people with great communication and leadership skills that are not interested in creating a MLM Blog or learning how to market online.

They like their business to be done face to face, over the phone and preferably with handshakes.

It seems like common sense to have systems in place that cater for them instead of trying to enforce education of internet network marketing recruiting when they simply want to get out there and do business with the skills they already posses.

Mike confesses that this might not be his primary strength, but it is that of his long-time mentors, the one and only Todd Falcone.

Todd and Mike hosted a conference call on Thursday evening where Todd shared his secrets of ‘sponsoring up’ and restoring confidence and posture within yourself to grab the big fish from the big pond.

To clarify, that would be the choice of chasing after burger flippers vs going after real-estate agents in your local area. Not to discredit burger flippers of course, but it’s a job where income is dependent on hours worked and has no skills in common with the network marketing industry.

Real-estate agents on the other hand do what we do, they are just doing it somewhere else at this point in time.

Todd lives by this approach by not just teaching, but applying it in practice. Todd’s prospect list consists of real-estate agents as mentioned, retail business owners, mortgage brokers, sales professionals and baby boomers who have retirement funds to invest.

Within all that said, is internet network marketing recruiting dead? Of course not, but as professional all round marketers, should we ignore a huge growing market of potential MLM rockstars who are hungry for success?

So should we rephrase the question in the beginning to:

How much money are we leaving on the table?

MLM: Marriage Or Prostitution?

MLM Marriage Or ProstitutionThere are several conclusions that can be drawn from that strange headline and  possibly even offensive for some. If you are one of the latter, bare with me. This could get interesting.

Eric Worre recently did a four part must see video interview with Gary Vaynerchuck.

There are countless golden nuggets buried within this ‘say it like it is’ debate and we are going to elaborate on a few.

So back to the major question: Are you involved in a MLM Marriage or MLM Prostitution? Here is one definition that leads to many.

Gary talks about doing what you love and cashing in on your passion.

As a network marketing professional, are you serving your passion? Or are you strapped into the quick cash mentality? Do you really want to be a network marketer and serve a goal and purpose larger than a downline? Or are you simply doing it for the money.

Of course we all want to make money, but if money is the sole motivation, chances are that you might be accomplishing the opposite.

Let’s dig even deeper.

Gary also mentions that social media is one of the best things that’s happened to the network marketing industry.

While this is true, it’s debatable that it is also the worse.

“Good is going to win, bad is going to lose”, as Gary expressed.

Social media makes it extremely hard to hide and become successful at the same time. The network marketers that’s given the MLM industry a bad rap through scams and unethical business practices now get exposed through a few Tweets and blog posts.

So why is social media bad for network marketing? Spend some time on Twitter and Facebook and experience what the majority are up to: Automated one line pitches vs. Valuable content and authenticity. Or, MLM Marriage vs. MLM Prostitution.

So let’s think ‘Gary’ here for a minute:

If we should be following our passions, creating value while serving our industry and there is no more place to hide with social media network marketing, is it possible to survive as an avid MLM Jumper?

If building a rock solid network marketing business in the new world of social media is dependent on true authenticity and and building a respectable personal brand, can you still be taken seriously in the public eye by jumping from one opportunity to the next?

We are not talking about going through and ethical divorce, the sincere decision to change companies for personal or business reasons. But rather the juggling act of getting caught up in the moment of hype and grabbing every MLM opportunity that meets the eye.

What are your thoughts? (comment below)

MLM Blogs: The Biggest Loser, Belief Systems & WordPress Membership Sites

What does The Biggest Loser have to do with your Network Marketing Business? What can the cartoon brothers Phineas & Ferb teach you about belief systems and challenge what’s possible and impossible?  Has your WordPress blog been converted into a cash register yet and what has Google Docs done for you lately?

Find out in 5 Hot Network Marketing Blog posts syndicated across thatMLMbeat right now:

John Di Lemme

Are you the Biggest Loser? You need to be! John talks  about why you need to be The Biggest Loser when it comes to changing your associations with others.

Eric Goldstein

Have you put Google docs to any good use yet? Eric does a step by step video showing you how to use Google Docs to Create Your Own Surveys

Jhanna Dawson

Jhanna is stirring it up on the hot topic of belief systems. Checkout Belief Based Choices, Isn’t That Impossible? and Finding The Belief…

Kary Rogney

One of the hottest topics at last weeks Blog World Expo was about “building your community”. Or, as Seth Godin likes to call it, your tribe. Kary shows you how to monetize your MLM Blog in Create A WordPress Membership Site.

Angel Taylor

Angel discovered John Fogg’s all time classic The Greatest Networker and provides a free download link for those that haven’t read it. John was kind enough to add a link to the free audio download in the comments.

MLM Blogging: How to Be the ‘Cool Kid’ at the Party

MLM Cool KidBeing the ‘Cool Kid’ at the Social Media party is all about ‘being in position’. Unfortunately most MLM and internet marketers in general haven’t grasped this concept as yet.

While some inspiring network marketers are attracting as much as a 100 leads in a single day by providing true value, others are ruining the credibility of the industry (a.k.a. the party poopers) by practicing their one line closes to pitch their MLM business opportunity on Facebook and Twitter relentlessly.

This makes the industry look cheap and distributors desperate. Or as Randy Gage likes to call them, MLM Morons.

So how did social media turn into a MLM pitch festival?

Well, plenty of answers to that question raging from pure ignorance, bad marketing habits and honestly not knowing, but here is my guess:

Not enough clarity and guidance between the difference of social media and direct response marketing.

Back in the day, most marketers started out here:

Direct Response Marketing

MLM Direct Response Marketing

Direct response marketing is a fairly simple concept: You have a problem, here is the solution. You want it, here it is. You provide a solution to a problem and if I need it, I’ll buy it or join your business in our case as network marketers.

Pay per click (like Google Adwords) is the perfect example of this.

Now let’s look at the opposite scenario…

Social Media Marketing

MLM Social Media

With social media marketing, people simply want to socialize and ‘hang out’. Or, as Perry Belcher likes to call it, the party!

No one’s looking for solutions to any problems or looking to join any network marketing business. That’s what Google is for. People want to socialize and build relationships.

Perry’s training takes this to a new level and is a lot more in depth than this, but here is the basic concept:

Social Networking is the party to chitchat and get to know people, your blog is the barbecue at your house that furthers the conversation and develops the relationship.

From there, if the relationship is sound and the need exists, you might invite them to your office (sales letter or network marketing opportunity website) to discuss business.

When looking at Perry’s approach, it’s easy to see why so many network marketers become the party poopers!

Then again, Social Media is a new playing field and a huge temptation for any network marketer who is new to the online world to try and implement offline marketing strategies online, similar to direct response marketing.

So how do you make social media work for your MLM business?

It’s all about positioning.

Positioning and providing value through content that has an impact on peoples lives in some shape or form. To provide valuable content, you need a place which you can call home.

Not your page on Facebook or any other social site, but your own personal MLM Blog.

Your blog should become your central hub of communication, a place where people can find out more about you and what your values are. If you don’t have a blog yet, this video will show you how to get a free blog in 5 minutes flat!

Next step is to change your website links from your social networks. Instead of all the links on your social profile pointing to your replicated company website, have it point to your MLM blog.

Even better, to your about page or a page with a video welcoming them from that particular network.

What a great way to continue the conversation and build real relationships.

Build your central hub and be generous when sharing information about yourself. After all, your blog replaces your voice to build relationships for you when you are not present.