Blog Commenting – An Easy Way to Boost Your Online Presence and Credibility

How often do you visit different blogs in your niche and leave comments to posts you read there?

There are different viewpoints on the value of “blog commenting”. As a network marketer and home business builder, you might wonder whether taking time for this is really worth the effort.

A lot has been taught over time about the value of leaving blog comments. Most blogs allow you to leave a link to your own site when you make a comment. At one time, this was highly promoted as a way to increase your search engine rankings, because you could create literally dozens of links back to your site in a fairly short period of time. However, as usually happens when an easy way to boost search engine rankings is discovered and publicized, spammers showed up and ruin the party for everyone.

In the case of blog commenting, different types of automated software came on the market which made it easy to leave lots of worthless comments with a link back to a target site – all automated. Google, and smart bloggers, caught on and took steps to stop the abuse. Google devalued the importance of these links, and bloggers started to change their settings so that (at a minimum) comments from first time contributors had to be reviewed and approved before going live.

In today’s online environment, spending time leaving blog comments isn’t really worthwhile for purposes of increasing search engine ranking for selected keywords. How often have you seen comments, with the author’s name (this is the text of the link) being “MLM Guru”, “Make Money From Home”, or something similar? When you see that, you know in most cases that the commenter is shooting for better ranking in Google for that keyword or phrase. It used to work really well, but no longer.

So, is there still value in commenting on other peoples’ blogs? Yes!

The idea now, though, is to boost your online social presence and create credibility. If you’re using social media to build your personal brand and develop relationships, and you should, blog commenting is one simple part of an overall social media strategy that you can use.

Here are a few tips for making blog commenting work for you.

  • Look for network marketers and other entrepreneurs who are active in social media – visit their blogs and bookmark those you like for commenting later.
  • Visit popular blogs focused on success, motivation, and mindset – these will be frequented by home business builders and possibility thinkers just like you.
  • Don’t worry about software that promises to find blogs that allow “do follow” links – this is a throwback to the days when commenting was all about getting backlinks to your own site, and that isn’t the best strategy now.
  • Remember that your focus is on adding value to the post – short comments like “great post, I’ll be back soon” are obviously there to get a link back to something. Many blog owners won’t even let these go public. Focus on making intelligent comments that show you really read the post and got value from it.
  • Intelligent comments with substance encourage blog visitors to click the link back to your site – and this is your ultimate goal. Make a good impression, get that click.
  • Use your real name, not a keyword or phrase, unless you are building your brand around something other than your name.
  • Get a gravatar so that your picture will appear next to your comments, instead of a generic graphic.

Finally, make blog commenting a part of your overall social strategy, but don’t put a high percentage of your available time into it. The key is getting exposure as many different ways as you can. People might see you active on Facebook, then visit your blog, read an article you published somewhere, then later see your comments and picture on other peoples’ blogs. It all adds up and creates the “YOU” brand that separates you from the crowd.

About the Author

Eldon Beard is a network marketing and home business coach who enjoys helping others achieve the lifestyle that they truly want. Visit his blog at and discover a balanced and professional approach to network marketing and home business success.

MLM Blogging – Metrics and Management, The M & M’s of Your Blog’s Effectiveness (Part One)

Eddie Van Halen’s Brown M & M story illustrates the importance of having and using systems and tools that allow you to know if there are potential problems looming on the horizon. Once something has been identified as a potential hazard, it usually is fairly simple to evaluate the supporting data and create an effective plan of corrective action.

When it comes to analyzing your MLM blog’s effectiveness, every network marketer should be using analytics of some sort.

I personally use Google Analytics. Google Analytics provides you with information about how people found your site, how they explored it, and how you can enhance their visitor experience. With this information, you can improve your blog’s return on investment, increase options and conversions, and make more money marketing on the internet.

WordPress has a wonderful plugin, Google Analyticator, that allows you to easily add Google Analytics tracking support to a WordPress-powered blog. It supports all of the tracking mechanisms that Google Analytics supports:

  • external link tracking
  • download tracking
  • advanced user generated tracking mechanisms
  • and a whole lot more

Google Analyticator works with most of the popular themes out there as long as those themes provide the proper plugin support.

Google Analytics Simplified

The first time I was told it would be very helpful to use Google Analytics on my blog, I got a migraine. (Pro Chef turned network marketer turned MLM blogger and now this too … Good Lord … does it really have to be this complicated ? Can you tell that I am techno ditz? ;-)) Turns out that once I got used to the tool, I fell in love with it. The amount of information that I can garner from the reports is really surprising and VERY helpful.

In the beginning though, I made it really simple for myself by focusing on only one specific thing to track and measure. I also included this analysis as part of my weekly method of operation.  I always reviewed the information with the following questions in mind:

  • What relevant conclusions can I draw from this information?
  • What can I do to improve these results?
  • How can this information help me serve my readers better and increase the number of readers to my blog?

Google Analytics Defined

Google Analytics is a free service provided by Google that gives you reports on your website traffic. This tool allows you to see what visitors are doing on while they are on your blog, which pages are most popular, how long people stay on your blog, where your visitors are coming from and a whole lot more.

Setting Up Google Analytics

This really is a very simple procedure. Go to the Google Analytics page and follow the very easy sign up process that has been laid out. If you already have a Gmail account (or another type of account with Google, AdWords for instance) you can skip this step.

Once you’re registered, you will be given a snippet of Javascript code that you insert into the html of your blog. Google Analytics uses this code to collect information about visitors and track data, such as where site visitors come from, what they do, and whether they complete any conversion goals.

Using the Google Analyticator plug in makes this super simple to do and allows you to see your statistics information from within your WordPress dashboard.

  • Simply set up your Analytics account with Google.
  • Go back to your WordPress blog, install and activate the Google Analyticator plugin from within your dashboard, click the link to authenticate the plugin with your analytics account.
  • When you do that, you will be taken to another page that asks you to “grant access”, click grant access, and you will be returned to the same page.
  • Then you will need to enable your Google Analytics logging at the top of the page
  • Select your site name from the drop down menu

And you are DONE !! (No Advil required :-))

Here’s What Your Dashboard Will Look Like Every Time You Login From Now On

Since I only covered how I get the METRICS for my blog in this post, I will show you how I use this information, the MEASUREMENTS, to help improve my blog’s performance next week.

Hope that you received some real value from this post! Be sure to leave some comments. And take a minute to share it with YOUR Tribe!!

About The Author –
Rose Mis is the author of “Dead Blogs Don’t Lie ~ 7 Secrets To A Wildly Popular High Traffic Blog”. I am also the Executive Chef (aka Chief Cook and Bottle Washer ;-)) of the Attraction Marketing Training Kitchen. You are invited to stop by the Kitchen anytime you have any questions about blogging and marketing YOU with your blog !

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2013 Facebook Friends, 22,439 Twitter Followers… So Now What? [Weird Ending]

Social Tribes

[SIDENOTE: The coolest, yet strangest thing just happened minutes before completing this post as you will experience shortly]

Do we subconsciously place some sort of authority rank or superior value on the amount Facebook friends or Twitter followers that someone has?

At first we might all unanimously say ‘no!’, but is that really true?

When you connect with someone on Facebook or find someone on Twitter with a inactive time line, is there a little voice uttering to you that you are speaking to someone with little or no experience in there niche?

Maybe so. Or maybe you are in the same boat and just starting out with Social Media and none of it really matters.

Whether we like it or not, numbers have some sort of status (excuse the pun) attached to it. But as the rest of this story reveals, the numbers myth might just be a lie we all choose to believe.

I got on a Skype call with Malika Duke from for a ‘quick’ chat to answer a few questions about her profile here on thatMLMbeat.

The intended 2 minute conversation turned into an awesome hour after Malika shared this story of one of her coaching clients.

Her clients concern was that although she had thousands of Twitter followers, she battled to connect with anyone of them or further any conversations.

Does that sound familiar? If so, what’s the real point in having all these followers then?

I’m confident that we can all plead guilty for clicking away and excepting friend requests like there’s no tomorrow to simply ‘get it done’ and out of the way.

But how many of those friends did we actually connect with? Just adding a simple welcome note or starting a conversation?

Social media has definitely changed the game of internet and network marketing altogether, but maybe we are still approaching web 2.0 with a web 1.0 mindset?

Let me explain…

Web 1.0 was all about great sales letters, one way conversations and automation. The less interaction you could get away with and automate everything, the better.

So now we play a slightly different game. While all the sales letters and automation still serve our businesses tremendously, it’s the connection which takes place before hand that really counts.

Your sales message only has as much value as the relationship you managed to establish before hand.

The old saying of “People only do business with people they know, like and trust” carry more weight in the social hemisphere than ever before.

So before concluding the outcome of Malika’s coaching client and without trying to preach to the choir, here are a few solutions we discussed that will really help you connect with your Facebook friends and Twitter followers:

1. Get personal

Do something that is un-automated. Type a personal message in a friend request, write on someones wall (Facebook), compliment on something you found on their social profile or try and establish some form of ‘common ground’.

Is there something in particular that this person is involved in that resonates with you? It could be as simple as having kids, coming from the same area or an interest in the same business niche. Use that as the conversation starter show that you are human.

2. End conversations with a question

If you want to build a relationship via direct messages, it’s important to keep the conversations going. If you simply answer the message and not proceed with a question, the conversation simply dies.

3. Do something different

Sometimes you get a direct message that has the feeling of being transcribed or rehearsed. People want to get to know the real you. The easiest way to be different and make an impression is just to be yourself. We are all different and unique human beings, let that resonate through the world of social media.

4. Go live!

Yes, connect! If no one has magically scrolled over to your network marketing opportunity link and joined your business yet, then go live!

If you have the opportunity to pick up the phone, get on a Skype call, have a video chat, then do it! There is nothing better than speaking to anyone face to face and with modern technology no one has an excuse not to. The quickest route to building your MLM business is by having a live conversation.

To conclude our story…

With the guidance of Malika, her coaching client based in Australia got back to her with major excitement for making her first personal connection. They got on Skype, found common ground and have partnered in business.

[Extended] Now here is the strange part…

I have never officially spoken to Malika until our Skype conversation a few days ago. We have only spoken on Twitter and Facebook, but we spoke naturally for an hour like we have known each other for many years.

By the way we connected through the power of social media, we already had common ground before we had a live conversation.

Now I live in Perth, Australia and Malika is based in Keller, Texas.

When I reread this post, I couldn’t help noticing that it seemed incomplete without mentioning who Malika’s coaching client was.

I got back on Skype to ask Malika who the Mystery lady was.

Malika replied saying:

[10:33:49 AM] Malika Duke: I hear you are talking to my friend and client CaptainLiz!

Say what?

Liz Hindley a.k.a. Captain Liz was living in Perth about 6 months ago when I met her through a business associate. She has now moved over east, but we managed to re connect about a month ago through social media.

So here I am, talking to Malika for the first time in the United States, several thousand miles away, discussing a topic related to one of her coaching clients Liz who we both know but unknowingly.

Wow, what a strange MLM / Social Media world we live in?

Liz is a pilot so when your business reaches the heights you are after, you now have a pilot connection to take you anywhere!

Be sure to checkout her MLM blog for some awesome authentic tips and great video footage pilot style!

[Disclaimer: The amount of Twitter followers and Facebook friends mentioned in the title is not in reference to anyone in this post! 🙂 ]

How To Create Dozens Of Blogs For Your MLM Team Or Niche Domination In Seconds

Setting up and managing blogs can be quite frustrating at times.

I am personally guilty of spending way too much time on technicalities of plugins, themes, layout and widgets that don’t contribute to marketing, which should be any top internet and network marketing professionals primary focus.

Furthermore, I’ve seen it happen time again how it brings an entire MLM Team to standstill. They get stuck into figuring out how to blog and social media technicalities instead of getting content up, taking action and building relationships with new prospects.

Now imagine your duplication if everyone in your MLM team is spending time on the how to’s instead of getting into action? That can be as productive as driving with you hand break on!

Be sure to read this post by Diane Hochman for a clear reality check.

That brings us to the first of many classic benefits our PRO Membership offers with our Blog And User Creator tool.

Let’s cover 2 scenarios:

Scenario 1 – MLM Team Blogs

You have 5, 10, 20, even a 100 or more team members that need to start writing articles, doing video blogging and developing content. Instead of spending endless hours getting your team setup with their personal blogs, why not create dozens of blog within seconds and take your team straight into action?

They can still use their own domain name for personal branding and customize their MLM blog with their own blog header. Not much different to owning your own personal blog.

If they need a blog header, our graphics designer will design one for free and you only have to pay if you like it and want to keep it.

Scenario 2 – Keyword and Niche Domination

Using web 2.0 properties for link building and piggy backing off their domain strength is a crucial step in offsite SEO.

{If you are not familiar with the term Offsite SEO, it mainly refers to building backlinks from other valuable and related web sites. Onsite SEO is the optimization that you do on your blog or website.}

The perfect way to increase your ranking in the search engines is to setup remote blogs, a.k.a. satellite sites, on web 2.0 sites like Squidoo, Xanga, hosted WordPress and of course thatMLMbeat! 😉

You then link back with anchor text, like I’m about to do in the next sentence, to the actual post that you want to rank for.

You can read more about this strategy in Front Page On Google In Less Than 18 Hours.

How would you do this on thatMLMbeat?

Well, setup a few remote blogs for keyword targeting and add various 400 – 600 word articles on them!

There is no limit to the amount of blogs you can create, but please use this tool responsibly.

We do not allow cybersquatting (registering domain names for the purpose of holding keywords and not adding any content to the actual blog) and spam MLM blogs get deleted.

No MLM Company names are allowed either.

Other than that… Go Wild!!!

The possibilities of this tool are endless.

If you find any a different use for this tool that you would like to share, please do so in the comments below.

Happy multiple blogging!

How To Protect Your thatMLMbeat Blog With Your Own Domain Name

Using your own domain name on your social network profiles and various web 2.0 properties are more important than one might think.

Let’s take the most recent ‘Youtube Slap’ for an example, how many internet and network marketing professionals lost all their content and friends instantly when Youtube decided to terminate their accounts?

Losing all your content is painstaking enough, but what about all the links that you placed all over the web pointing to that profile? Where does all that traffic go? Definitely not coming back your way!

Now unless your intention was to spam (we normally spot those accounts before or by their first blog post anyway), we are not planning on banning any accounts or terminating any MLM Blogs.

Point still remains, you need to control your own domain names as far as humanly possible to avoid being at the mercy of any social site or to redirect your traffic to different sites when need be.

This is why you will see many marketers promote their Facebook and Twitter profiles with subdomains or their own domain names such as or

That way if any of the social sites give you the red flag, you can simply direct the traffic back to a new social site of your choice.

That’s all good for social profiles, but what about satellite sites? (a.k.a remote blogs on web 2.0 properties)

This is where thatMLMbeat PRO Members take advantage of our domain mapping feature.

If you are blogging on thatMLMbeat and you would like to use your own domain name like instead of, then this video is for you.

When you use your own domain name, your blog on thatMLMbeat acts as a complete personal blog, but you still benefit from your blog posts being fed to the front page… nice!

In a hurry? Do this:

1. Log in to your thatMLMbeat backoffice

2. Scroll down to the  Tools Menu and click on Domain Mapping (if this is not visible, you will need to upgrade to PRO)

3. Add your domain name

4. Go to where you purchased the domain or your domain host and add a DNS “A” record pointing at the IP address of this server (IP Address provided in the backoffice. Doesn’t make sense? Watch the video!)

5. Email me your domain name so that I can ‘park’ it on our server.

Although we park it on our server, your domain is still YOUR domain name. If you decide to use it for something else later, just contact us and we will ‘unpark’ it for you.

If you have any questions or get stuck, please ask in the comments section below.

New FTC Requirements: Do This If You Cant Be Bothered With The Warnings

FTC Requirements and FTC WarningsFTC Requirements

Tuesday, 1 December 2009, is the Day that the FTC declared as the deadline for all bloggers and online marketing entrepreneurs to make sure that their sites and testimonials are FTC Compliant.

Whether they are going to be as ruthless with their fines and action as they claim they would be, no one really knows.

What we do know is that ignorance is no excuse for not obeying the law.

This is a game that no serious and legitimate online internet and network marketer (especially) want to be gambling with.

It’s definitely no joke and if you are in business for the longhaul, and who wouldn’t be, it’s worth making double sure that the FTC is not going come knocking on your door.

Big names in internet marketing such as Stephen Pierce and Frank Kern have paid tens of thousands of dollars for not being FTC compliant and unfortunately as cliché as that might sound, anyone of us could be next.

Personally I have to admit that there is something about legalities and setting up documents that makes me naturally procrastinate.

But, unfortunately this is not something that can be disregarded. And if you are not based in the United States like myself, don’t think that this won’t affect you!

About 18 months ago when I started my first MLM blog, my mentor recommended that I add all legal pages to my blog.

A side note: Apparently Google checks that your site has a ‘privacy policy’, ‘terms of use’ and other legal documents in place as part of their quality score.

I purchased a small software application by Len Thurmond which completes all your legal documents literally in seconds. All you have to do is complete your name, address, date, etc and the rest is done.

Now, this software is quite old and generally when you have purchased anything as long as 18 months ago, it’s time to make a new purchase.

I was pleasantly surprised when I opened the software program a few days ago to redo my legal docs and saw that ALL the latest FTC compliant documents are ready and good to go!

In under 5 minutes all my FTC legal docs were taken care of and I didn’t need to pay for any upgrades which was a plus.

Does this mean that the FTC will never investigate my online business? Of course not. But I do feel comfortable with the fact that I have covered all legal aspects to the best of my ability.

And to Len’s knowledge, for the last 7 years, no one who uses his software has ever been indicted by the FTC.

It is very seldom that I recommend any product directly from this blog, but seeing that being FTC compliant can make the difference of being in business or not at all, I would not do any of my readers any justice in keeping this to myself.

If you have double checked that your blog and testimonials are FTC Compliant and that your business isn’t under any threat, then this won’t be worth it for you.

On the other hand, if you have left this to the last minute like I did and need to make sure that all your online properties are FTC compliant, then this undoubtedly worth every penny.

You can get Len Thurmonds AutoWebLaw Pro here.

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How To Setup Your Own Social Tribe With A WordPress Forum

Whether you are forming a mastermind group or teaming up with fellow internet and network marketing professionals for free content syndication, creating a social tribe is the way to go.

Not to mention creating social proof on your MLM Blog and hundreds of other great reasons. Your blog is the first place to establish your following for social proof, but what if you need to create something a little more private?

You might need to share information that you prefer to not display publicly as well as have conversations and share links behind closed doors.

That’s where forming a social tribe (a.k.a groups) on thatMLMbeat does the trick. Now don’t let the term ‘groups’ relate to what you might be familiar with on Facebook.

You have the choice to:

  • Display your group publicly on the site wide activity feed, hide it completely or set it up for invitation only
  • Attach a wordpress forum for interaction and conversations (privacy settings above apply to this as well) and subscribe to different conversations
  • Add external blog feeds to your group. A great way to keep track of new blog posts within your social tribe
  • Setup different moderators and administrators for your social tribe
  • Create a group blog where everyone in the social tribe can contribute content
  • Setup meeting times and events with the group calendar for when you need to meet
  • Email the entire group to remind them about events and meetings
  • and lots more

Soon to be added

We are working on a live chat feature that will enable you to have a live chat with your entire social tribe.

The video explains everything in detail. If you are in a hurry, simply login, go to your profile, click on the groups tab on the left and then on ‘create a group’ on the right.

At least the group founder will need to be a thatMLMbeat PRO member to setup the social tribe.

If you need any assistance or run into any problems, head over to The Lounge and ask away!

Out With The Old, In With The New [Plus a Special Invitation]

Old vs New

Wow, a whole week since my last post, but you will soon see why. Let’s just say it’s the calm before the storm!

Unless this is your first time here, you might have realized a new look and feel on thatMLMbeat. So I have to ask: How do you feel about the new look? Do you like it? Or do you prefer the old design and layout?

Personally I am still slightly attached to the old theme and it’s functionalities, but not the technicalities and endless customization that came with it.

Being a custom theme that wasn’t built for the social platform we are using, it’s been like trying to convert a four wheel drive into a grand prix racing car. Both are good for what they were built for, but not so for the opposite.

So here is our new theme chosen with two thoughts in mind; easy navigation and growth.

The old look was getting a little busy and with more and more [tag-tec network marketing]network marketers[/tag-tec] joining our inspiring community, the layout needs to accommodate the visibility of more blogs without the site looking too cluttered.

You will see that we changed to a 3 column layout so that we can display both the sitewide activity and the recent site wide posts close to the top.

The layout is also much wider to accommodate a soon to be up and running forum and additional social tribe and community building tools amongst a few things.

If you do run into any technicalities along the way, I would really appreciate your feedback. Please contact me if you happen to discover a bug or have any suggestions on how we can improve this site.

What’s happening this week?
Expect to see plenty of video tutorials in this weeks posts as it’s something that I’ve needed to complete for sometime, but been holding back to make sure that most of the technicalities have been taken care of.

There are so many great tools within thatMLMbeat that you can use to compliment your personal brand and it’s important that you are aware of the full potential. Now would be the time to position yourself within this community as we are getting ready to turn up the volume!

We should be back into our regular posting schedule by early December.

After the fine tune of our membership and offer is complete, lookout for video updates on our affiliate program which will be launching soon.

But really, the words ‘affiliate program’ are honestly to bland for what we have in store with this, and I’m not even kidding. Just doing the final tests so don’t want to let the cat out of the bag just yet. Let’s just say that you can attach your affiliate code to your profile or ANY post on or ANY post on ANY MLM blog on!

That’s a mouthful I know, you might have to read it again. The idea is to make sure that you get rewarded for doing your everyday social activities of sharing content and linking to blogs. Nice, but more on that later!

A Special Invitation
Would you like to increase your name recognition and have your content featured on thatMLMbeat? We are opening the gates for guest writers and anyone who can contribute value to the community. If you would like to blog for us as a guest writer or even on a regular basis, now would be the perfect to get in touch with me and to take advantage of what this site has to offer.

(technorati claim: KCHPJM6V3BAR please ignore this line!:)

thatMLMbeat will be launching an exciting show like no other real soon that will turn many heads (in a good way). This will shift my focus from regular blog updates, so would like to rely more on the community to maintain the content flow of industry news and promoting the MLM bloggers on thatMLMbeat. If the above sounds like something you want to know more about, get in touch with me and we can schedule a time to chat. Have a rocking prosperous week!

MLM Blogs: Pop Corn, Movies and Beating MLM Failure With A Stick

MLM Blog Tips To Beat MLM FailureDo you do what you love and love what you do? If not, you might need to explore the heart of your why, eliminate what’s not working, get focused and become outrageously contagious.

What do I mean?

Well, get out the pop corn and kick back for some inspiration and movie time.

Let’s get focused, Twitterific and ready to beat MLM failure with a stick!

Here’s whats hot on MLM Blogs ‘Brewing at the Beat’:

Taking two steps back
New to this whole home business and network marketing thing? Or simply looking for a new business to embrace?

Greg Martin layes the foundation with 7 Things You Should Know Before Starting Your Home Based Business.

At the movies…

Heading over to Palm Spring Studios, Emma Tiebens has been hard out work filming with Author, Mentor and ‘Infotainer’ Joel Bauer and Jorge Bueno discussing how to build a profitable pitch.

Do you love what you do? And do you hang out with people who love what they do?  Carlos Aponte expresses his love in the Real Network Marketing Scoop.

Have you ever heard the old adage that unless you know the “why” for doing a business of your own, then you probably won’t do the “how?” Jackie Ulmer digs deep into Getting to the Heart of Your Network Marketing why.

Are your marketing efforts contagious enough? Maybe you need to work on your greatness? Watch Cassie Strom discuss Greatness is Contagious.

Need the simplified ‘how to’ on Twitter with some great Twitter apps to help you Tweet your way to success? Amanda McClellan shows you how to become Twitterific.

MLM tips to beat MLM Failure

As network marketing entrepreneurs, we all face the constant challenge of staying focus and eliminating distractions. Rachel Henke shares 10 tips for staying focused with Online MLM.

Success is a process, be it in business or in life. Fredric Schwartz delivers 4 Key Points To Consider For Greater Success & Happiness.

Rose Mis is cooking up a storm in the attraction marketing kitchen and talks about why her job is you.

What is Christianity Learning From Network Marketing? Or, what is Network Marketing learning from Christianity?  Jhanna Dawson wrote about a  topic that few people dare to discuss regarding Christian Network Marketing.

Have you ever thought that it was interesting and amazing how we are very naturally and intuitively drawn to particular people, incidences and ideas? David Anderson wrote about a Candle Loses No Light By Lighting Another Flame.


Don’t forget to register and grab your own thatMLMbeat blog so that you can connect and join in the conversation with these great MLM bloggers.

MLM Blogging: How to Be the ‘Cool Kid’ at the Party

MLM Cool KidBeing the ‘Cool Kid’ at the Social Media party is all about ‘being in position’. Unfortunately most MLM and internet marketers in general haven’t grasped this concept as yet.

While some inspiring network marketers are attracting as much as a 100 leads in a single day by providing true value, others are ruining the credibility of the industry (a.k.a. the party poopers) by practicing their one line closes to pitch their MLM business opportunity on Facebook and Twitter relentlessly.

This makes the industry look cheap and distributors desperate. Or as Randy Gage likes to call them, MLM Morons.

So how did social media turn into a MLM pitch festival?

Well, plenty of answers to that question raging from pure ignorance, bad marketing habits and honestly not knowing, but here is my guess:

Not enough clarity and guidance between the difference of social media and direct response marketing.

Back in the day, most marketers started out here:

Direct Response Marketing

MLM Direct Response Marketing

Direct response marketing is a fairly simple concept: You have a problem, here is the solution. You want it, here it is. You provide a solution to a problem and if I need it, I’ll buy it or join your business in our case as network marketers.

Pay per click (like Google Adwords) is the perfect example of this.

Now let’s look at the opposite scenario…

Social Media Marketing

MLM Social Media

With social media marketing, people simply want to socialize and ‘hang out’. Or, as Perry Belcher likes to call it, the party!

No one’s looking for solutions to any problems or looking to join any network marketing business. That’s what Google is for. People want to socialize and build relationships.

Perry’s training takes this to a new level and is a lot more in depth than this, but here is the basic concept:

Social Networking is the party to chitchat and get to know people, your blog is the barbecue at your house that furthers the conversation and develops the relationship.

From there, if the relationship is sound and the need exists, you might invite them to your office (sales letter or network marketing opportunity website) to discuss business.

When looking at Perry’s approach, it’s easy to see why so many network marketers become the party poopers!

Then again, Social Media is a new playing field and a huge temptation for any network marketer who is new to the online world to try and implement offline marketing strategies online, similar to direct response marketing.

So how do you make social media work for your MLM business?

It’s all about positioning.

Positioning and providing value through content that has an impact on peoples lives in some shape or form. To provide valuable content, you need a place which you can call home.

Not your page on Facebook or any other social site, but your own personal MLM Blog.

Your blog should become your central hub of communication, a place where people can find out more about you and what your values are. If you don’t have a blog yet, this video will show you how to get a free blog in 5 minutes flat!

Next step is to change your website links from your social networks. Instead of all the links on your social profile pointing to your replicated company website, have it point to your MLM blog.

Even better, to your about page or a page with a video welcoming them from that particular network.

What a great way to continue the conversation and build real relationships.

Build your central hub and be generous when sharing information about yourself. After all, your blog replaces your voice to build relationships for you when you are not present.