How To Protect Your thatMLMbeat Blog With Your Own Domain Name

Using your own domain name on your social network profiles and various web 2.0 properties are more important than one might think.

Let’s take the most recent ‘Youtube Slap’ for an example, how many internet and network marketing professionals lost all their content and friends instantly when Youtube decided to terminate their accounts?

Losing all your content is painstaking enough, but what about all the links that you placed all over the web pointing to that profile? Where does all that traffic go? Definitely not coming back your way!

Now unless your intention was to spam (we normally spot those accounts before or by their first blog post anyway), we are not planning on banning any accounts or terminating any MLM Blogs.

Point still remains, you need to control your own domain names as far as humanly possible to avoid being at the mercy of any social site or to redirect your traffic to different sites when need be.

This is why you will see many marketers promote their Facebook and Twitter profiles with subdomains or their own domain names such as or

That way if any of the social sites give you the red flag, you can simply direct the traffic back to a new social site of your choice.

That’s all good for social profiles, but what about satellite sites? (a.k.a remote blogs on web 2.0 properties)

This is where thatMLMbeat PRO Members take advantage of our domain mapping feature.

If you are blogging on thatMLMbeat and you would like to use your own domain name like instead of, then this video is for you.

When you use your own domain name, your blog on thatMLMbeat acts as a complete personal blog, but you still benefit from your blog posts being fed to the front page… nice!

In a hurry? Do this:

1. Log in to your thatMLMbeat backoffice

2. Scroll down to the  Tools Menu and click on Domain Mapping (if this is not visible, you will need to upgrade to PRO)

3. Add your domain name

4. Go to where you purchased the domain or your domain host and add a DNS “A” record pointing at the IP address of this server (IP Address provided in the backoffice. Doesn’t make sense? Watch the video!)

5. Email me your domain name so that I can ‘park’ it on our server.

Although we park it on our server, your domain is still YOUR domain name. If you decide to use it for something else later, just contact us and we will ‘unpark’ it for you.

If you have any questions or get stuck, please ask in the comments section below.

How To Setup Your Own Social Tribe With A WordPress Forum

Whether you are forming a mastermind group or teaming up with fellow internet and network marketing professionals for free content syndication, creating a social tribe is the way to go.

Not to mention creating social proof on your MLM Blog and hundreds of other great reasons. Your blog is the first place to establish your following for social proof, but what if you need to create something a little more private?

You might need to share information that you prefer to not display publicly as well as have conversations and share links behind closed doors.

That’s where forming a social tribe (a.k.a groups) on thatMLMbeat does the trick. Now don’t let the term ‘groups’ relate to what you might be familiar with on Facebook.

You have the choice to:

  • Display your group publicly on the site wide activity feed, hide it completely or set it up for invitation only
  • Attach a wordpress forum for interaction and conversations (privacy settings above apply to this as well) and subscribe to different conversations
  • Add external blog feeds to your group. A great way to keep track of new blog posts within your social tribe
  • Setup different moderators and administrators for your social tribe
  • Create a group blog where everyone in the social tribe can contribute content
  • Setup meeting times and events with the group calendar for when you need to meet
  • Email the entire group to remind them about events and meetings
  • and lots more

Soon to be added

We are working on a live chat feature that will enable you to have a live chat with your entire social tribe.

The video explains everything in detail. If you are in a hurry, simply login, go to your profile, click on the groups tab on the left and then on ‘create a group’ on the right.

At least the group founder will need to be a thatMLMbeat PRO member to setup the social tribe.

If you need any assistance or run into any problems, head over to The Lounge and ask away!