Jackie Ulmer – From Traditional Network Marketing to Enrolling 1200+ People Online [MLM Interview]

Jackie Ulmer

Jackie Ulmer has truly mastered the art of connecting with people online. And yes, connecting with people is one thing, but making sure that it leads to business is another.

Let’s just let the numbers do the talking: Enrolling more than 1200 people through social media and personal relationships says it all!

In this MLM interview Jackie mentions how traditional network marketing helped her develop strong communication skills that might not have been that easy to develop online.

And having those skill sets as a foundation has played a major role in Jackie Ulmer’s Online Network Marketing Success.

Your best bet? Watch this interview now!

Once you’ve watched this, I’m 100% certain that you’ll be inspired to learn more from Jackie.

My friend Jerry Chen (who declared this week as ‘The Jackie Ulmer Week’!) did an extensive LIVE interview with Jackie over at BuildAMagneticNetwork.com

SO…in celebration of Jackie Ulmer week then :), Scott Manesis and Rose Mis also interviewed Jackie which you can listen to on BlogTalkRadio.

WARNING: All content is not created equal! OK, that might sound a little confusing, so let me rephrase… Just because these interviews are free, doesn’t mean that they represent the same value compared to ‘just another blog post’.

Jackie didn’t hold back on any of these interviews and the tips and information that she generously shared could easily be charged hundreds of dollars for. And, most importantly, could be worth thousands of dollars to your business.

Take notes and listen with all ears! 🙂

Is there anything in particular that added value to your from these interviews?

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PS: You can connect with Jackie on her MLM blog and thatMLMbeat profile.

MLM Blog Secrets – Interview With Ty Tribble About Blogging For Prospects – Part 2

Following up on Part 1 of the interview with Ty Tribble about Blogging for prospects, Ty continues to share more information about MLM Blogging.

There has been a lot of buzz happening around Facebook and Twitter about the actual launch of MLM Blog Secrets.

And for a very good reason of course!

It’s only really in the last few years that MLM Blogging has gone (almost) mainstream. A blog is slowly becoming the one sacred piece of online property that every network marketer needs to build their personal brand and a thriving network marketing business.

One thing that stood out for me while talking to Ty was the importance of having a blog as your central hub. Yes, it’s talked about often, but it’s the only piece of property that you get to control online.

There has been so many Google / Youtube and Facebook slaps and they will continue to grow while marketers push boundaries of what’s possible on these social sites.

Scary fact is that all these sites are really ‘rental properties’, and you landlord can kick you out whenever he / she feels like it.

Same as with your replicated company website, who knows what might happen to you or them?

They might disappear, or you might change your focus.

The old style of marketing means that you lose EVERYTHING with your downline and your company keeps all your data and hard work.

Where as if you follow the methods taught in MLM Blog Secrets, Base your brand on YOU, your MLM Blog and your list, it doesn’t matter where you decide to go or what you choose to do.

If you have a blog with loyal readers and a list that you’ve built a relationship with over time, you can rebuild a company / downline literally within weeks.

This have been proven time and time again.

Enjoy the interview. Is there anything that stood out for you? Or are there any ideas that have become clear to you and your direction online by watching these interviews?

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