Agghhh… Stop Spamming Me on Facebook!

MLM Business Opportunity to Facebook WallThere are a couple of things that could potentially wind me up on Facebook if I was the type of person to let little things annoy me… but fortunately I’m not and whilst these things frustrate many people I know, they don’t bother me in the slightest and I take a totally different view point.

Here are a few examples of things that may frustrate and annoy you

  • As soon as you make friends with someone on Facebook, they send you an email giving you a link to their business opportunity!
  • As soon as you make friends with someone on Facebook, they post a link to their MLM business opportunity on your wall!
  • Someone copying and pasting the same message in Facebook and either using someone elses first name instead of yours, or just putting hi! (You know they are just bulk-emailing)
  • Someone tagging you in an MLM business promotion video when you don’t know the person
  • Someone sending out a mass message which has no relevance to you on Facebook to their friend lists

Yes, these kind of things can easily frustrate you, but I take a different approach….and it works very well! I look at these people as novices who don’t know any better and it’s a great opportunity for me to teach them how to do things properly.

It may not be their fault. They just joined a business opportunity and got so excited and caught up in the moment, that they honestly thought that people would join their opportunity by spamming it on people’s wall, or sending unsolicited emails.

I know when I first started online 6 years ago, I used to send out bulk email with links to business opportunities until I learned that I needed to build relationships up with people first before they would ever consider buying my products. It learned the HARD way. I wish I’d had someone show me the right way to do it.

If someone posts a link on my wall or spam’s me, I will usually post a comment or message to the person asking them how long they have been doing this for and what kind of success they are having using the methods they are using. I know, from experience that they won’t be having any success, so I gradually reel the person in to build that relationship.

Once I get a reply, I explain that they are doing it all the wrong way and I try to arrange a 30 minute complimentary phone consultation so I can help educate the person and show them how to do it the right way.

It’s amazing how many times I’ve actually been able to turn round a negative comment or message and I’ve actually educated the person and sponsored them into my business 🙂

So, the lesson here is… have patience, remember that you may once have been in this position and you should try to reach out to that person to help them understand the right way to do things.

I say, let’s educate people and show them how to do things the right way rather than criticizing or scolding them. Give praise where it’s due and educate when necessary and TOGETHER we can help change people’s lives 🙂

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Gavin Mountford is the author of which shows Network Marketers how to use the POWER of Facebook and the Social Networks to build relationships, generate leads, become Superstars on Facebook, brand themselves and grow their MLM business in a simple way.

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MLM Blogging: How to Be the ‘Cool Kid’ at the Party

MLM Cool KidBeing the ‘Cool Kid’ at the Social Media party is all about ‘being in position’. Unfortunately most MLM and internet marketers in general haven’t grasped this concept as yet.

While some inspiring network marketers are attracting as much as a 100 leads in a single day by providing true value, others are ruining the credibility of the industry (a.k.a. the party poopers) by practicing their one line closes to pitch their MLM business opportunity on Facebook and Twitter relentlessly.

This makes the industry look cheap and distributors desperate. Or as Randy Gage likes to call them, MLM Morons.

So how did social media turn into a MLM pitch festival?

Well, plenty of answers to that question raging from pure ignorance, bad marketing habits and honestly not knowing, but here is my guess:

Not enough clarity and guidance between the difference of social media and direct response marketing.

Back in the day, most marketers started out here:

Direct Response Marketing

MLM Direct Response Marketing

Direct response marketing is a fairly simple concept: You have a problem, here is the solution. You want it, here it is. You provide a solution to a problem and if I need it, I’ll buy it or join your business in our case as network marketers.

Pay per click (like Google Adwords) is the perfect example of this.

Now let’s look at the opposite scenario…

Social Media Marketing

MLM Social Media

With social media marketing, people simply want to socialize and ‘hang out’. Or, as Perry Belcher likes to call it, the party!

No one’s looking for solutions to any problems or looking to join any network marketing business. That’s what Google is for. People want to socialize and build relationships.

Perry’s training takes this to a new level and is a lot more in depth than this, but here is the basic concept:

Social Networking is the party to chitchat and get to know people, your blog is the barbecue at your house that furthers the conversation and develops the relationship.

From there, if the relationship is sound and the need exists, you might invite them to your office (sales letter or network marketing opportunity website) to discuss business.

When looking at Perry’s approach, it’s easy to see why so many network marketers become the party poopers!

Then again, Social Media is a new playing field and a huge temptation for any network marketer who is new to the online world to try and implement offline marketing strategies online, similar to direct response marketing.

So how do you make social media work for your MLM business?

It’s all about positioning.

Positioning and providing value through content that has an impact on peoples lives in some shape or form. To provide valuable content, you need a place which you can call home.

Not your page on Facebook or any other social site, but your own personal MLM Blog.

Your blog should become your central hub of communication, a place where people can find out more about you and what your values are. If you don’t have a blog yet, this video will show you how to get a free blog in 5 minutes flat!

Next step is to change your website links from your social networks. Instead of all the links on your social profile pointing to your replicated company website, have it point to your MLM blog.

Even better, to your about page or a page with a video welcoming them from that particular network.

What a great way to continue the conversation and build real relationships.

Build your central hub and be generous when sharing information about yourself. After all, your blog replaces your voice to build relationships for you when you are not present.