MLM Blogging – Metrics and Management, The M & M’s of Your Blog’s Effectiveness (Part One)

Eddie Van Halen’s Brown M & M story illustrates the importance of having and using systems and tools that allow you to know if there are potential problems looming on the horizon. Once something has been identified as a potential hazard, it usually is fairly simple to evaluate the supporting data and create an effective plan of corrective action.

When it comes to analyzing your MLM blog’s effectiveness, every network marketer should be using analytics of some sort.

I personally use Google Analytics. Google Analytics provides you with information about how people found your site, how they explored it, and how you can enhance their visitor experience. With this information, you can improve your blog’s return on investment, increase options and conversions, and make more money marketing on the internet.

WordPress has a wonderful plugin, Google Analyticator, that allows you to easily add Google Analytics tracking support to a WordPress-powered blog. It supports all of the tracking mechanisms that Google Analytics supports:

  • external link tracking
  • download tracking
  • advanced user generated tracking mechanisms
  • and a whole lot more

Google Analyticator works with most of the popular themes out there as long as those themes provide the proper plugin support.

Google Analytics Simplified

The first time I was told it would be very helpful to use Google Analytics on my blog, I got a migraine. (Pro Chef turned network marketer turned MLM blogger and now this too … Good Lord … does it really have to be this complicated ? Can you tell that I am techno ditz? ;-)) Turns out that once I got used to the tool, I fell in love with it. The amount of information that I can garner from the reports is really surprising and VERY helpful.

In the beginning though, I made it really simple for myself by focusing on only one specific thing to track and measure. I also included this analysis as part of my weekly method of operation.  I always reviewed the information with the following questions in mind:

  • What relevant conclusions can I draw from this information?
  • What can I do to improve these results?
  • How can this information help me serve my readers better and increase the number of readers to my blog?

Google Analytics Defined

Google Analytics is a free service provided by Google that gives you reports on your website traffic. This tool allows you to see what visitors are doing on while they are on your blog, which pages are most popular, how long people stay on your blog, where your visitors are coming from and a whole lot more.

Setting Up Google Analytics

This really is a very simple procedure. Go to the Google Analytics page and follow the very easy sign up process that has been laid out. If you already have a Gmail account (or another type of account with Google, AdWords for instance) you can skip this step.

Once you’re registered, you will be given a snippet of Javascript code that you insert into the html of your blog. Google Analytics uses this code to collect information about visitors and track data, such as where site visitors come from, what they do, and whether they complete any conversion goals.

Using the Google Analyticator plug in makes this super simple to do and allows you to see your statistics information from within your WordPress dashboard.

  • Simply set up your Analytics account with Google.
  • Go back to your WordPress blog, install and activate the Google Analyticator plugin from within your dashboard, click the link to authenticate the plugin with your analytics account.
  • When you do that, you will be taken to another page that asks you to “grant access”, click grant access, and you will be returned to the same page.
  • Then you will need to enable your Google Analytics logging at the top of the page
  • Select your site name from the drop down menu

And you are DONE !! (No Advil required :-))

Here’s What Your Dashboard Will Look Like Every Time You Login From Now On

Since I only covered how I get the METRICS for my blog in this post, I will show you how I use this information, the MEASUREMENTS, to help improve my blog’s performance next week.

Hope that you received some real value from this post! Be sure to leave some comments. And take a minute to share it with YOUR Tribe!!

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