Can TribePro Murder Your Blog? Staci Gauny Clarifies Potential Dangers – Episode #16

George Fourie chats to Staci Gauny about their revolutionary blog syndication system called TribePro. TribePro is any MLM bloggers saving grace and ultimate time saver when it comes to getting your blog posts blasted across the social hemisphere.

Ronnie Gauny, Staci’s husband, initially created TribePro to be a simple giveaway to help Staci grow her Network Marketing business. Little did they know what impact this syndication would make on helping MLM bloggers get instant blog traffic with the flick of a switch.

But, like all automated systems, there are always dangers in using tools that grows your blog’s backlinks too fast. Ignoring this could get your blog sandboxed (the term used when your blog gets pushed to the bottom of the rankings) by Google.

Staci shares the benefits and how to avoid murdering your blog through syndicating your content through TribePro.