MLM Weekly News Report: Orrin Woodward Speaks Out On Amway Settlement And A Special Insider Secret Revealed!

This week Troy Dooly, shares some very interesting information about some of the greatest MLM coaches, news reporters, blogger and servant leaders inside the direct selling industry worldwide.

As a sought-after educational speaker, Bryan Thayer has traveled the country teaching his nine laws of networking. His self-help book, The One Minute Networker, available in five languages, teaches a life-changing approach to networking. Bryan and his wife Jackie have four children and live in Salt Lake City.

Orrin states… “We are pleased to announce that Amway Corp., MonaVie, TEAM, Orrin Woodward, Chris Brady, Tim Marks, and other parties have reached agreement to resolve all pending legal and arbitration disputes between them. The terms of the agreement are confidential.”

MLM Attorney and former in-house counsel for TEAM, Kevin Thompson wrote the following on his blog about the Amway .vs Woodward case… “In the same announcement, Amway announced a settlement with Orrin Woodward and TEAM. The Amway / Woodward / Team litigation has been insanely intense since August of 2007. I was there for the start and I’m certain there’s much relief on both sides as a result of the settlement. The Amway / Woodward litigation produced a cutting edge court opinion about the limits of First Amendment protection for anonymous bloggers that disparage a company. Click here for the opinion. ”

Now if we can just get Frank Vandersloot, the founder of Melaleuca out of court things would be on the right track.

Distributor sues Vandersloot

Melaleuca law may not be bullet proof.

What is Reverse Marketing in Direct Selling?

Ted states… I have seen some Top Earners using Reverse Marketing Spam, in my humble opinion you loose your credibility very, very fast……

Who is Mia Davies?
Mia Davies

Mia will tell you “Gurus Suck at MLM” and by the time she is done explaining why she feels so strongly about her statement… You will think “Gurus Suck at MLM also 🙂 Her unique way of just telling you like it is, will change your life forever! She has not forgotten where she came from or the one basic principle it takes to win in MLM… Building one-on-one personal relationship!

Todd Falcone

I mention Todd Falcone in my video above. Todd is the #1 coach when it comes to teaching you how sponsor UP! I awarded him “Trainer of the Decade” a few years ago, because of his unique ability to take the most “un-trainable” student and turn them into sponsoring power-houses. Today he is known as “The Fearless Networker!

MLM - The Whole Truth
The following trio are some of the best MLM News reporters in the business.

Lou Abbott

I envision the time when the number one challenge that any person will have in building an MLM business will be permanently eliminated! What’s the number one challenge? It’s the reputation of the Multilevel Marketing industry.

John Counsel
I’m John Counsel from Melbourne, Australia, and I’m delighted to be working with Lou and his team to help share the vision of network marketing and what it should and can be like, and how to actually realize that vision.

Tracy Bard
I’m Tricia Bard from Santa Rosa Beach, Florida, and it’s my honor to join Lou Abbott and his Team in our mission of uplifting the reputation of this amazing Network Marketing industry….

The Lock Nut System: The Simple Way To Build Residual Income

A lock nut works on a simple principle: if you fasten an assembly together using a bolt and a nut, over time the nut can work loose and fall off, so that the assembly comes apart.

To prevent this from happening, a second nut is used to lock the first nut in place securely.

So how does this apply to network marketing and people?

Network Marketing Survey Results

Over the past 25 years (since 1985) The Profit Clinic has conducted extensive, ongoing surveys of grassroots network marketers to try to pinpoint what’s really happening out there a the coalface, especially for part-time people who make up 90% of the industry. Here are a few key findings. (Note: these are generalized conclusions only. Exceptions prove the rule, as always.)

  • If a new person doesn’t sponsor in their first 90 days, they’re unlikely to sponsor at all.
  • If they don’t sponsor, they have no real leverage.
  • Without leverage, they have no residual income.
  • Without residual income, they don’t stay. They quit
  • The most effective way to ensure that they stay is to help them find their first personally-sponsored distributor!

Once they feel a sense of achievement and responsibility for someone else, most people will do things to help them build their businesses that they wouldn’t do just for themselves. That second level person in your new leg is the “lock nut” that secures your personally-sponsored person firmly in place.

But be careful: there’s an insidious danger lurking here for the unwary…

Sponsoring someone under them is not the answer!

That inevitably sends the wrong messages to both people:

  • For the new person you sponsor and place under them, the message is clear: despite everything you say about the value of relationships, you don’t really care about them — you only care about how you can use them to improve your own success.
  • For the person you sponsor and place them them under, the message is equally clear: they don’t have to do anything — you’ll do it all for them.

The “Lock Nut” System works in almost any environment, on-line or off-line, because it’s all about building relationships and duplication at the most basic levels. Anyone can learn to do it, quickly and easily, and to duplicate the system quickly. And, while relationships — real ones — can never be built on autopilot, a lot of the processes involved can be automated or semi-automated to speed up the learning and duplication, as we’ll see over the next couple of weeks.

First, though, let’s lay out the tent pegs and guy ropes before trying to erect our tent. There are some common facts of life about prospecting, sponsoring and duplication that need to be taken into account if our premises for learning are to be based in reality.


The success of the “Lock Nut” System rests on a handful of important perspectives and attitudes, some of which may surprise you…

• First, and most importantly, it’s a TRAINING program, NOT a sponsoring program! (It just happens to be one of the most effective sponsoring programs you’ll ever experience, short and long term.)

It’s vitally important for your new distributors to understand this viewpoint.

• It’s aimed at true duplication. Just as parents duplicate themselves when their children become parents, an effective sponsor doesn’t duplicate himself or herself as a sponsor until their personally-sponsored distributors become effective sponsors.

The System only works properly if you limit your training activity to TWO generations deep… your “children” and “grandchildren”. If you find yourself having to work deeper, it’s a sure sign that you need to do some remedial work closer to home. You haven’t effectively duplicated yourself. (So the system is self diagnosing and self prescribing. Very useful!)

• While there’s a more-or-less set presentation, it’s very flexible and relies on the prospect providing you with information with which to work. This is non-threatening and they offer it willingly. This makes the presentation highly personal and specifically relevant to them.

• The objective of the business presentation is TRAINING, not sponsoring. The prospect is actually helping the new distributor learn the business on the job. If the prospect signs – and they almost always do if you don’t lose the plot – it’s strictly a BONUS!

(Ironically, because the prospect is not the perceived target, they’re more relaxed, more inquisitive, more open-minded and less defensive. A word of warning, here, however… this is not simply a subtle ploy to disarm them ready for the “kill”! The moment the presenter or new distributor even thinks this way, the benefits vanish. It’s time to pack up and go home. You’ve lost the plot. You guarantee that the results this program can produce are now out of reach. Dumb!)

The System is so successful in sponsoring new people for these simple reasons…

  1. It’s non-threatening, open and honest.
  2. It’s free of hype and emotional manipulation.
  3. It puts prospects firmly in control of their own choices.
  4. It demonstrates the utter simplicity and power of the System – and makes it clear to the prospect that they can enjoy the same powerful support and training on the job if they join.
  5. It involves them. It’s highly personalized and compelling
  6. They enjoy an immediate sense of belonging to a successful organization dedicated to helping them succeed, immediately.
  7. It keeps everything, including expectations, commitments and perceived risk, at a manageable level for the prospect. They’re not overwhelmed by, nor skeptical of, anything the presenter says or suggests.
  8. Joining you becomes the safest, most intelligent and most desirable course of action in the prospect’s own mind – and it’s their idea!

Over coming weeks I’ll explore the different principles at work here, and practical ways for you to put them to work in your network marketing business.

The Author: John Counsel is the founder and CEO of The Profit Clinic and an author, columnist, speaker and trainer specializing in small and home-based business and the direct selling profession. John has taught marketing, advertising, copywriting, graphic design and professional practice management at two of Australia’s leading universities. He is a guest lecturer in MBA and Master of Education programs at RMIT University, and trains direct sellers in several industries (including MLM) throughout the Asia-Pacific region.

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Do We Over-Train Our People?

MagnifierG’day gang 😀

Today I promised you more details about the series of articles I plan to post here on training. But before I do, there’s a timely and important issue I want to raise about training in general in network marketing. It’s this…

Do we tend to over-train our people in network marketing?

The network marketing concept is pretty simple and basic, and all about understanding some fundamentals of human behavior. If we understand those fundamentals, and apply them, reason says that we should be successful.

But there’s another fundamental of human behavior we tend to ignore — and it typically sneaks past us, then spins back and bites on the backside.

Until we can complicate something so that it can no longer be
understood or made to work, we refuse to believe it’s real.

Sound familiar to you?

Action conquers fear!”
We hear it a lot in network marketing, and it’s quite true — but not in the way that most people think. (More about this in a coming article.)

So, instead, we tend to substitute activity for action — and end up with a seemingly endless array of training events, materials and more comforting activities that distract us from the unpleasant reality that most of us are not making enough money!

Are you beginning to get my drift here in asking that original question? Is it just possible that a lot of our training is more about keeping people BUSY than about improving their business know-how?

Because, despite all the training, the failure rate in network marketing doesn’t really change!

From what I see, as a professional educator (and business trainer — and network marketer), too many of our people actually become less inclined to get out there and put what they learn to work because — so they tell me privately — they feel they haven’t yet mastered all the know-how and skills they’re continually being taught!

So let’s start with the fundamentals — and we’ll start with WHAT is TRAINING?

Here’s a dictionary definition:

training |ˈtrāni ng |
the action of teaching a person or animal a particular skill or type of behavior : in-service training for staff.

So training is a particular application of teaching, which has a much broader purpose:

“The purpose of teaching is to change lives by changing behavior.” (David O. McKay)

That certainly holds true in network marketing.

It also covers the WHY of both teaching and training (which tends to be more vocational in nature).

So that’s what I’ll be covering in coming articles: WHAT training we should be focusing on (specific, MLM-related knowledge, insights, attitudes and skills), and HOW to teach our people most effectively — and simply!

I’ll alternate between the two: one week we’ll concentrate on the four critical duplication processes in network marketing…

  • Learn to learn
  • Learn to teach/Teach to learn (they should happen almost simultaneously)
  • Teach to teach

Then the other weeks we’ll talk about WHAT we should be teaching in our training, now that we’re learning those four important, life-changing learning and teaching skills.

As part of the ongoing process, I’ll be looking for your feedback and input about what aspects of MLM you’d like to see discussed here.

Where to start?

If 90% or more of network marketers fail, then it seems to me that this is where we should look for clues. We don’t have to look too far, either.

I was asked a few days ago, on a forum that I moderate, what I thought were the five main reasons why so many network marketers fail.

Easy… the Five Fatal FAILURE Factors get ’em every time:

  • Ignorance
  • Fear of Loss
  • Greed
  • Laziness
  • Gullibility — or, if you keep falling for it, stoopidity!

To be a bit more specific to network marketing, though, they typically translate into these five BIG booby-traps:

1. They think and act like EMPLOYEES — who are obsessed with security (ignorance and fear of loss) — when it comes to BUSINESS MANAGEMENT decisions, instead of thinking and acting like ENTREPRENEURS (who take calculated, minimized risks).

2. They think and act like CONSUMERS — who are obsessed with price, urgency and scarcity (ignorance and fear of loss) — when it comes to BUSINESS MANAGEMENT decisions, instead of thinking and acting like MARKETERS (who are focused on margins, timeliness and abundance).

3. They think and act like IMITATORS — who play it safe and do what everyone else does (when 90% FAIL!ignorance and fear of loss) when it comes to BUSINESS MANAGEMENT decisions, instead of thinking and acting like INNOVATORS (who are focused on innovationout-thinking, out-performing and out-lasting their competitors).

4. They fail to find the most accurate, reliable PERSPECTIVE on their current situation. (Too long to explain here, but it’s critically important to their survival and is closely linked to the next failure factor. See it here.)

5. They never learn the little-known Law of SUCCESS. So they obey the even-lesser-known Law of FAILURE by default, because they don’t know any better — and it’s the human default setting! (Ever wondered why 90% fail at most things in life?)

You can never succeed by obeying the Law of Failure. Not possible. Yet it’s so simple to fix.

In 35 years of consulting, training and publishing for small and home-based business owners — including network marketers — these are the BIG five.

So it stands to reason, for a rational old Aspie like me, that this is a logical place to start.

Do you agree? Disagree? Or do you have a better suggestion?

Post your comments below…


The Author: John Counsel is the founder and CEO of The Profit Clinic and an author, columnist, speaker and trainer specializing in small and home-based business and the direct selling profession. John has taught marketing, advertising, copywriting, graphic design and professional practice management at two of Australia’s leading universities. He is a guest lecturer in MBA and Master of Education programs at RMIT University, and trains direct sellers in several industries (including MLM) throughout the Asia-Pacific region.

How To Get More Done In The Limited Time You Can Give Your MLM Business

People are often surprised by the fact that I’m a part-time network marketer. I run several businesses, including my chosen MLM opportunity. One of my most useful keys for staying sane, and still having plenty of free time for my family and friends, is the 4R approach to personal control.

This simple concept can boost your personal productivity and profitability, slash your stress levels and give you more free time to enjoy the results of your efforts

A comprehensive study of decision makers in the USA by Dr De Woodt found that members of this group are in truly productive mode for only 3% of their time. 97% of their time was spent doing things that could be done faster, better and cheaper by other people.

The “Faulty Solenoid” Syndrome

There’s a common condition I call “Faulty Solenoid Syndrome” that affects people who have difficulty deciding their priorities.

A solenoid is a simple electromagnetic device found in everyday items, such as vehicles, household appliances and machinery. When power is fed to a copper coil surrounding a cylindrical magnet, it reverses the polarity of the magnet, sending it to the opposite end of the coil. This is used to trigger on/off and open/shut switches.

However, if the solenoid is faulty, the magnet jams in the center of the coil, unable to decide at which end it should be. It vibrates furiously. creating heat, smoke, noise and, sometimes, catching fire. It’s useless… fit only to be thrown away.

Unproductive people are often just like faulty solenoids in their behavior. Because they’re unable to prioritize their activities, they worry about the things they’re not doing. They may even feel guilty choosing one thing over another. They become stressed, unable to focus on one thing because, if they’re doing this they’re not doing that, but if they do that, they’re neglecting those — so they jam up in the middle of an ever-growing pile of tasks and activities, vibrating furiously, unable to decide what they should be doing, generating friction, noise, heat and smoke, busy being busy for the sake of being busy.

Sound familiar?

The critical difference between people in this state and faulty solenoids is that people can be helped. They don’t have to be tossed aside or replaced.

Here’s a deceptively simple (but surprisingly powerful) planning approach that can streamline assigning priorities, enhance your ability to focus, and boost your productivity — and slash your stress levels — dramatically.

The 4R formula is a chain-reaction of cause and effect. And, like any process, the secret is to start at the finish(!)

4. Results

Decide on the result you want to achieve. Quantify it in terms of specific targets. What will happen when the result is realized? What will people be doing? How many sales will be made? How much profit will be generated? How many prospects contacted?

Be specific.

Next, identify the specific actions needed to create this result. This identifies the process involved. But this is only the starting point. Flowchart these activities into a detailed Action Plan showing the stages and steps involved.

WARNING: The trouble with Action Plans is that they can become crisis triggers. Unless you can give proper priority to the various components, “Faulty Solenoid” Syndrome looms as a major threat to your success. So we need to take a step sideways and look at other ways of managing the process.

3. Resources

You now need to identify the resources you’ll need to complete each part of the process (actions). These may include things like money, equipment, skills, knowledge, people, time, permits, licenses, facilities… even intangible things like the attitudes and perspectives required. Remember — success lies in the details.

Having identified the resources you’ll need to create the desired result (cause and effect), it’s time to identify the sources from which those resources will come.

2. Relationships

Any resources you don’t already have will come through relationships of one kind or another. For example, why do you have a downline team? Bankers? Suppliers? Advisors? Because they can provide resources that you lack.

That’s business!

Business is the exchange of resources for profit. The process of exchange is the relationships involved. Relationships are essential to every aspect of business. They’re the one HUGE competitive advantage that small business has over BIG business — and which conventional BIG business planning methods exploit as little more than a means to an end. BIG business simply doesn’t understand or value personal relationships. If you’re uncertain, ask any employee or customer of BIG business (or BIG government).

Once you’ve identified the relationships you’ll need to provide the required resources, create simple strategies to manage those relationships — to initiate, maintain and enhance the relationships themselves, always with the perspective that any results they produce are a BONUS! When people perceive that the relationship itself holds true priority over any results, you’ll be astounded by the results they’ll give you. It’s one of life’s ironies.

Put contingency plans in place, too, in case unforeseen circumstances threaten these relationships in any way. Remember the “Supposition” Principle… that it’s as important not to be misunderstood as it is to be understood in any relationship. Think through all possible implications of your decisions beforehand.

1. Roles

Group these relationships into manageable roles for yourself. This gives clarity, focus, cohesion and cogency to the process.

Define your roles clearly, then manage your time and activities under those roles. When planning your weekly/daily schedules, allocate blocks of time to each role. List and manage your actions and events under the appropriate roles. When it comes time to focus on a specific role, you can now focus on the relevant actions without worrying about all the others, since you know that time has been allocated for them in your schedule. Keep it flexible, too.

At the end of each day, review what you’ve accomplished. You’ll be amazed by how productive you’ve become — and how little stress you experience.

As a bonus, you’ll also find you have more free time for the relationships that normally end up neglected in the “Faulty Solenoid” Syndrome… family and friends.

Role management is the best way I know for reclaiming your life.

Remember, though — the 4R Approach is a TOOL. It’s not a process. It’s a way of managing processes in a more productive, prioritized way.

Teach it to your people.

And teach it to your kids!

Next time, I’ll outline a series of articles on the most effective way to use MLM training to build your MLM business, better, faster and smarter.

Until next week…

John Counsel

The Author: John Counsel is the founder and CEO of The Profit Clinic and an author, columnist, speaker and trainer specializing in small and home-based business and the direct selling profession. John has taught marketing, advertising, copywriting, graphic design and professional practice management at two of Australia’s leading universities. He is a guest lecturer in MBA and Master of Education programs at RMIT University, and trains direct sellers in several industries (including MLM) throughout the Asia-Pacific region.

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MLM Training: WHY Is It So Important?

G’day gang! 🙂 In a survey of network marketers around the world in the late 80s/early 90s, this question was asked:

“What single factor was the most important to you in your choice of company, upline team or sponsor?”

By far, the #1 factor was this: the quality and availability of TRAINING.

A whopping 40%+ of all people surveyed gave TRAINING as their #1 influence in choosing a company, upline team and sponsor.

I have a sneaking suspicion that a survey in 2010 would produce a similar result: training would still rank #1 ahead of the company, the compensation plan, the products, the “system”, the upline team or the would-be sponsor.

Why is the right training so important to your business success?

It’s estimated, based on numerous surveys (including several of my own over the past 25 years), that around 90% of all network marketers don’t earn enough to be profitable. Their costs outweigh their meager earnings every month until they finally give up, often under a mountain of debt.

Here are a couple of valuable insights into the reasons why this happens, and how YOU can fix it!

Insight #1: The Williams Report

Professor WilliamsProfessor Alan Williams, former head of the School of Management at Newcastle University (Australia) and a personal friend and colleague, conducted a survey of more than 10,000 small business owners over 10 years. (Actually it was 30,000 business over 14 years, but 20,000 of them went out of business during that period.)

There were three key conclusions from Professor Williams’ ground-breaking research:

  • Only 10-12% of small and home-based businesses survive the first ten years in business. (By the way, this is one of the few definitive conclusions on that issue. Most others are drawn from purely statistical surveys that don’t accurately reflect reality, such as the precise causes of failure.)
  • Three, four or more training programs completed by an owner-manager result in a survival rate of around 90%.
  • The training itself has NO relevance to the result. The real cause of this result is the owners’ attitudes to training – or, more to the point, their attitude to their own ignorance!
Training  programs and survival rates
Training and Survival Rates

(Source: A. J. Williams, The Characteristics and Performance of Small Business in Australia (1973 to 1985) (Newcastle: University of Newcastle, 1987).

In other words, if the survivors don’t know what they need to know, they go and get the know-how they need to survive.

They’re not too “independent” (in other words, emotionally dependent on the opinions of others!) to admit that they have a problem and that they don’t know the answer!

Insight #2. The Bailey Report

This report, commissioned by the New South Wales Government (Australia), found that:

  • 70% of small and home-based business people have a defensively negative attitude toward training. That is, they don’t like the idea that someone might think they’re lacking in know-how… that they haven’t a clue what they’re doing!
  • 10% of small and home-based business people have an aggressively negative (hostile!) attitude to training. You can’t even talk to them about it.
  • Only 20% have a positive attitude toward training.
  • Only half of these actually DO anything about it! (That’s just 10% of the total who go out and get the training they need.)

Can you see a connection between the conclusions of these two reports?

1. Survival rates are linked directly to the number of training programs completed.
2. Only 10% of owner-managers get the training they need to succeed.
3. Only 10% of small and home-based businesses survive the first ten years.

Attitude is everything!

The conclusion is inescapable. If you want to ensure your survival and prosperity (quantity and quality) in small or home-based business, you need to overcome any emotional dependence on pride and “independence” (a real Barker’s Egg) and admit you don’t know everything you need to know about working ON your business.

This has nothing whatever to do with how good you are at your profession or trade! That’s working IN your business. It’s time to recognize the difference.

Now… how’s YOUR attitude to training? Grin

Over the next few weeks I’ll focus on aspects of training that most people aren’t aware of, particularly as it relates to direct selling and network marketing.

In my next article, I’ll show you how to quickly become measurably MUCH more productive, so you have more free time to spend on your part-time network marketing business. (Can you believe a WHOLE EXTRA DAY every week?)

Until next week…
John Counsel

The Author: John Counsel is the founder and CEO of The Profit Clinic and an author, columnist, speaker and trainer specializing in small and home-based business and the direct selling profession. John has taught marketing, advertising, copywriting, graphic design and professional practice management at two of Australia’s leading universities. He is a guest sessional lecturer in MBA and Master of Education programs at RMIT University, and trains direct sellers in several industries (including MLM) throughout the Asia-Pacific region.

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Announcing: New Theme, New MLM Blogging Team!

Wow, I’m excited! To accommodate our vision and focus on promoting passionate network marketing professionals, here’s a gear shift to drive us into the right direction.

Building new business relationships and getting more eye balls on your blog posts is still our number one focus. So instead of trying to cram that all onto the front page, we’ve made some changes to support the growth of our community.

So before we talk new team, let’s talk about the theme (new layout)…

Where the blog posts and conversations are at...

Previously we attempted to have everything happening on the front page our site to give our members as much publicity as possible.

Problem was too many distractions and communication was crammed into one place.

Our new home page (not active yet) will now act as an announcement page (magazine style) to direct both new visitors and community members to various parts of the site that will be of interest to them.

Right now, the home page is set to the main activity feed, but in the next few days you will find it here:

We will feature snippets of the activity on the front page and this will be the core page to connect with members and access new blog posts.

Enhanced navigation for easier browsing

Besides the standard top menu that can be used to navigate your profile and WordPress dashboard, we have added additional navigation tabs to the main menu with extended categories in the drop down menus.

This will make it easier to navigate both syndicated blogs as well as posts submitted directly on our main blog.

Meet the team

Now introducing the next 6 people has me REALLY excited! Other than featuring guest writers, we have 6 professional MLM bloggers who will each be the voice of a different segment of Network Marketing.

Expect tips, tricks and diverse knowledge coming your way from unique personalities who are masters in their specific MLM niche.

Let’s just say we have everything covered from Network Marketing ethics, Social Media strategies, MLM blogging, MLM company reviews, PPC (pay per click) marketing all the way to tips exclusively for Network Marketing moms.

So with that said, here is our elite MLM blogging line up from around the globe:

John Counsel

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Direct sales professional, author, trainer and speaker since 1965 (including MLM since 1982)

When people ask John what he does, his answer is “I teach”. Most assume that he means teaching in school or university. He’s done that in the past, but now he teaches people to be successful… and free.

In John’s professional opinion, the best vehicle for helping “ordinary” people to achieve extraordinary success and freedom is network marketing. He says “Network marketing, when it’s done PROPERLY, is the most ethical, enlightened, efficacious, equitable and egalitarian way to do business of all – but ONLY when it’s done properly by people who are equally ethical, enlightened, efficacious and egalitarian.”

He doesn’t just teach people HOW to be successful and free, however. That never lasts. The world changes, and so do the methods and media. He teaches the principles, values and standards that are the real reasons WHY they achieve lasting success and freedom. Including those five essential “e” words above.

Then he teaches them why and how to teach others, so that the benefits flow and grow in all directions, helping more and more people enjoy lasting success and freedom.

That’s John’s role and mission here at

Learn to learn -Learn to teach – Teach to learn – Teach to teach.


thatMLMbeat Profile: Connect with John Counsel

John’s Forum: Chat, ask your questions and get educated in the MLM training forum

Troy Dooly

Location: Miramar Beach, Florida, USA

Troy Dooly has been in the direct sales industry, specifically the MLM or Network marketing profession since he was 5 years old, he is known as a second generation MLM professional.

Dooly is a highly sought after and respected MLM expert providing insight into the fundamentals it take to survive and succeed in Network Marketing as both a distributor and company owner.

Currently, Dooly writes on one of the most visited blogs inside the Network Marketing arena.


thatMLMbeat Profile: Connect with Troy Dooly

Troy’s Forum: Chat, ask your questions and get educated in the MLM Companies forum

Danielle Zack

Location: Chicago, Illinois, USA

Danielle Zack is a Network Marketing Blogger for MLM Moms and Families. She first entered the network marketing industry three years ago to stay at home with her two children.

Danielle believes that “True Success Comes From New Growth Each Day”.

Her goal is to help MLM Moms find the balance between successful entrepreneur and successful mother.


thatMLMbeat Profile: Connect with Danielle Zack

Danielle’s Forum: Chat, ask your questions and get educated in the MLM Moms forum

Derek Alvarez

Location: Tucson, Arizona, USA

Derek Alvarez is an artist by birth, Internet Network Marketer by trade and the Network Marketing industry has forced him to overcome his previous bouts of shyness.

Since Derek and his wife quit their “day jobs” a couple years ago, they have developed a web presence at, created their own funded proposal system to help their downline, and even started another business that helps local “Mom and Pops” market their business online.

Derek and Monique originally started generating mass traffic to their site through Facebook and Social Media, but now Derek is at the point where he is ready to really “go for it” through paid traffic strategies such as Google Adwords and Facebook Ads. Derek sees himself as on a lifelong journey of discovery and is always willing to share the insights that come from being “in the trenches” everyday.

And now, he is out to conquer the Google “Slaps” and Facebook Ads and share his experience doing so — you are welcome to come join him every week here at


thatMLMbeat Profile: Connect with Derek Alavarez

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Rose Mis

Location: New York, USA

Rose Mis is the Executive Blogging Chef of the “Attraction Marketing Training Kitchen”. She serves up a menu designed around the 5 Attraction Marketing Food Groups …

Captivating Coolness, Passionate Persistence, High-Touch Communication, High-Value Content and Heart Based Entrepreneurship! Her recently released e-Book “Dead Blogs Don’t Lie” gives everyone the secret recipe to having a wildly popular, high traffic blog . She is honored and humbled at the opportunity to blog on thatMLMbeat about mindset and blogging.


thatMLMbeat Profile: Connect with Rose Mis

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Gavin Mountford

Location: Kingswinford, United Kingdom

Gavin really enjoys connecting with new people & turning them from strangers into friends. He lives in a small town near London in the UK with his wife Pippa and looks forward to starting a family in the very near future.

In his free time, Gavin loves traveling, playing the guitar, listening to music, exercising, personal development and spending time with family & friends.

One of Gavin’s true passion’s is learning how we, as people work. What makes us tick, and why do we do the things we do? Gavin’s been online for 5+ years & during that time he’s studied network marketing, Internet marketing, persuasion, influence & psychology and has been looking at ways to apply it to Facebook and the social networks.

Gavin will be blogging on thatMLMbeat about how to use Facebook effectively to market yourself, build greater relationships, personal branding and making new friends to bring into your network marketing business.


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Impressed? I sure hope so, but let’s get the content to do the talking!

Really look forward to your comments and feedback on the blog posts as well as in the forums.

[Showcase] Great Member Blogs And How You Can Create The Same

Whether you use thatMLMbeat to simply syndicate your existing MLM Blog or if your primary blog is hosted here with us, either scenario is a representation of YOU and your personal brand.

Are your first impressions impressive or do they scare your potential business partners away?

Most importantly, is there something for your blog visitors to do once they have read your post or seen your video? Can they connect with you on Twitter or opt in to your mailing list?

Adding your blog to thatMLMbeat is a great easy way to build links, get more traffic and expand your readership to your personal blog, but what happens if they never get there?

If you post an article in a article directory, you have a resource box. If you create a Squidoo lens or a Hubpage, you might do the same or make sure that you have a link back to your Network Marketing blog or sales page.

We need to make sure that you do the same here on ‘the beat’.

So to help you along, I’ve put together a short case study of a few great member blogs who have added some really cool customization features which are really easy to do.

Remember, you only have to do it once.

There are more than 80 Free themes and a further 10 or 20 Premium themes with our PRO Membership.

Too many to choose from?

Sue Waters was kind enough to break them down into a easy to understand format to make it easy to choose which one will work best for you.

Go here to checkout the 100 blog themes review.

These should give you a few great ideas and inspiration.

Here are the featured member blogs:

John Counsel ==>

Melanie Milletics ==>

Cassie Strom ==>

Marc Menninger ==>

Dave Kotecki ==>

Emma Tiebens ==>

Then, as referred to as extreme in the video, is the Tribe Mastermind Formula blog.

The Tribe Mastermind Formula blog is a custom group blog for Kary Rogney, Eric Goldstein, Mike Feil and team members. The group / tribe blog allows multiple MLM Business partners or team members to contribute to one blog, share stories, host events for training and mastermind.

Better yet, you can attach your own public or private group and forum and import multiple tweets and RSS feeds to the blog for content syndication.

This is a custom feature that you will see a lot more of on thatMLMBeat in the next coming months.

If you would like to know more information about getting something similar setup for your team or business partners then get in touch with me.

Lastly, if you are in need of a great blog header for your personal or thatMLMbeat blog, order one from Attila. He will design it for free and you will only need to pay once or if you decide to keep it.

I have not met anyone to date that hasn’t been blown away by his attention grabbing graphics.

Questions are most welcome as always in the comment section. Cheers! 🙂