MLM Productivity Tips: How To Crush Fatigue And Be On Your ‘A Game’ 24/7


George Fourie chats to Deborah Tutnauer about a few simple yet essential health tips to stay in top form while working your MLM Business.

As online entrepreneurs and Network Marketers, it’s easy to ignore our bodies cries for circulation and basic nutrition to stay productive throughout the day.

If our energy levels are down, your dragging voice can easily kill first impressions when talking to your prospects on the phone.

Deborah chats about how you can overcome this and dispels the myth of keeping the balance.

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Jane Orlov Interview: How To Become An Expert In Your Niche Without Faking It


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Jane Orlov’s Blog

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Top 17 MLM Countries That Turnover Billions With Troy Dooly – Episode #14

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Ray Higdon: What it REALLY Takes To Be The #1 Income Earner – Episode #7

Numis Network Top Leader Ray Higdon takes us behind the scenes and reveals EXACTLY what it takes to be the #1 income earner in your company. Grab a pen and paper and take notes profusely. And if you’re really serious about your MLM business (that be ANY business), watch it again! Over and above the countless practical steps you can apply in your business today, It’s the unspoken message that makes the most impact.

Young Living Farms, BIG Lawsuits, Jerry’s MLSP Come Back & Mia’s Bikini Stunt – Episode #6

George Fourie and Troy Dooly discuss Young Living Oils, Evolv Health, highlights of a my interview with #1 income earner for Numis Network, Ray Higdon and Ambit Energy’s 1 Billion dollar lawsuit.


Why did Jerry Chen choose to give MLSP another shot and Mia Davies decide to sell her Numis Network position?


Why did Mia decide to shoot a video in a bikini?

Our New MLM Blog: What’s Coming Your Way IF Tomorrow Comes

MLM Blog | George Fourie

Welcome to our new MLM blog that might not live to see another day. Will this be it? Is this the first and last post? Am I attempting to make a blogging comeback on the day the world as we know it comes to an end?

Maybe a little too a controversial topic as a first post. Nevertheless, here we go and a warm welcome to you!

Why the new blog?

If you’re one of our longstanding readers, you might not see much difference in look and feel. Yes, same theme and structure, yet new location.There are 3 main reasons why we moved.

The first reason is one I’m going to avoid as it’s technical. But in short, we have more control and functionality having our blog separate from our community.

Secondly, we’re kinda flowing into a slightly different direction and angle to our posts.

Being a community of bloggers, we would like to focus on promoting members in the community or sharing the best tips from the best bloggers we can find.

Going hand in hand with blogging about bloggers is blogging about the industry.

Keeping you informed about the essential news and development taking place in our industry.

And the third reason is one that’s been missing in action from the blogging world, me!

Yes, sadly I’ve neglected the very skill set and passion that positioned me and this community as an authority in our industry.

I could justify my actions by saying I’ve been busy, but in my books that will just be an excuse, so I’m not going there.

So expect to see lots of me on this blog as well as our weekly video podcast with Troy Dooly on thatMLMbeat.TV

Over and above sharing industry and community news, I’ll give it my best shot to give you as much value and practical blogging tips as I’m capable of.

About You

thatMLMbeat is all about growing, connecting and building strong relationships that potentially lead to business. The latter just being a bonus if or when it happens.

So let’s connect. I want to get to know you, visit your blog and connect with you in the community if you are a member.

So here’s a video and some more information about me.

Now it’s your turn!

Please leave a comment below with a link to your blog or about me page on your blog that I can go and learn more about you.

Unless it’s all ended! 🙂

The End

MLM Blog | George Fourie

And finally, no pun intended, I must say the news hit me by surprise about this end of the world thing. Whatever happened to 2012?

What are your thoughts on this: Will this be the end of the world or have people completely lost their minds?

Let me know your thoughts below.

(Image credit to Sura Nualpradid and manostphoto)

Numis Buy Back, ViSalus Rumor & Peter Chapman – Episode #5

Troy Dooly joins me today to clear up a rumor about ViSalus Sciences as well as a big announcement over at Numis Network. Troy will be joining me every week for our MLM Video podcast. I also make my first trip over to the UK to chat with Peter Chapman from Global NPN.

Introducing Melodie Kantner and Other Top Company Bloggers – Episode #4

George Fourie interviews Melodie Kantner from Young Living Essential Oils and introduces a 3 other Partner Bloggers. We’ve also decided to take this show from daily to weekly. Expect a longer show next week with Troy Dooly as guest.

Introducing Deborah Tutnauer from Visalus Sciences (plus feedback) – Episode #2

Visaulus Sciences have caused quite the social buzz with their big black BMW’s and weight loss photo results being passed around Facebook. I spoke to Deborah Tutnauer who shares her story and tells us some of the secrets behind their success.

SIDENOTE: Thank you to all our members who participated in giving us valuable feedback. I briefly touch on a few enhancements that you can expect over the next few weeks. If you would like to leave us any feedback, you can do that here.

Introducing Andrew Smith From SISEL International – Episode #1

Welcome to Episode #1 of thatMLMbeat.TV! Today I chat to Andrew Smith, one of the Master Distributors of SISEL International, who has taken on the ambassador role of our MLM Company Partner Blogger program.