Top 10 Tribe Essentials For Blog Syndication

Blog Syndication(image credit to jscreationzs)

Are you in a social tribe and getting your blog posts syndicated? If not, you’re probably missing out! (and right now, we are the latter)

From automated systems to close nit exclusive tribes, getting your blog posts and content syndicated through a social tribe seems to be the way to go. But do your blog comments end up lacking authenticity in the process?

On episode #3 of thatMLMbeat.TV I questioned whether Tribe Syndication is a killer of great content with too much automation going on.

Although we’ve always been a supporter of multiple tribes, I personally haven’t participated actively in any on a continues basis.

Being on a mission to return back to my blogging roots and in need of a great tribe, I asked a few of the top tribe leaders on Facebook what they feel the essential elements are that makes a Tribe Rock.

Here’s the response I got:

Kary RogneyBe giving of your time and energy. Listen to what people need and want. And make daily and consistent actions a priority…. Tribes are about people. If you put others first and grow your network, when you look back after a year you’ll be blown away by the success you’ll possess. 🙂

Gavin MountfordHave a direction and vision for the Tribe, have strong, powerful values for the tribe, work closely with people and remember that those people are real people with real problems, worries, challenges and aspirations.

Do NOT treat people as just a number. As Kary said, put other people first and not yourself. You are doing it for the people.

Ken PickardSurround yourself with like minded people. People who share your vision and values and goals. A good tribe is made of of leaders who understand that everyone has something to offer and its members work well on their own but even better in a group. It’s the epitome of a mastermind group.

Heather StephensLeadership that is focused on empowering others to stretch their comfort zones. Giving a sense of ownership and exclusivity to the members of the community. Praising the action takers who are making progress, implementing what they’re learning and making the community a better place.

Create an environment that encourages everyone to as questions or offer constructive feedback on how each of us can improve our marketing. Be flexible in adjusting the tribe rules, procedures, etc. as the group grows and needs arise. Don’t try to please everyone. Each community is going to have it’s own flavor and that is a good thing!

Great feedback! To sum it up and keep it simple, here’s the top 10 tribe essentials for blog syndication:

  • Listen
  • Consistency
  • Action
  • Values
  • Vision
  • Community
  • Leadership
  • Mastermind
  • Empowering
  • Diversify

Are there any essential elements to a tribe that you feel we should add? What value do you get the most out of your tribe and more importantly, what value do you contribute?

Let me know in the comments below.

The *Importance* of Personal MLM Video Messages on Facebook

I logged into Facebook one sunny morning a couple of years ago and I started making friends with people in the network marketing industry. Just like I did every single day…(I used to add people in batches of 20 at a time and then wait until the next day to start again.)

I’d just click on make new friend… add, add, add, add and it was getting pretty boring for me. I was getting restless and wanted to do something different.

So, I sat down for a while and thought to myself…

WHY am I doing this?

The answer came back.

‘Your doing this to connect with people, to help and IMPACT people and to build your business.

There must be a BETTER way to do this, to reach people on an individual basis rather than on a mass scale. After all, Network Marketing is a people business. It always has been and always will be…

So, at that point I decided to use PERSONAL video messages to welcome my new friends on Facebook. I’d seen generic video messages on Facebook where people tag you in the video when you become their new friend, but ANYONE can do that and if I went down that route, I wouldn’t stand out from the masses.

So, I started recording personal video messages. I’d go to someone’s profile, learn more about them, their hobbies, likes, business, websites, family, location etc and I’d include that in my personal video message to that person.

I was AMAZED by the response!

Almost EVERYONE I recorded a person video message for replied back to me, and some people recorded me a personal message back…

Just because I’d took the time to speak directly to the person, get to know more about them and SHOW I CARED!

Once I became more personal with people, I started sponsoring people into my business. People started asking me for help and hiring my services…

Just because I’d took the time to speak directly to the person, get to know more about them and SHOW I CARED!

(Yep, I know I said that twice… but that’s because it’s that important!)

So, open up, be yourself, get to know people as individuals and it’s AMAZING how many doors open for you when you do this. People will reply, comment on your stuff, help you get your message out and be themselves to you.

All you need is a webcam and microphone and you can get started…

Let me know if you’ve ever seen anyone do this before?

I am TRULY on a mission to change the way we do business on Facebook, so if you agree with me and if you honestly want to impact people’s lives, please SHARE this with your friends,

Your friend,

Gavin Mountford

PS Last week, we talked about how to make a POWERFUL first impression on Facebook – It all ties in together…

About the Author

Gavin Mountford is the author of which shows Network Marketers how to use the POWER of Facebook and the Social Networks to build relationships, generate leads, become Superstars on Facebook, brand themselves and grow their MLM business in a simple way.

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4 Ways to Become Much More Popular on Facebook

MLM Business Opportunity to Facebook WallWhy is it that some people seem to be so popular on Facebook? They make a blog post, put out an MLM video, add a note, make a status update and all of a sudden they’ve got between 20 and 30 comments on that post with a lot more shares and likes and the conversation is rolling.

Here are 4 ways you can become much more popular on Facebook…

  1. Work together with a group of 10 or 20 people
  2. Take part in the conversation
  3. Comment on other people’s stuff
  4. Put out regular, good quality content and be consistent

Let’s look at each of these in a little more detail, as they’re all VERY important and all play a part in the puzzle

1. Work Together with a Group of 10 or 20 People

Most people who get a LOT of comments and share’s on their posts are working together with a group of like minded individuals to help expose their message to a much larger audience. Working with a group of people like this, it’s very easy to be able to expose your message to 100,000 people.

If you think about it, when you put out a video and tag 20 people whom you’ve got a relationship with, then your video ends up on their wall for all their friends to see. The people you tagged will also comment on your video and share it with others. This adds to the popularity of your video or note.

Each time you put out a new piece of content, you tag them and they tag you. You’ve got a reciprocal relationship.

If you don’t have a group of people like that, then make sure you join the TSA (Tribe Syndication Association) here on thatMLMbeat and we can help you with building quality relationships with like minded people.

If you’d like to be part of our BUZZ group specifically for Facebook, then enter your details in the forum post I’ve just created here:

2. Take Part in the Conversation

If someone replies to one of your posts, then reply back. If 20 people comment and you reply to each meaningful comment then you’ve got almost double the amount of comments. It’s amazing how many people I see just ignoring people who’ve taken the time to comment and share someone else’s post.

If you take the time to reply back, within a short period of time you will have hundreds of responsive people who will add to your conversation each time you post something new.

3. Comment on Other People’s Stuff

Again, this is very important. Why should someone else comment on your posts when you don’t comment on theirs? It’s all about the Law of Reciprocation. The more you give, the more you get. Sow and you shall reap…

  • Make a list of 10-20 of your TOP friends on Facebook, add them to a friend list that you create especially for these people.
  • Each day make sure you go through that list and comment, share and interact with those people
  • Do it consistently (which is the next point)
  • Speak to as many of these TOP friends as you can on the phone or Skype – This way you will further cement the relationship
  • Think about adding this to your Facebook routine

4. Put out Regular, Good Quality Content and be Consistent

The more consistent you are, the more people will trust you. The more people trust you, the more they will want to comment, share, like your content and do business with you. This is true powerful relationships!

Put out quotes, thoughts, share video’s, blog posts, content and aim to provide VALUE to your friends. These things take time but I can guarantee, if you do it consistently on a REGULAR basis, each time you put out a great piece of content, you will have A LOT of comments and from this other people will come over to watch your video.

Have you ever seen a stall or shop with no one in it. Nobody comes to see what’s happening do they?


Have you ever seen a stall or shop with 10-15 people in it or looking at it? All of a sudden, people want to know what’s happening and why the stall is so POPULAR. You then end up with twice the amount of people. It’s all about BUZZ!


Take the time to implement the above strategies, be patient, give value, help others get what they want and before long you will be INCREDIBLY popular, your business will be growing, you will be earning a LOT more income and you’ll be working with a fantastic group of like minded friends all going in the same direction.

Remember to GIVE first before you ever expect anything back in return, and don’t spam on Facebook 🙂

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About the Author

Gavin Mountford is the author of which shows Network Marketers how to use the POWER of Facebook and the Social Networks to build relationships, generate leads, become Superstars on Facebook, brand themselves and grow their MLM business in a simple way.

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Here’s How To Get Your Facebook Account SHUT Down!

Facebook Friend Adding SoftwareI’ve been using the social networks and Facebook to build my MLM business for many years now and people are always coming up with fantastic ways to help us save and leverage our time online with the use of automatic software.

Several years ago when Myspace was huge, there was and still is a lot of software for automating much of the friend adding, message sending, broadcasting tasks which saved huge amounts of time. Yes… I used it also 🙂 I was able to create multiple accounts and really make the most of my time on the site…

Fast forward a few years and the Internet is much more social and interactive. We need to interact with people on a personal level, get to know someone, and find out their wants, likes, desires and fears. This is critical for success in the industry.

It takes time to build up relationships one by one and people are always looking to speed up the process. Because of this, and I see this especially on Facebook... most people try to make masses of friends but NEVER really get to know any of them very well. It’s a shame because there are SO many FANTASTIC people out there, just waiting for your connection.

At the start of this year I was looking around online, doing some research as I was creating a system for my MLM business. My system was going to be on the social networks as that’s where I’ve been able to build the most relationships, and sponsor most people into my business, therefore my system was going to be EXACTLY the same methods as I’d used to connect with a lot of people.

As I began my research, someone sent me a message on Facebook that made me stop in my tracks. It was actually VERY similar to the email’s I sent  out to my prospects.

  • Making friends with someone
  • Being thankful and sending them a personal message
  • Using some persuasive techniques (reciprocation and commitment and consistency)
  • Sending out a curiosity email
  • Inviting someone to view a presentation

This approach which I call the Curiosity Approach works VERY well and here was someone else using a similar approach with me on Facebook.

One thing I did notice was that she didn’t use my firstname in the message… where as 99% of real people will ALWAYS use the persons first name on Facebook

So, I followed along and replied to the email acting like I was interested.

I waited for several day’s, and still there was NO reply… how weird I thought… so I dug a little deeper.

Eventually after searching online for a few day’s, I came across what I believe to be the answer.

She was using an automatic Facebook friend adding tool by Lively Browser which automates the friending process and sends out automatic messages to new friends.

Now, I believe that automatic software which saves and leverages you time is great! BUT… I personally don’t think it should be used to build up relationships with people and especially on Facebook.

If you don’t know already… Facebook is incredibly STRICT and if they get one sniff that you’re using automated friend adding software, they’ll shut your account down in an instant.

I’ve seen it happen to a LOT of people 🙁 and they usually don’t give a warning or a reason.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love to save time, but I also VALUE my Facebook account much more than this. I’ve spent years building up some great relationships with people and my profile has hundreds of photo’s, video’s, notes and comments that I really wouldn’t want to lose.

Sometimes I think that some people who spam me on Facebook are also using automated software tools!

So, what are your thoughts on this?

  1. Do you agree with  people using automated friend adding software?
  2. Do you know anyone who’s had their Facebook account closed?
  3. Do you think we try to automate too many things sometimes and lose the personal touch on Facebook.

I’d love for you to get involved in this conversation so we can interact. I’ve personally got a very success blog and I’ve got a lot of people who comment, which helps me get to know them better.

Head on over to the forum topic I just created Should you automate on Facebook?

I’d like to learn more about you also, so let me know your feedback.

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About the Author

Gavin Mountford is the author of which shows Network Marketers how to use the POWER of Facebook and the Social Networks to build relationships, generate leads, become Superstars on Facebook, brand themselves and grow their MLM business in a simple way.

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Agghhh… Stop Spamming Me on Facebook!

MLM Business Opportunity to Facebook WallThere are a couple of things that could potentially wind me up on Facebook if I was the type of person to let little things annoy me… but fortunately I’m not and whilst these things frustrate many people I know, they don’t bother me in the slightest and I take a totally different view point.

Here are a few examples of things that may frustrate and annoy you

  • As soon as you make friends with someone on Facebook, they send you an email giving you a link to their business opportunity!
  • As soon as you make friends with someone on Facebook, they post a link to their MLM business opportunity on your wall!
  • Someone copying and pasting the same message in Facebook and either using someone elses first name instead of yours, or just putting hi! (You know they are just bulk-emailing)
  • Someone tagging you in an MLM business promotion video when you don’t know the person
  • Someone sending out a mass message which has no relevance to you on Facebook to their friend lists

Yes, these kind of things can easily frustrate you, but I take a different approach….and it works very well! I look at these people as novices who don’t know any better and it’s a great opportunity for me to teach them how to do things properly.

It may not be their fault. They just joined a business opportunity and got so excited and caught up in the moment, that they honestly thought that people would join their opportunity by spamming it on people’s wall, or sending unsolicited emails.

I know when I first started online 6 years ago, I used to send out bulk email with links to business opportunities until I learned that I needed to build relationships up with people first before they would ever consider buying my products. It learned the HARD way. I wish I’d had someone show me the right way to do it.

If someone posts a link on my wall or spam’s me, I will usually post a comment or message to the person asking them how long they have been doing this for and what kind of success they are having using the methods they are using. I know, from experience that they won’t be having any success, so I gradually reel the person in to build that relationship.

Once I get a reply, I explain that they are doing it all the wrong way and I try to arrange a 30 minute complimentary phone consultation so I can help educate the person and show them how to do it the right way.

It’s amazing how many times I’ve actually been able to turn round a negative comment or message and I’ve actually educated the person and sponsored them into my business 🙂

So, the lesson here is… have patience, remember that you may once have been in this position and you should try to reach out to that person to help them understand the right way to do things.

I say, let’s educate people and show them how to do things the right way rather than criticizing or scolding them. Give praise where it’s due and educate when necessary and TOGETHER we can help change people’s lives 🙂

If you didn’t see last week’s post, you can view it here >>> How to Add MLM Lead Capture Form to your Facebook Profile

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About the Author

Gavin Mountford is the author of which shows Network Marketers how to use the POWER of Facebook and the Social Networks to build relationships, generate leads, become Superstars on Facebook, brand themselves and grow their MLM business in a simple way.

Blog: Forum: Facebook Network Marketing

How To Capture MLM Leads From Your Facebook Profile

In today’s tutorial I wanted to show you how to add your MLM lead capture form to your Facebook profile because it’s another great way for you to capture prospects, leads and friends details into your autoresponder and then follow up with them to build that all important relationship.

Adding MLM capture form to Facebook profile

In order to complete this, you’ll need some kind of autoresponder service such as Aweber [affiliate link] or GetResponse or you can use any AR service as long as you’re able to grab the html code.

In this tutorial, I’m only showing you the Facebook side of this and I’m going to assume that you’ve already created your opt-in form in your autoresponder service. (If you have no clue how to do this and you’d like me to record a video explaining how to do this, then please let me know and I’ll get that created for you).

Video Tutorial Showing you how to add your MLM Lead Capture Form to your Facebook Profile

Action Steps

  1. Login to Facebook
  2. Go to the HTML Facebook Profile Box application (Search for this in the search bar at the top)
  3. Click on Go to application
  4. Click on Allow Application
  5. Grab your HTML code from Aweber or opt-in form & paste into your HTML profile box on Facebook
  6. Click on update HTML profile box and announce update
  7. Go to your Application Settings.
  8. Click on edit settings for HTML profile box and click on the Box: Available (add) – This will add it to your profile
  9. Go back to your profile and locate your boxes tab at the top. Click on Boxes
  10. Locate the HTML profile box which should be within Boxes. Click on the pencil icon and then move to wall tab.
  11. Congratulations, your capture form should now be on your wall

If you have any challenges or problems with adding your MLM lead capture form to your Facebook profile, please let me know and I’ll answer them as quickly as I can. If you’d like me to show you how to do anything else on Facebook, again… drop me a comment and I’ll get a video recorded for you.

You can also check out last week’s post here – How to install the Facebook like button to your WordPress MLM Blog

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About the Author

Gavin Mountford is the author of which shows Network Marketers how to use the POWER of Facebook and the Social Networks to build relationships, generate leads, become Superstars on Facebook, brand themselves and grow their MLM business in a simple way.

Blog: Forum: Facebook Network Marketing

How to Avoid Getting Sucked in to the Facebook Time Trap…

How many times have you gone into Facebook to check your messages, or post a status update only to get pulled in much further? Several hours later you emerge wondering where that time went?

You remember that you only had 3 hours to spend on your business today, and that time is almost gone! Showing people that you care on Facebook is one thing, but you might have gotten sucked into the Facebook Time Trap!

It’s not just Facebook that this can happen on. The online world is FULL of distractions and as business owners, we need to rise above it in order to SUCCEED.

So, here’s one of the ways I overcame it…

Habits, routines and systems are incredibly important in my life right now. It’s taken me several years of working on them consistently, tweaking them to fit in with other things I’m doing and testing new routines I can apply to my life and business.

I’ve created habits for all areas of my life including health, spirituality, business, Facebook, blog writing and content, syndicating content, commenting and many other things I do on a daily or weekly basis.

In this post, I’m going to talk about my Facebook routine as a social media strategy and it may be something you’d like to think about and adapt.

Why Use Routines?

I realised a long time ago that there were many things I did on a regular basis which basically had the same actions each time and that I was wasting a lot of time by not being regimented and creating a system out of those actions.

If it was something I did regularly then surely it was something I could standardize, write down and then follow the system each time I did the routine. This would save me a lot of time because I’d know exactly what to do and when to do it.

Most of us have habits that we do pretty much the same time every day, and almost in exactly the same way. Such as, getting up, eating breakfast, brushing teeth, going shopping etc.

My Facebook Routine

Each day, I log-in to Facebook I run through a very similar routine to this. (Sometimes I add other parts to it, or remove depending on the amount of time I’ve got to spend in there)

  • Look at the birthday’s section on the front page, click on the person’s name and leave a happy birthday message or video
  • Reply to all unread messages
  • Look through my latest notifications to see what content people have commented on and then I comment back and add to the conversation
  • Process any outstanding friend requests
  • Make friends with 10-15 new Network Marketing related friends, and send them a personal hello message to introduce myself
  • Go through my recently added friends tab and write a thank you for becoming a new friend or a thank you wall post, which shows that I care about that person and that I’m different
  • Go to my Facebook Fan Page and check through the wall. I reply to any new posts
  • Go through several lists of people I’ve created and leave a few comments, like’s and share’s

That’s pretty much it…

It can take me 30 – 60 mins depending on how much content there is, how long I have to spend in there.

Always know your outcome. Why are you spending 60 minutes on Facebook? What is your purpose?

Your outcome could be one of the following, or something different:

  • To brand yourself
  • To drive people to your blog or capture page
  • To drive traffic to your business opportunity
  • To make friends and connect with people
  • To pull people off Facebook and onto Skype or telephone so you can talk with then and find out their challenges?

It’s so easy to waste time and lose several hours without clear boundaries… before you know it, your day has vanished and you’ve not really achieved anything productive.

What do your regular routines look like? If you can share your comments, feedback and routines with the community, we can help impact more people’s lives 🙂

Announcing: New Theme, New MLM Blogging Team!

Wow, I’m excited! To accommodate our vision and focus on promoting passionate network marketing professionals, here’s a gear shift to drive us into the right direction.

Building new business relationships and getting more eye balls on your blog posts is still our number one focus. So instead of trying to cram that all onto the front page, we’ve made some changes to support the growth of our community.

So before we talk new team, let’s talk about the theme (new layout)…

Where the blog posts and conversations are at...

Previously we attempted to have everything happening on the front page our site to give our members as much publicity as possible.

Problem was too many distractions and communication was crammed into one place.

Our new home page (not active yet) will now act as an announcement page (magazine style) to direct both new visitors and community members to various parts of the site that will be of interest to them.

Right now, the home page is set to the main activity feed, but in the next few days you will find it here:

We will feature snippets of the activity on the front page and this will be the core page to connect with members and access new blog posts.

Enhanced navigation for easier browsing

Besides the standard top menu that can be used to navigate your profile and WordPress dashboard, we have added additional navigation tabs to the main menu with extended categories in the drop down menus.

This will make it easier to navigate both syndicated blogs as well as posts submitted directly on our main blog.

Meet the team

Now introducing the next 6 people has me REALLY excited! Other than featuring guest writers, we have 6 professional MLM bloggers who will each be the voice of a different segment of Network Marketing.

Expect tips, tricks and diverse knowledge coming your way from unique personalities who are masters in their specific MLM niche.

Let’s just say we have everything covered from Network Marketing ethics, Social Media strategies, MLM blogging, MLM company reviews, PPC (pay per click) marketing all the way to tips exclusively for Network Marketing moms.

So with that said, here is our elite MLM blogging line up from around the globe:

John Counsel

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Direct sales professional, author, trainer and speaker since 1965 (including MLM since 1982)

When people ask John what he does, his answer is “I teach”. Most assume that he means teaching in school or university. He’s done that in the past, but now he teaches people to be successful… and free.

In John’s professional opinion, the best vehicle for helping “ordinary” people to achieve extraordinary success and freedom is network marketing. He says “Network marketing, when it’s done PROPERLY, is the most ethical, enlightened, efficacious, equitable and egalitarian way to do business of all – but ONLY when it’s done properly by people who are equally ethical, enlightened, efficacious and egalitarian.”

He doesn’t just teach people HOW to be successful and free, however. That never lasts. The world changes, and so do the methods and media. He teaches the principles, values and standards that are the real reasons WHY they achieve lasting success and freedom. Including those five essential “e” words above.

Then he teaches them why and how to teach others, so that the benefits flow and grow in all directions, helping more and more people enjoy lasting success and freedom.

That’s John’s role and mission here at

Learn to learn -Learn to teach – Teach to learn – Teach to teach.


thatMLMbeat Profile: Connect with John Counsel

John’s Forum: Chat, ask your questions and get educated in the MLM training forum

Troy Dooly

Location: Miramar Beach, Florida, USA

Troy Dooly has been in the direct sales industry, specifically the MLM or Network marketing profession since he was 5 years old, he is known as a second generation MLM professional.

Dooly is a highly sought after and respected MLM expert providing insight into the fundamentals it take to survive and succeed in Network Marketing as both a distributor and company owner.

Currently, Dooly writes on one of the most visited blogs inside the Network Marketing arena.


thatMLMbeat Profile: Connect with Troy Dooly

Troy’s Forum: Chat, ask your questions and get educated in the MLM Companies forum

Danielle Zack

Location: Chicago, Illinois, USA

Danielle Zack is a Network Marketing Blogger for MLM Moms and Families. She first entered the network marketing industry three years ago to stay at home with her two children.

Danielle believes that “True Success Comes From New Growth Each Day”.

Her goal is to help MLM Moms find the balance between successful entrepreneur and successful mother.


thatMLMbeat Profile: Connect with Danielle Zack

Danielle’s Forum: Chat, ask your questions and get educated in the MLM Moms forum

Derek Alvarez

Location: Tucson, Arizona, USA

Derek Alvarez is an artist by birth, Internet Network Marketer by trade and the Network Marketing industry has forced him to overcome his previous bouts of shyness.

Since Derek and his wife quit their “day jobs” a couple years ago, they have developed a web presence at, created their own funded proposal system to help their downline, and even started another business that helps local “Mom and Pops” market their business online.

Derek and Monique originally started generating mass traffic to their site through Facebook and Social Media, but now Derek is at the point where he is ready to really “go for it” through paid traffic strategies such as Google Adwords and Facebook Ads. Derek sees himself as on a lifelong journey of discovery and is always willing to share the insights that come from being “in the trenches” everyday.

And now, he is out to conquer the Google “Slaps” and Facebook Ads and share his experience doing so — you are welcome to come join him every week here at


thatMLMbeat Profile: Connect with Derek Alavarez

Derek’s Forum: Chat, ask your questions and get educated in the Pay Per Click Marketing forum

Rose Mis

Location: New York, USA

Rose Mis is the Executive Blogging Chef of the “Attraction Marketing Training Kitchen”. She serves up a menu designed around the 5 Attraction Marketing Food Groups …

Captivating Coolness, Passionate Persistence, High-Touch Communication, High-Value Content and Heart Based Entrepreneurship! Her recently released e-Book “Dead Blogs Don’t Lie” gives everyone the secret recipe to having a wildly popular, high traffic blog . She is honored and humbled at the opportunity to blog on thatMLMbeat about mindset and blogging.


thatMLMbeat Profile: Connect with Rose Mis

Rose’s Forum: Chat, ask your questions and get educated in the MLM Blogging forum

Gavin Mountford

Location: Kingswinford, United Kingdom

Gavin really enjoys connecting with new people & turning them from strangers into friends. He lives in a small town near London in the UK with his wife Pippa and looks forward to starting a family in the very near future.

In his free time, Gavin loves traveling, playing the guitar, listening to music, exercising, personal development and spending time with family & friends.

One of Gavin’s true passion’s is learning how we, as people work. What makes us tick, and why do we do the things we do? Gavin’s been online for 5+ years & during that time he’s studied network marketing, Internet marketing, persuasion, influence & psychology and has been looking at ways to apply it to Facebook and the social networks.

Gavin will be blogging on thatMLMbeat about how to use Facebook effectively to market yourself, build greater relationships, personal branding and making new friends to bring into your network marketing business.


thatMLMbeat Profile: Connect with Gavin Mountford

Gavin’s Forum: Chat, ask your questions and get educated in the Facebook Network Marketing forum

Impressed? I sure hope so, but let’s get the content to do the talking!

Really look forward to your comments and feedback on the blog posts as well as in the forums.