The ONE Thing You Must Have To Be Taken Seriously Online

Last week I wrote about how you typically don’t want to use your company web site when marketing your MLM or your product.

This week I want to talk about a similar topic.

You MUST have a personal domain name if you want to be taken seriously online.

I’m going to mention an issue with Facebook in a few seconds…

But let’s start with a more immediate concern.

These are all fake email addresses. I don’t know who owns these, or if they are even real. I’m just using these as an example.

Let’s say that you are looking to join a nutrition company. You’ve got a choice of 3 people. Which one of these 3 would you contact?

I don’t know about you but I personally am going to reach out to Gail at the Diet Gal first. Right? Wouldn’t that be what you do? This is someone who has their act together. That is someone who looks like they’re taking their business seriously.  Not someone doing it as a hobby.

But let’s talk about some other reasons why you don’t want to use your cable company, your internet provider, or even a free email service like gmail. What if you change your email? I’m going to give you a hint. You NEVER want to change your email address or phone number EVER.


Yep. You never know when someone is going to reach out to you from your past.  A prospect you had dealt with years ago tries to get in touch with you but now you’ve moved. You canceled your cable service.  Now you’re on satellite TV service. You no longer have your email address.  The email bounces back and you miss out on the prospect.

Same thing with phone numbers. Long distance is basically free. Most of us now get unlimited long distance. Right? If you move, keep that phone number and take it with you! This is also a reason why you might want to get a toll-free number. You can point your toll-free number to any local number.  That way you can move, and change your number and move your calls with you. (BTW I got two calls in the past few weeks from people I hadn’t talked to in years… one of whom was a top prospect of mine back in the day and now he’s ready to get going!)

If you own your own domain name…. You control your email. You can still read your email at Google. You can still use Gmail to check your email at  But owning your own domain allows you to point your mail where ever you want.  You can change email providers but your email address will still work and your prospects will still be able to find you.

You can find internet marketing tools and resources for things like finding which keywords to use in the That MLM Beat store.

Finally I mentioned a Facebook tip at the top of this post. Facebook is a huge phenomenon these days.

Did you know that when you post your referral link on Facebook it usually posts 2 links.  One keeps your referral link and one drops it off!?!  BUT you can get around this if you use your own domain name!

Here is a picture of a link I posted on Facebook.
Facebook Drops Referrer Links

The way around this is to have your own domain name. If you have your own domain name then you don’t have to worry about Facebook dropping your referrer link off.

BTW I think Facebook should be sued over this. It is a REALLY BIG DEAL. Most people just don’t realize that Facebook is causing them to lose business.  Even if it only happens 10% of the time, are you ok with losing 10% of the clicks on your links?

Having a personalized domain name is going to make you look more professional. It is also going to allow you to control your email address permanently. Finally it is going to help you avoid the dreaded Facebook dropping off your referral link! Any one of those 3 reasons should be reason enough to get your own domain!

Checkout Ben Fitts Blog.
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How to ‘Auto Blog’ in Facebook

As a network marketing blogger, it’s very important to get your content seen by as many people as possible in order to maximize your time and effort.

Syndication allows you to distribute your MLM blog content across the web so that when you update your blog, each of the places you’ve distributed your RSS feed to, will also be updated.

Over the last 2 years I’ve taken HUGE advantage of this feature on Facebook and not many other people know about it. (Until now 🙂

Did you know it’s actually possible to IMPORT your blog posts into your Facebook notes so that when you update your blog post, it automatically updates your Facebook notes and your full blog post will appear in your Facebook account.

Please Note: This is DIFFERENT from sharing your content as a status update

You can then tag your Facebook friends in your imported blog notes.

Check out the video below as I show you EXACTLY how to do it!

If you missed my recent The *Importance* of Personal MLM Video Messages on Facebook, I recommend checking it out, as it’s VERY powerful.

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About the Author

Gavin Mountford is the author of which shows Network Marketers how to use the POWER of Facebook and the Social Networks to build relationships, generate leads, become Superstars on Facebook, brand themselves and grow their MLM business in a simple way.

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Will Facebook Eventually Charge for Membership?

Over the last few years Facebook has grown to be the biggest social networking site online and has almost 400,000 users with billions of page views each month!

In my opinion, it’s the BEST place to build your MLM business because it mirrors real life with the social aspect of the site.

As Network Marketers, we can make new friends, build relationships, share content, interact, get to know people and help others create an income for themselves by using Facebook as our Reach out Method.

I’ve been talking to a few people recently about the future of Facebook and some very interesting things have come out of those talks.

If you think about it, Facebook has become an Internet within itself and users can do pretty much everything they want on Facebook.

Here are a few key stats:

  • Facebook already has more page views per user than Google (See below)
  • More than 400 million active users
  • 50% of active users log on to Facebook in any given day
  • Average user has 130 friends
  • People spend over 500 billion minutes per month on Facebook (definitely stuck in the Facebook time trap!)

Facebook has become the place to exchange information, research a topic, make new friends, advertise your business and brand yourself.

If Facebook ever introduces a search engine type feature where users can ‘search the web’, then I’m sure we’ll see Facebook becoming the BIGGEST website online, with a lot more power.

If the ‘search engine’ type feature was added to Facebook, users wouldn’t need to use Google anymore!

It’s also interesting to see how many Internet marketers are now going over to Facebook to use the PPC advertising and I’ve started to see many online courses teaching people how to use the Facebook advertising system effectively.

So, when Facebook grow’s to be the biggest website online, how do you think they will monetize their site?

  • Facebook Advertising System
  • Charge users a fee to use Facebook?
  • Introduce tiered paid services?
  • Charge developers to produce applications?

There’s been a lot of speculation over the last few months both in Facebook and on the web as to whether Facebook will eventually charge it’s users to use it’s service.

Personally, I don’t think they’ll go down that route as they’d lose a MASSIVE amount of users. But, they do need to monetize the site, and I’m sure they’ll start to charge a small fee for certain services.

One suggestion I heard a while ago was that you’d be able to add video to your profile pic, and in order to do this, you’d be charged a small fee to upgrade to this service. Facebook could also introduce many other small up sells, which I’m sure, us, as marketers would take advantage of.

So, here are a few questions I’d like to ask you…

  • What do you think? Have you heard any rumours about this, and if so, what have you heard?
  • Would you pay to use Facebook?
  • Would you pay to add a video to your profile pic area?
  • Do you think that Facebook will become a major competitor to Google? and if so, why?

I’m sure you’ve already heard that have announced that they are going to be phasing out their free membership over the next few months, and network owners will soon have to pay to have their social network hosted by ning. It’s amazing what websites can do once they have a captive audience isn’t it?

Whatever Facebook decides to do, I’ll definitely continue to use it to build my Network Marketing business because I know how POWERFUL it is.

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How to Avoid Getting Sucked in to the Facebook Time Trap…

How many times have you gone into Facebook to check your messages, or post a status update only to get pulled in much further? Several hours later you emerge wondering where that time went?

You remember that you only had 3 hours to spend on your business today, and that time is almost gone! Showing people that you care on Facebook is one thing, but you might have gotten sucked into the Facebook Time Trap!

It’s not just Facebook that this can happen on. The online world is FULL of distractions and as business owners, we need to rise above it in order to SUCCEED.

So, here’s one of the ways I overcame it…

Habits, routines and systems are incredibly important in my life right now. It’s taken me several years of working on them consistently, tweaking them to fit in with other things I’m doing and testing new routines I can apply to my life and business.

I’ve created habits for all areas of my life including health, spirituality, business, Facebook, blog writing and content, syndicating content, commenting and many other things I do on a daily or weekly basis.

In this post, I’m going to talk about my Facebook routine as a social media strategy and it may be something you’d like to think about and adapt.

Why Use Routines?

I realised a long time ago that there were many things I did on a regular basis which basically had the same actions each time and that I was wasting a lot of time by not being regimented and creating a system out of those actions.

If it was something I did regularly then surely it was something I could standardize, write down and then follow the system each time I did the routine. This would save me a lot of time because I’d know exactly what to do and when to do it.

Most of us have habits that we do pretty much the same time every day, and almost in exactly the same way. Such as, getting up, eating breakfast, brushing teeth, going shopping etc.

My Facebook Routine

Each day, I log-in to Facebook I run through a very similar routine to this. (Sometimes I add other parts to it, or remove depending on the amount of time I’ve got to spend in there)

  • Look at the birthday’s section on the front page, click on the person’s name and leave a happy birthday message or video
  • Reply to all unread messages
  • Look through my latest notifications to see what content people have commented on and then I comment back and add to the conversation
  • Process any outstanding friend requests
  • Make friends with 10-15 new Network Marketing related friends, and send them a personal hello message to introduce myself
  • Go through my recently added friends tab and write a thank you for becoming a new friend or a thank you wall post, which shows that I care about that person and that I’m different
  • Go to my Facebook Fan Page and check through the wall. I reply to any new posts
  • Go through several lists of people I’ve created and leave a few comments, like’s and share’s

That’s pretty much it…

It can take me 30 – 60 mins depending on how much content there is, how long I have to spend in there.

Always know your outcome. Why are you spending 60 minutes on Facebook? What is your purpose?

Your outcome could be one of the following, or something different:

  • To brand yourself
  • To drive people to your blog or capture page
  • To drive traffic to your business opportunity
  • To make friends and connect with people
  • To pull people off Facebook and onto Skype or telephone so you can talk with then and find out their challenges?

It’s so easy to waste time and lose several hours without clear boundaries… before you know it, your day has vanished and you’ve not really achieved anything productive.

What do your regular routines look like? If you can share your comments, feedback and routines with the community, we can help impact more people’s lives 🙂

3 Simple Ways To Show People You Care on Facebook

I’d like to start this by asking you a question…

How many so called ‘friends’ do you make on Facebook on a weekly basis and then NEVER interact with them again? or, how many people send you a friend request and then you accept them as a friend and you never hear from them again?

It’s pretty sad isn’t it. We connect with so many people briefly but we don’t actually take the time to get to know them on a deeper level. Many of us tend to have superficial relationships online.

Just because we’re sitting behind our computer, thousands of miles away from someone else, doesn’t mean we can’t interact with them and get to know them on a much deeper level.

3 Simple Ways To Show People You Care on Facebook

Here are 3 simple things you can do on a regular basis to show people how much you care.

1. Add a Quick Note to Your New Friend Requests

When you request that someone becomes your friend, send them a little note so they know who you are and where you found them. Here’s an example.

Hey <Name>,

I just found you in the Network Marketing group and wanted to connect with you to find out a little more about you.

I look forward to speaking with you soon,


<Your NAME>

By doing this, you show that you are a real person who cares about other people and not just a person who adds friends like a robot. People also know where about’s you found them and are more likely to accept you as a new friend.

2. Send a Personal Thank You for Becoming my New Friend Message

Once the person has accepted you as a friend. Go to your recently added friends, or check your email notifications for recently added friends and go through them one by one. Send them a quick message to ask them a question about themselves and to thank them for becoming your new friend on Facebook.

It’s amazing the response you get when you do this. People naturally warm to you because they can see you are someone different and that you truly care!

3. Post a Nice Quote, or Thank You Message on Their Wall

NEVER try to sell your business, promote your link or ask them to join any kind of opportunity in the first instance. Always look at ways of providing value and enriching the other person’s life first.

By writing a nice quote or thank you for becoming a friend message on your new friends wall, people are much more open to you. They can sense you are different and you STAND OUT from the crowd!

How many times have you made a new friend and then next thing you knew, they’d posted a link to their business on your wall, or sent you their biz op link in an email.

Did it frustrate you?

I say, let’s be different. Let’s show people we care and together we can make a difference.

I’m interested in your opinions and thoughts on this, so please leave me a comment below to tell your experiences about this.

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2013 Facebook Friends, 22,439 Twitter Followers… So Now What? [Weird Ending]

Social Tribes

[SIDENOTE: The coolest, yet strangest thing just happened minutes before completing this post as you will experience shortly]

Do we subconsciously place some sort of authority rank or superior value on the amount Facebook friends or Twitter followers that someone has?

At first we might all unanimously say ‘no!’, but is that really true?

When you connect with someone on Facebook or find someone on Twitter with a inactive time line, is there a little voice uttering to you that you are speaking to someone with little or no experience in there niche?

Maybe so. Or maybe you are in the same boat and just starting out with Social Media and none of it really matters.

Whether we like it or not, numbers have some sort of status (excuse the pun) attached to it. But as the rest of this story reveals, the numbers myth might just be a lie we all choose to believe.

I got on a Skype call with Malika Duke from for a ‘quick’ chat to answer a few questions about her profile here on thatMLMbeat.

The intended 2 minute conversation turned into an awesome hour after Malika shared this story of one of her coaching clients.

Her clients concern was that although she had thousands of Twitter followers, she battled to connect with anyone of them or further any conversations.

Does that sound familiar? If so, what’s the real point in having all these followers then?

I’m confident that we can all plead guilty for clicking away and excepting friend requests like there’s no tomorrow to simply ‘get it done’ and out of the way.

But how many of those friends did we actually connect with? Just adding a simple welcome note or starting a conversation?

Social media has definitely changed the game of internet and network marketing altogether, but maybe we are still approaching web 2.0 with a web 1.0 mindset?

Let me explain…

Web 1.0 was all about great sales letters, one way conversations and automation. The less interaction you could get away with and automate everything, the better.

So now we play a slightly different game. While all the sales letters and automation still serve our businesses tremendously, it’s the connection which takes place before hand that really counts.

Your sales message only has as much value as the relationship you managed to establish before hand.

The old saying of “People only do business with people they know, like and trust” carry more weight in the social hemisphere than ever before.

So before concluding the outcome of Malika’s coaching client and without trying to preach to the choir, here are a few solutions we discussed that will really help you connect with your Facebook friends and Twitter followers:

1. Get personal

Do something that is un-automated. Type a personal message in a friend request, write on someones wall (Facebook), compliment on something you found on their social profile or try and establish some form of ‘common ground’.

Is there something in particular that this person is involved in that resonates with you? It could be as simple as having kids, coming from the same area or an interest in the same business niche. Use that as the conversation starter show that you are human.

2. End conversations with a question

If you want to build a relationship via direct messages, it’s important to keep the conversations going. If you simply answer the message and not proceed with a question, the conversation simply dies.

3. Do something different

Sometimes you get a direct message that has the feeling of being transcribed or rehearsed. People want to get to know the real you. The easiest way to be different and make an impression is just to be yourself. We are all different and unique human beings, let that resonate through the world of social media.

4. Go live!

Yes, connect! If no one has magically scrolled over to your network marketing opportunity link and joined your business yet, then go live!

If you have the opportunity to pick up the phone, get on a Skype call, have a video chat, then do it! There is nothing better than speaking to anyone face to face and with modern technology no one has an excuse not to. The quickest route to building your MLM business is by having a live conversation.

To conclude our story…

With the guidance of Malika, her coaching client based in Australia got back to her with major excitement for making her first personal connection. They got on Skype, found common ground and have partnered in business.

[Extended] Now here is the strange part…

I have never officially spoken to Malika until our Skype conversation a few days ago. We have only spoken on Twitter and Facebook, but we spoke naturally for an hour like we have known each other for many years.

By the way we connected through the power of social media, we already had common ground before we had a live conversation.

Now I live in Perth, Australia and Malika is based in Keller, Texas.

When I reread this post, I couldn’t help noticing that it seemed incomplete without mentioning who Malika’s coaching client was.

I got back on Skype to ask Malika who the Mystery lady was.

Malika replied saying:

[10:33:49 AM] Malika Duke: I hear you are talking to my friend and client CaptainLiz!

Say what?

Liz Hindley a.k.a. Captain Liz was living in Perth about 6 months ago when I met her through a business associate. She has now moved over east, but we managed to re connect about a month ago through social media.

So here I am, talking to Malika for the first time in the United States, several thousand miles away, discussing a topic related to one of her coaching clients Liz who we both know but unknowingly.

Wow, what a strange MLM / Social Media world we live in?

Liz is a pilot so when your business reaches the heights you are after, you now have a pilot connection to take you anywhere!

Be sure to checkout her MLM blog for some awesome authentic tips and great video footage pilot style!

[Disclaimer: The amount of Twitter followers and Facebook friends mentioned in the title is not in reference to anyone in this post! 🙂 ]

How To Protect Your thatMLMbeat Blog With Your Own Domain Name

Using your own domain name on your social network profiles and various web 2.0 properties are more important than one might think.

Let’s take the most recent ‘Youtube Slap’ for an example, how many internet and network marketing professionals lost all their content and friends instantly when Youtube decided to terminate their accounts?

Losing all your content is painstaking enough, but what about all the links that you placed all over the web pointing to that profile? Where does all that traffic go? Definitely not coming back your way!

Now unless your intention was to spam (we normally spot those accounts before or by their first blog post anyway), we are not planning on banning any accounts or terminating any MLM Blogs.

Point still remains, you need to control your own domain names as far as humanly possible to avoid being at the mercy of any social site or to redirect your traffic to different sites when need be.

This is why you will see many marketers promote their Facebook and Twitter profiles with subdomains or their own domain names such as or

That way if any of the social sites give you the red flag, you can simply direct the traffic back to a new social site of your choice.

That’s all good for social profiles, but what about satellite sites? (a.k.a remote blogs on web 2.0 properties)

This is where thatMLMbeat PRO Members take advantage of our domain mapping feature.

If you are blogging on thatMLMbeat and you would like to use your own domain name like instead of, then this video is for you.

When you use your own domain name, your blog on thatMLMbeat acts as a complete personal blog, but you still benefit from your blog posts being fed to the front page… nice!

In a hurry? Do this:

1. Log in to your thatMLMbeat backoffice

2. Scroll down to the  Tools Menu and click on Domain Mapping (if this is not visible, you will need to upgrade to PRO)

3. Add your domain name

4. Go to where you purchased the domain or your domain host and add a DNS “A” record pointing at the IP address of this server (IP Address provided in the backoffice. Doesn’t make sense? Watch the video!)

5. Email me your domain name so that I can ‘park’ it on our server.

Although we park it on our server, your domain is still YOUR domain name. If you decide to use it for something else later, just contact us and we will ‘unpark’ it for you.

If you have any questions or get stuck, please ask in the comments section below.

How To Setup Your Own Social Tribe With A WordPress Forum

Whether you are forming a mastermind group or teaming up with fellow internet and network marketing professionals for free content syndication, creating a social tribe is the way to go.

Not to mention creating social proof on your MLM Blog and hundreds of other great reasons. Your blog is the first place to establish your following for social proof, but what if you need to create something a little more private?

You might need to share information that you prefer to not display publicly as well as have conversations and share links behind closed doors.

That’s where forming a social tribe (a.k.a groups) on thatMLMbeat does the trick. Now don’t let the term ‘groups’ relate to what you might be familiar with on Facebook.

You have the choice to:

  • Display your group publicly on the site wide activity feed, hide it completely or set it up for invitation only
  • Attach a wordpress forum for interaction and conversations (privacy settings above apply to this as well) and subscribe to different conversations
  • Add external blog feeds to your group. A great way to keep track of new blog posts within your social tribe
  • Setup different moderators and administrators for your social tribe
  • Create a group blog where everyone in the social tribe can contribute content
  • Setup meeting times and events with the group calendar for when you need to meet
  • Email the entire group to remind them about events and meetings
  • and lots more

Soon to be added

We are working on a live chat feature that will enable you to have a live chat with your entire social tribe.

The video explains everything in detail. If you are in a hurry, simply login, go to your profile, click on the groups tab on the left and then on ‘create a group’ on the right.

At least the group founder will need to be a thatMLMbeat PRO member to setup the social tribe.

If you need any assistance or run into any problems, head over to The Lounge and ask away!