A Gary Vaynerchuk Prediction Delivered by Robert Kiyosaki

If anyone has convinced you in the past that blogging is a waste of time and that your time is better spent elsewhere, then what you are about to read and watch will put all that jargon to rest. Seriously!

And if you have a blog and let this truly sink in, you are bound to get excited. Really excited!

Rachel Henke recently completed a series of posts on her MLM blog,  split into part 1 and part 2, discussing Robert Kiyosaki’s new book titled “The Conspiracy Of The Rich”.

To her surprise Robert Kiyosaki’s, a.k.a Rich Dad, branding company called her personally in the UK.

What’s more is the Rich Dad himself recorded this video answering her questions in person!

Now stop for a minute and absorb what just happened. Rachel did nothing other than provide value for her readers and run a campaign to get the word out for her MLM business.

With value driven content, she manages to attract the most respected gentlemen in passive wealth creation to answer her questions personally.

Rachel has just confirmed that the rules of advertising have changed and everyone can benefit from it.

In a recent post titled MLM: Marriage Or Prostitution, I discussed a interview with Eric Worre and Gary Vaynerchuck about social media marketing and authenticity. Gary, who just released his book about the social media revelation called Crush It, spoke about doing what you love and cashing in on your passion.

If you do what you love and express your perspective through blogging, video blogging and social media, you will naturally attract attention, like minded people and the big gun advertisers.

If you have an attentive audience that visits your blog and feeds off your passion, advertisers will want their part in the action.

More and more newspapers, radio stations and magazines are shutting their doors while online media is thriving. Gary puts the case to rest in this video titled Where do all the advertisers go?

Wow, exciting times we live in. Can’t think of a better time than NOW to get blogging and creating content about your passion.

Congratulations to Rachel Henke and thank you for leading the way. You have brought major opportunities to our attention, more than you might realize right now.

Don’t forget to head over to Rachel’s Blog and congratulate her in the comment section.

MLM: Marriage Or Prostitution?

MLM Marriage Or ProstitutionThere are several conclusions that can be drawn from that strange headline and  possibly even offensive for some. If you are one of the latter, bare with me. This could get interesting.

Eric Worre recently did a four part must see video interview with Gary Vaynerchuck.

There are countless golden nuggets buried within this ‘say it like it is’ debate and we are going to elaborate on a few.

So back to the major question: Are you involved in a MLM Marriage or MLM Prostitution? Here is one definition that leads to many.

Gary talks about doing what you love and cashing in on your passion.

As a network marketing professional, are you serving your passion? Or are you strapped into the quick cash mentality? Do you really want to be a network marketer and serve a goal and purpose larger than a downline? Or are you simply doing it for the money.

Of course we all want to make money, but if money is the sole motivation, chances are that you might be accomplishing the opposite.

Let’s dig even deeper.

Gary also mentions that social media is one of the best things that’s happened to the network marketing industry.

While this is true, it’s debatable that it is also the worse.

“Good is going to win, bad is going to lose”, as Gary expressed.

Social media makes it extremely hard to hide and become successful at the same time. The network marketers that’s given the MLM industry a bad rap through scams and unethical business practices now get exposed through a few Tweets and blog posts.

So why is social media bad for network marketing? Spend some time on Twitter and Facebook and experience what the majority are up to: Automated one line pitches vs. Valuable content and authenticity. Or, MLM Marriage vs. MLM Prostitution.

So let’s think ‘Gary’ here for a minute:

If we should be following our passions, creating value while serving our industry and there is no more place to hide with social media network marketing, is it possible to survive as an avid MLM Jumper?

If building a rock solid network marketing business in the new world of social media is dependent on true authenticity and and building a respectable personal brand, can you still be taken seriously in the public eye by jumping from one opportunity to the next?

We are not talking about going through and ethical divorce, the sincere decision to change companies for personal or business reasons. But rather the juggling act of getting caught up in the moment of hype and grabbing every MLM opportunity that meets the eye.

What are your thoughts? (comment below)