MLM Blogging – Three Simple Tips To Improving Your MLM Blog Bounce Rate

Do you know what your MLM Blog’s Bounce Rate is? Should you even care what your bounce rate is? And three very simple tips to improving your bounce rate if it is too high !!

What exactly is “Bounce Rate”?

To give you the very best definition of what “bounce rate” is, I checked with my very best friend on the internet … Google.

Google defines “Bounce Rate” as:

…the percentage of single-page visits or visits in which the person left your site from the entrance (landing) page. Use this metric to measure visit quality – a high bounce rate generally indicates that site entrance pages aren’t relevant to your visitors. The more compelling your landing pages, the more visitors will stay on your site and convert. You can minimize bounce rates by tailoring landing pages to each keyword and ad that you run. Landing pages should provide the information and services that were promised in the ad copy.

Quick story …

Several months ago, I took George Fourie up on his offer to do a free blog critique for my Attraction Marketing Training Kitchen blog. At that time, my bounce rate was just about 46% which is considered pretty darn good for a blog. The folks that were finding their way to my blog liked what they were reading, and they were clicking through to other pages of the blog. They were spending about 5. 34 minutes total on my blog, reading my information. This really is a good number considering the fact that most people on the internet have what I call “Information Attention Deficit Disorder” and don’t give most things more than 1 minute of their attention.

Well, things changed over the following months. I was experimenting with different blog post styles, linking strategies, content, and a few other variables. My bounce rate actually increased to 67.8%. THAT was just terrible. People were hitting the front page of my blog, and they were clicking away from that page. They were not clicking on the links that I had incorporated into the blog posts. They were not clicking on other pages that I have on the blog. The average person was spending only 2.38 minutes on the blog. AND … my Alexa rank was taking a beating at the same time. I am using my blog as a communication tool, a relationship building tool, a list building tool and a sales tool. Instead of making progress, I was actually losing ground. It was time to really start using some metrics to fix this problem.

To learn more about MLM Blog Metrics and Management, you can read a three part series that I wrote earlier this summer for about the M & M’s of Your MLM Blog’s Effectiveness …

How Google Analytics, LinkWithIn, Blog Talk Radio and A New MLM Blogging Strategy SAVED My Blog

A picture is worth a THOUSAND words … two pictures are worth paying attention to 🙂

Here is a snapshot of my Google Analytics Account from May 29th, 2010

Here is a snapshot of my Google Analytics Account from July 31, 2010 …

The difference is ASTONISHING !!

Bounce Rate went from 66.99% to 17.64%

The number of VISITS doubled 300 to 600

The number of new visitors decreased from 58.33% to 46.61% which means that I increased the number of RETURN visitors to my blog by 14% … (my optins and sales numbers increased as well)

And … people are staying LONGER on my blog now …

Page views quadrupled … 532 >> 2,559

Pages per visit  more than doubled … 1.71 >> 4.23

Average time on my blog increased from …  3.15 minutes >>4.04 minutes

This all happened in 60 days !!

What Did I Change And What YOU Can Do To Improve YOUR MLM Blogging Results

I paid attention to the NUMBERS that I was getting from Google Analytics

There was obviously something that I was doing wrong. So I took a very detached look at the numbers.

  • People simply weren’t staying on my blog very long at all. WHY?

The way I had the information organized and presented was NOT very user friendly. I changed the layout and structure of the blog. I also decided to use a plugin that I learned about from Ty Tribble called LinkWithIn. Results improved right after I did that.

LinkWithIn shows people small thumbnail snapshots of related posts that they might also find relevant when they are finished with the post that they are reading. It WORKS. I  saw an immediate improvement in the amount of time people spent on my blog.

  • There were alot of new visitors coming to the blog but they weren’t digging into my content and my optins and sales were falling off. WHY?

Hate to admit to this one, but I had started blogging for ME rather than blogging for MY AUDIENCE … bad move on my part. I am a decent copywriter so I can write headlines that attract attention. I also do a good job with SEO so I can get really good organic rankings on Google pretty easily. But, what I had forgotten was that if the information that I am blogging about is NOT relevant to my readers’ expectations … they stop by … take a quick look … and they VANISH … never to be seen again. So I went back to blogging about “Attraction Marketing Training”, “Network Marketing”  and “Marketing Mindset Training”.  When I started giving my readers what THEY wanted to read about … they started coming back !!

  • Social Media Is HUGE and Using It Keeps People On Your Blog Longer

No question about it … using interactive social media on your blog is VITAL to getting people to stay on your blog longer. And, if you do  right, your BOUNCE RATE will DROP LIKE A STONE !! I am currently doing a special Summer 2010 Interview Series on Blogtalk Radio. I started blogging about the interviews BEFORE the actual interview … preselling the interview. Then, I blogged about the interview AFTER it was done. I included a link to the MP3 right in the blog post. The MP3 is hosted on my blog so that when people listen to the interview, and these interviews are 60 minutes in length, they STAY ON MY BLOG alot longer. The number of subscribers to my blog has increased by 20%, the number of optins to my e-newsletter has increased by 25 % and my sales volume has increased by 10%. Blogtalk Radio is a form of Social Media that alot of people are capitalizing on. If you are not using it, you should be.

Another really cool type of social media to use on your blog is VIDEO. People love short, quick videos. My YouTube Channel subscriber count has doubled since I have been using BlogTalk Radio. Coincidence … I don’t think so. Using video in your blog posts will naturally keep people on your blog LONGER because they are spending time to watch the video !!

By using the three strategies outlined above, you will be able to reduce the Bounce Rate of your MLM Blog.

Do you have a high or a low bounce rate? How has the bounce rate affected your blog? What methods did you find most efficient to reduce your bounce rate? If you have suggestions or want to discuss more about Bounce Rate please leave your comments.

I hope that you received some real value from this post! Be sure to leave your comments and suggestions in the comments area. And take a minute to share this post with YOUR Tribe!!

About The Author –
Rose Mis is the author of “Dead Blogs Don’t Lie ~ 7 Secrets To A Wildly Popular High Traffic Blog”. I am also the Executive Chef (aka Chief Cook and Bottle Washer ;-)) of the Attraction Marketing Training Kitchen. You are invited to stop by the Kitchen anytime you have any questions about blogging and marketing YOU with your blog !

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Are There Brown M & M’s In Your MLM Blog?

Eddie Van Halen Doing His Thing

Love him or hate him Eddie Van Halen is one seriously sharp Rock and Roller. I recently read an article that prompted me to take a look for Van Halen Style Brown M&M’s in my MLM blog.

Van Halen’s Brown M&M Business Strategy

Rock Stars get some amazing perks negotiated into their performance contracts. Whimsical requests are made and catered to by promoters all the time. One of the craziest “prima donna” requests of all time was made by Van Halen when he was actively touring. His standard concert contract called for a bowl of M&M’s backstage with the proviso, that all of the brown M&M’s be removed from the bowl. The presence of one single M&M was sufficient legal cause for Van Halen to cancel a scheduled appearance without giving advance notice and go on one of his infamous trash and bash rampages. What a prima donna act, right? Not at all. Turns out that Van Halen is a VERY astute observer of human behavior and a super savvy business man.

How You Do Anything Is How You Do Everything

The brown M&M provision was included in Van Halen’s contracts as a very simple, easily measured test to determine if the technical requirements of the contract had been thoroughly read and executed. He knew that if he found brown M&M’s, he would also find other technical errors that could ruin their whole show or even possibly kill people. By simply inserting this clause into his contracts, Van Halen was easily alerted to a potential problem BEFORE it could affect his show. Sheer GENIUS !!

How Brown M&M’s Can Help Your MLM Blogging

Great story right? What does this have to do with your MLM blog?

Your blog is a 24/7 marketing tool and if it is not working FOR you, it is working AGAINST you. Your blog is your virtual business card and sales assistant. It allows you to present yourself as an expert in your niche while helping you connect and build relationships with your ideal prospects through service, trust and value. It is a very effective way of getting information in front of a large number of people and creating new relationships and leads.

So how can you determine if your blog is doing what it is supposed to do or if there are brown M&M’s in your blog?

Here are 20 questions that you can ask yourself  to see if your results are on track or your strategy needs to be tweaked:

  1. Are you REALLY blogging from YOUR core values? (If you aren’t sure what I mean by this, you can review last week’s post by clicking here.)
  2. How much traffic is your blog receiving on a daily, weekly and monthly basis?
  3. Do you know what that traffic is doing once they get to your blog?
  4. Do you notice certain spikes in traffic after you have blogged about a certain topic?
  5. How many repeat visitors do you have?
  6. How many new visitors are you getting?
  7. How long are they staying on your blog?
  8. How many posts are they reading while they are on your blog?
  9. Are people commenting on your posts?
  10. Are people interacting with the comments others leave on your blog?
  11. Are you acknowledging and responding to those comments?
  12. Are people sharing your information on Twitter, Facebook and other social networks?
  13. Is your content being bookmarked and shared throughout the social bookmarking sites?
  14. Are people opting in to receive your e-Newsletter or e-Zine?
  15. Is your mailing list growing?
  16. Do you communicate regularly with the people on your list?
  17. Are you providing value to people in those communications?
  18. Are people buying what you promote through your affiliate links on your blog or in your emails?
  19. Are people contacting you directly (phone, Skype, email) to get to know you better or to get more information about what you have going on?
  20. Do you know how many people are subscribed to your RSS feed?

Metrics Really Matter

Successful blogging takes thought, time and an acute awareness of what’s working or not. Paying attention to the brown M&M’s alerts you to potential problems and things that just aren’t working in your best interests. It allows you to leverage your time and efforts better by pointing out areas that need your attention immediately.

Van Halen’s story is a great reminder about the wisdom of setting up early warning systems. Having those systems in place saves time, wasted effort and frustration.

It is a great thing if you know the answers to all of those questions. It is a better than great thing if you know what TO DO with all of that information once you have compiled it. So that will be the topic of  next week’s post 🙂

Hope that you received some real value from this post! Be sure to leave some comments. And take a minute to share it with YOUR Tribe!!

About The Author –

Rose Mis is the author of “Dead Blogs Don’t Lie ~ 7 Secrets To A Wildly Popular High Traffic Blog”. I am also the Executive Chef (aka Chief Cook and Bottle Washer 😉 ) of the Attraction Marketing Training Kitchen. You are invited to stop by the Kitchen anytime you have any questions about blogging and marketing YOU with your blog !

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