Diane Hochman: The One Thing I’d Do Differently [INTERVIEW] – Episode #15

George Fourie interviews network marketing professional and top leader Diane Hochman. Diane’s success story is nothing short of remarkable. Although Diane dropped 70 pounds in merely 6 months, her idea of walking around the mall with a badge on to attract new business partners was not a sufficient path to financial freedom.

Instead, she reverted to post cards, direct mail and mastered the art of delivering a message to the right target market. Today Diane Hochman dominates the internet and is responsible for the success and financial freedom of thousands of network marketers.

Diane also revealed the one thing she would do differently if she had to start building her business from scratch. Watch this exclusive interview to find out what it is.

How To Create Dozens Of Blogs For Your MLM Team Or Niche Domination In Seconds

Setting up and managing blogs can be quite frustrating at times.

I am personally guilty of spending way too much time on technicalities of plugins, themes, layout and widgets that don’t contribute to marketing, which should be any top internet and network marketing professionals primary focus.

Furthermore, I’ve seen it happen time again how it brings an entire MLM Team to standstill. They get stuck into figuring out how to blog and social media technicalities instead of getting content up, taking action and building relationships with new prospects.

Now imagine your duplication if everyone in your MLM team is spending time on the how to’s instead of getting into action? That can be as productive as driving with you hand break on!

Be sure to read this post by Diane Hochman for a clear reality check.

That brings us to the first of many classic benefits our PRO Membership offers with our Blog And User Creator tool.

Let’s cover 2 scenarios:

Scenario 1 – MLM Team Blogs

You have 5, 10, 20, even a 100 or more team members that need to start writing articles, doing video blogging and developing content. Instead of spending endless hours getting your team setup with their personal blogs, why not create dozens of blog within seconds and take your team straight into action?

They can still use their own domain name for personal branding and customize their MLM blog with their own blog header. Not much different to owning your own personal blog.

If they need a blog header, our graphics designer will design one for free and you only have to pay if you like it and want to keep it.

Scenario 2 – Keyword and Niche Domination

Using web 2.0 properties for link building and piggy backing off their domain strength is a crucial step in offsite SEO.

{If you are not familiar with the term Offsite SEO, it mainly refers to building backlinks from other valuable and related web sites. Onsite SEO is the optimization that you do on your blog or website.}

The perfect way to increase your ranking in the search engines is to setup remote blogs, a.k.a. satellite sites, on web 2.0 sites like Squidoo, Xanga, hosted WordPress and of course thatMLMbeat! 😉

You then link back with anchor text, like I’m about to do in the next sentence, to the actual post that you want to rank for.

You can read more about this strategy in Front Page On Google In Less Than 18 Hours.

How would you do this on thatMLMbeat?

Well, setup a few remote blogs for keyword targeting and add various 400 – 600 word articles on them!

There is no limit to the amount of blogs you can create, but please use this tool responsibly.

We do not allow cybersquatting (registering domain names for the purpose of holding keywords and not adding any content to the actual blog) and spam MLM blogs get deleted.

No MLM Company names are allowed either.

Other than that… Go Wild!!!

The possibilities of this tool are endless.

If you find any a different use for this tool that you would like to share, please do so in the comments below.

Happy multiple blogging!

MLM Women: Do They Do It Better Than Men? [Youtube]

Are MLM Women better than MLM Men? While browsing through various Internet and Network Marketing  videos on Youtube, I found this movie and thought it could turn into a fun little debate.

That was before I read how personally so many MLM men took this video in the comments section! Nevertheless, it was enough to change the title of this post which started out as “MLM Women Who Rock On Youtube” to this.

So before continuing with the latter and just to confirm, I still bat for the same team! 🙂 What are your thoughts on this? Do MLM Women have a distinct advantage over MLM Men? Or is fair game for all?

Here is the video that caused the controversy:

Tania Mesar – MLM Woman Why Women do Better than Men in MLM

And now, controversy aside, here are 6 MLM Women that Rock on Youtube:
Dani Johnson – Dani Johnson on The Current Global Economic Financial Crisis – How Did We Get Here?
Diane Hochman – Diane Hochman Mopped Floors To Succeed in MLM
Jackie Ulmer – Build Your MLM Business Online – Jackie Ulmer shares her success story
Kristen Darkenwald  –You Are in the Business of YOU!
Ellie Drake – My Life’s Purpose
Raven K Starre – MLMRealityShow.com-002-Raven Starre left MonaVie for Agel, WHY? Watch Tom Chenault’s Radio Show!
Awesome inspiration with great content!
Back to MLM Women vs MLM Men… Have a strong opinion about this? Why not leave a comment, Or even better, a video comment below.