MLM Success Stories: Network Marketers Who Eliminate ALL Excuses – Part 1

Best MLM Compensation plans, company statistics, non me too products, best leadership, best teams are all great facts to promote your network marketing business.

However, NOTHING makes quite an emotional impact  like an inspiring, true MLM Success story.

Yes, we all enjoy a good (even bad) story which we can relate to. Stories are also the ultimate way to clarify any unanswered questions that anyone might have before joining your business.

What would you rather listen to: an explanation of statistics, product statistics and company history? Or a real MLM success story accomplished by a real person that you and I can relate to?

Enough said! 🙂

Well, I want to share with you a story like no other.

Here is one that will not only inspire you, but also eliminate all the excuses that might cross ones mind before taking action. Be sure to pass this one on.

Meet Dave Kotecki

Dave Kotecki runs his network marketing business successfully in an environment that is equal to most peoples worse nightmare.

Yes, a country no other than Afghanistan.

Besides being extremely dangerous and life threatening, Dave also deals with limited internet connectivity, small living quarters and limited time.

Yet, his business is growing rapidly day by day. Instead of using his circumstances as the perfect excuse, Dave rather focuses on doing what he can do when he can do it.

What more can I say other than watch the videos and checkout Dave’s Blog and connect with him on thatMLMbeat.

I hope that inspired you!

Do you have one or have someone in your team with an MLM Success story we should know about? Contact us so that we can share it to the Network Marketing world.

Now what was that excuse again? 🙂

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[Showcase] Great Member Blogs And How You Can Create The Same

Whether you use thatMLMbeat to simply syndicate your existing MLM Blog or if your primary blog is hosted here with us, either scenario is a representation of YOU and your personal brand.

Are your first impressions impressive or do they scare your potential business partners away?

Most importantly, is there something for your blog visitors to do once they have read your post or seen your video? Can they connect with you on Twitter or opt in to your mailing list?

Adding your blog to thatMLMbeat is a great easy way to build links, get more traffic and expand your readership to your personal blog, but what happens if they never get there?

If you post an article in a article directory, you have a resource box. If you create a Squidoo lens or a Hubpage, you might do the same or make sure that you have a link back to your Network Marketing blog or sales page.

We need to make sure that you do the same here on ‘the beat’.

So to help you along, I’ve put together a short case study of a few great member blogs who have added some really cool customization features which are really easy to do.

Remember, you only have to do it once.

There are more than 80 Free themes and a further 10 or 20 Premium themes with our PRO Membership.

Too many to choose from?

Sue Waters was kind enough to break them down into a easy to understand format to make it easy to choose which one will work best for you.

Go here to checkout the 100 blog themes review.

These should give you a few great ideas and inspiration.

Here are the featured member blogs:

John Counsel ==>

Melanie Milletics ==>

Cassie Strom ==>

Marc Menninger ==>

Dave Kotecki ==>

Emma Tiebens ==>

Then, as referred to as extreme in the video, is the Tribe Mastermind Formula blog.

The Tribe Mastermind Formula blog is a custom group blog for Kary Rogney, Eric Goldstein, Mike Feil and team members. The group / tribe blog allows multiple MLM Business partners or team members to contribute to one blog, share stories, host events for training and mastermind.

Better yet, you can attach your own public or private group and forum and import multiple tweets and RSS feeds to the blog for content syndication.

This is a custom feature that you will see a lot more of on thatMLMBeat in the next coming months.

If you would like to know more information about getting something similar setup for your team or business partners then get in touch with me.

Lastly, if you are in need of a great blog header for your personal or thatMLMbeat blog, order one from Attila. He will design it for free and you will only need to pay once or if you decide to keep it.

I have not met anyone to date that hasn’t been blown away by his attention grabbing graphics.

Questions are most welcome as always in the comment section. Cheers! 🙂