How to Build Relationships With Prospects

Autoresponder relationshipsUnderstanding how to build relationships with prospects is vital to the success of your network marketing or direct sales business.

For your online prospecting, building these relationships will be a multi-step process, as you are working with people who in most cases are responding to an offer and don’t yet know you personally.

The first step is having an autoresponder set up to help provide initial details about your business, as well as maintain a consistent follow-up routine with your prospects. The Pure Leverage suite of marketing tools includes a full-featured autoresponder as well as training on how to set it up effectively.

How to Build Relationships With Prospects

Here are some tips for composing the first six messages in any followup series that you create. Craft them around whatever you are offering (a free report, a free webinar to teach them a marketing skill, your team’s “40 Day Plan to Earn Your First $1K”, or whatever). Your free offer is to entice them to sign up and learn more about your product or opportunity.

Use these suggestions when you create follow-up messages aimed at building a reputation and relationship with your prospects. In this example, we will focus on how to build relationships with your prospects and introduce them to your business opportunity. Your prospects would typically opt in from an offer on your personal blog or website, in this scenario.

Message 1: Send out as soon as your prospect opts in. The purpose of this initial message is to begin building credibility for you. I would avoid pushing your opportunity aggressively in this one, focus instead on helping the prospect learn more about you.

You might start with a brief explanation of your background, and why you feel you are qualified to to be their mentor or coach. Give them an overview of your opportunity and the primary product(s). Be sure to leave include your website or blog URL, with a call to action to click through as well as your phone number if you’d like for them to call you.

Message 2: Send out 2-3 days later. Summarize what you said in your first message, and answer two questions that all prospects have, at least in the back of their mind. First, “Can I make money with this?” And, “How is your product/service/opportunity different from all the others?”

As always, leave contact information and a call to action (Click Here to learn how Charlie made $500 his first week….”) or something else, just be sure you ask them to take action.

Message 3: Send out 2-3 days later. This is a good time to put more emphasis on answering the question “Can I make money with this opportunity?” and building some confidence in your prospect. You can relate your own personal story, if you’ve started making money yourself. If you’re just getting started, you can use a success story or testimonial from an upline team member who is enjoying success.

Tip – it’s especially effective if you can get someone upline who is successful to record you a short audio or video testimonial, or link to one they have already published. Put two or three in there if you can get them.

And, as always, add a call to action.

Message 4: Send out 2-3 days later. Pick out one thing your prospect can get excited about. How does your product help them lose weight, get more leads, make more money, etc. and keep in mind the question we initially addressed in Message 2 – “How is your product/service/opportunity different from all the others?”

Provide contact information and a call to action. This time, you might specifically invite them to call or email you with questions.

Message 5: Send out 2-3 days later. In this message, talk about your experiences so far with your business and what you are doing to “make it happen”. Let them know you are very committed and available to help them get started successfully.

Include the call to action for them to click for more details about your opportunity or a primary benefit of using your product or service.

Use this message to be a little more personal. Let your prospects know that you are available to help them in any way you can. This message could be used to simply thank them again for requesting your information and assuring them that you are a real human being and interested in helping them succeed.

And, as always, be sure to invite them to your web site. Include the URL and include your name and email address so prospects can contact you.

Building Relationships With Prospects – Next Steps

Building relationships with your prospects and moving them from cold market leads to productive members of your business team is a multi-step process.

Using your Pure Leverage autoresponder system to establish initial contact with prospects and begin creating relationships is a first step. As you move forward in the process, you will need to take additional steps to increase prospects’ familiarity with YOU, and distinguish yourself as a unique individual who stands out from the pack.

Next time, we’ll discuss what to do next AFTER the prospect has opted in and started receiving your autoresponder messages.

How the Pure Leverage Marketing System Grows Your Online Business

Pure Leverage Marketing SystemWelcome to our Pure Leverage marketing system blog! Our purpose here is to provide insight into the company, products, and opportunity.

If you are considering the Pure Leverage opportunity, or looking to see how our suite of Internet marketing tools can help you grow and expand your existing business, you are in the right place.

It’s a fact – every day, millions of people across the globe access the Internet looking for ways to make money. This number will only grow in the years ahead. It makes sense to put yourself out there and help these people earn the income they desire, right?

The Pure Leverage marketing system is designed to be simple, but very effective. It isn’t necessary to be a technical guru. We help the opportunity seeker who desires to learn how to make money online. We help those who want to earn an income without home parties, hotel meetings, cold calling leads, or chasing people who really aren’t interested in doing anything anyway.

That said, our system provides the tools necessary to build a profitable online home business.

  • Authority Blog – set up and ready to go – just add content and let the system do its magic (we show you how to do all this)
  • Lead Capture System –  a full featured lead capture system, complete with sales letters designed to convert prospects into buyers
  • World Class Marketing Training –  how to attract prospects, convert leads to sales and signups, and long term strategies for success
  • Video Email Service – a great way to keep in touch with your team as well as help develop relationships and trust with your prospects
  • Live Meeting Room – this is what the pros use to conduct webinars, as well as hold trainings and meetings with their business associates
  • Products to Sell – market the Pure Leverage system and products and earn an excellent income, or plug in and promote your existing products using the Pure Leverage marketing system platform

All in all, Pure Leverage is designed for anyone desiring to make money online, with everything you need in one place.

The Pure Leverage marketing system can help you if….

  • you are new to Internet marketing and need a system (complete with essential tools, marketing training and support) that takes you step by step through the process of creating your first online income stream
  • you are already established online, have a product or opportunity in place, and want to expand your business while adding an additional income stream

This is what Pure Leverage is all about. Please bookmark this blog and visit again soon. We will be adding new content every week, all designed to help you learn more about the Pure Leverage marketing system as well as how to be successful with your own profitable online home business.

Why You Should NOT Use Your MLM Company’s Web Site

I’m going to start my blogging here at thatMLMbeat with a post that is probably a bit controversial.

You should NOT use your company’s web site!

OK, it is a bit of a catch 22.  You want to use your company’s web site because it is duplicable.  However most of your company web sites… well… suck.

Before you tell me I’m crazy, let me explain 🙂

Typically most of the best internet marketing tools are not created by our company. Most of the best tools are developed by distributors like you and me.

When a new MLM company is launching they may pay as little as $10,000 for their MLM software AND a boilerplate web site.  They get a little template driven web site by a company that develops MLM software. It has all the basics but that is all it is… basic.  It isn’t very good at marketing.

Heck, it might even be pretty. It might have great graphics or a flash movie but… Let me ask you this…

  • Do you know if someone visits your company web site? Do you get statistics telling you who visited, where they came from, what keywords they used, how long they were on your site, or what pages they viewed?
  • Does your company web site have a mailing list? Does it offer an incentive to get people to opt in to your list?
  • Does your company web site have one clear call to action or does it have menus with lots of fun things for the visitor to do?

Usually the answer to these questions is no.

Your company doesn’t let you track the traffic on your sites, and if you can track it, they’ll give you some basics like total number of hits.  They won’t let you see things like which keywords people used to find you, which web sites they came from, etc.

Your company usually doesn’t provide an autoresponder or way for you to build a mailing list if the person doesn’t buy during that visit.

Did you know it usually takes several exposures before someone joins your company or buys your product? That is why having a mailing list is so important.

You need to be building a list so you can get additional exposures to your prospect. You want to be able to put them on an autoresponder or invite them to a webinar or local meeting.  You can’t do this with most of your company web sites.

Then when you do get a visitor… they get all these menus of all these fun things to do. The history of the company, the founders, the full lineup of products, the link to the DSA or other industry associations, maps, lists of conference calls and events, etc. Another words, overwhelming amounts of information.

Most good sales pages or lead capture pages DO NOT have a lot of options. They have one strong call to action which is repeated several times on the page.  They try to get you to buy… or they try to get you to opt in to their list.  They usually only have one link which is not a call to action. This is the link for existing members/customers/distributors who got their by accident.  That’s it.  You really only have two options. This is one reason why the page is so effective at selling because there aren’t a lot of options to distract people.

And I haven’t even mentioned one of the most important reasons… the search engines!

Google hates replicated web sites like your company web site and even if it did like them only one person in the entire company would get the link.  Google doesn’t want 10 links that all look the same. One of the most important things to rank well in Google is to have a unique web site!

While you may want to use a duplicable web site like the one your company provides, if you’re going to do any amount of internet marketing you’re going to want to have your own web site or at least a web page, free blog, or something.  We’ll talk more about this in future That MLM Beat articles.

Disagree? Let me hear it! Leave a comment and let me know. I’d love to hear your point of view.

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PS. Yes I know a few of you represent internet focused MLMs that have strong sales pages. These are internet ONLY companies and have spent tens of thousands of dollars testing single page sales letters. They’re very effective. I’m not referring to you. I’m referring to the majority of MLMs selling physical products that think a “store” is going to convert just because it has a shopping cart on it.