Social Tribes – 3 Facebook Pages For Free Blog Syndication

Social Tribes being formed within social tribes? Definitely so. But how about adding a touch of free blog syndication?

With literally the entire world on Facebook, more and more smaller communities, a.k.a social tribes, are connecting like minded network marketers and social media enthusiasts.

These social tribes started out with Facebook groups, which had more of a ‘vanity’ layout with the focus on the group creator rather than place focus on social interaction.

Facebook Pages however are quite the opposite. Facebook Pages are all about the interaction, commenting, approving (like feature) of status updates and making conversation.

So what’s new? Well, 3 Facebook Pages where you can attract more visitors to your Personal Development or MLM Blog while boosting your social media buzz and retweets on Twitter.

Kary Rogney, Michael Feil and Ken Pickard have created 3 different Facebook Fan Pages for maximum free content syndication.

The idea is simple: As soon as you’ve completed a new blog post, head over to the wall and paste a brief description of your post, the headline and a link to your new post.

The social tribe members will comment, share and retweet your blog posts.

That’s it? Not quite. Be sure to do a little homework and read the notes on each individual page.

Kary’s social tribe for example suggests that you build relationships with a minimum of 5 people within the social tribe.

Not just random 5 people, but 5 people that with similar backgrounds, goals, philosophies and so forth. So 5 people that you will want to befriend anyway.

These are 5 people that you can grow an alliance with amongst other things, but lets leave all the juicy details for the notes section on the individual Facebook pages.

Here are your 3 social tribes for free content syndication:

To get the full benefit from the free content syndication, be sure to join all 3 social tribes.

19 thoughts on “Social Tribes – 3 Facebook Pages For Free Blog Syndication”

  1. Hey, hey Mr. George!
    Thanks for the shout and feature here. When entrepreneurs
    start really getting the POWER of this TRIBE model it’s
    going to shake up the industry. People are not going to want
    to left on the outside doing it all on their own… because it’s
    so much more fun and easier to be a part of the party and
    help others BUZZ their content and have success! We all
    know that when that happens those around them will reap
    the rewards as well…
    All the best,

  2. George,

    Thanks for the mention of the Tribe Syndication fan pages. Just like the concept… you are a game changer my friend! This process of creating tribes of like mined people who help promote each others content is spreading like wildfire. Those who really get it and jump on board will literally CRUSH IT!

    Thanks for being a champion to the cause.

    Ken Pickard
    The Network Dad

  3. Hey Kary,
    All good! You guys are spearheading an awesome concept for free that I pay good money for every month.
    Once people realize how they can boost their blog traffic with this method they will start appreciating it more.
    With a little fine tuning, the benefits can be huge, but then those that participate need to go all the way with it.

  4. George,
    Hey! Thanks for the great blog post about content syndication. Also thank for the mention about Tribe Mastery For Social Media. The three of us have been working hard to syndicate people’s content. All the content that the people are posting is high quality! So if anyone has not checked out our sites please do!

    Mike Feil

  5. George,

    I’m so glad that I’ve found your blog about 2 weeks ago. I’ve learned so much stuff from all the other people that are a part of this great community that you’re creating. Oh yeah, and let’s not forget all of the stuff I’m learning from You!!

    Jordan Schultz

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