Online MLM Success – Developing Quality Connections and Relationships

Of all the necessary skills for achieving success in MLM and network marketing, perhaps the most important is taking time to develop quality connections and relationships with other people.

I’m not talking just about prospecting and getting to know people you’ve identified as current MLM leads for your opportunity. This is certainly part of the big picture, but just a part. The more people you meet and connect with who AREN’T immediate prospects for your business, the more prospects you’ll have for your business long term. Does this make sense?

When you look at entrepreneurs who have achieved success in MLM, you’ll find they all have one thing in common. They are sociable and enjoy meeting and working with others.

One very successful MLM leader that I know once said “your success in this business is directly proportional to the number of people in your contact manager, and the quality of your relationship with those people”. His message is clear. The size of your personal network will be a prime indicator of your success in MLM and network marketing.

You might be thinking…

But what if I do everything online? What if I don’t have a big network of friends, and choose to market my MLM business through advertising and attraction marketing? Can’t I do that?

Of course you can! Here is an important point. What you want to focus on is developing as many connections and relationships with people as you can. Let’s say you put an ad out there that brings 250 visitors to your blog or website. Let’s say that 10% of them (25 visitors) decide to fill out a short form on your site and opt in for more information about you and your business. What’s next?

You already started to develop a relationship when they visited your site. It’s a pretty good bet that those 25 people saw something about you, or what you’re doing, that they liked. Step one accomplished.

Next, you’ll want to have an opt-in form on your site with some sort of free report or ebook as an incentive to sign up for your mailing list. You want to have an autoresponder loaded up with enough follow-up messages to last a few months (assuming they go out once a week or so).

What happens now with your prospects who don’t sign up or express an interest right away? Hopefully, your follow-up messages will include personal success stories as well as insight into how you build your business. Perhaps a little bit about your day to day life and the lifestyle you’re enjoying or seeking with your business. All of this will help continue building a relationship and connection with your prospects long after their initial visit to your site.

When  you have some great news to share about your opportunity (perhaps a hot new product has been introduced), send a broadcast out to all your leads. When you come across valuable tips or information about achieving lifestyle and prosperity with a home business, share it with your list. Share your successes and stress to your prospects how they can do the same thing.

Remember, circumstances change. Prospects who are cold today might be red hot leads in six months.

Take care of your MLM leads. You want to connect with them and help them think of you as different. So many people follow up very aggressively with their leads, frequently hammering them with sales pitches and solicitations and nothing more. Be different. Provide some material in your followup that is entertaining, enlightening, and educational. Show people that you offer value. You will be remembered, respected, and rewarded well!

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