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What Are Scientists Saying About The Safety Of Nerium Products?

The Nerium oleander plant has been used for centuries by traditional herbal practitioners, but due to various components of the plant, it has also been associated with negative stories.
When researchers discovered the potential of the Nerium oleander extract in producing age-defying improvements in the appearance of skin, their first concern was for the safety of those using the product.

Nerium SkinCare™, Nerium™ International’s business partner, has developed topical skincare products based on an entirely new extraction process, NBio-PL²™, which combines the best of the properties with Aloe Vera. Nerium SkinCare™ is dedicated to sharing what has been learned through the development and testing of their new skincare products in terms of their ingredients and their effect.
This research has shown their natural products to be safe and, in terms of effectiveness, better than what is available on the market today. NeriumAD Age-Defying Treatment was formulated after more than 10 years of scientific research and
clinical testing by scientists and medical professionals for Nerium SkinCare, Inc.
The safety of NAE-8™, the Nerium oleander extract in NeriumAD, has been tested, documented, and confirmed throughout every phase of product testing.
When tested in multiple studies over a 3-year period as a topical product, there was not one instance of toxicity based on absorption of NAE-8. All product studies have incorporated safety protocols, including the recent clinical testing of NeriumAD where:

“Subjects were required to provide blood samples for blood chemistries. As in previous studies, no adverse reactions were noted; blood analysis showed all subjects within normal ranges, there were no detectable cardiac glycosides in the blood.”

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