Nerium Conference 2014

Nerium Just Did ‘This’ In St Louis

The Edward Jones Dome received a real shook up on April 10-12th with the Get Real Nerium Conference 2014 in St. Louis

This was the third annual conference for Nerium.  The first conference in San Diego was a little over 3,000 people and the third one took up an entire football stadium!

Nerium has broken all records recording revenue of over $100m in its first year. That’s more than Microsoft did in their first year.

Nerium made some exciting announcements about their International Expansion and a new product. 

This video shares the insight and excitement

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Andrew Lockhart

I live near Dallas, Texas with my wife, our 2 boys, 6 dogs and a Bearded Dragon. If you have seen any of my video’s you will know I am not from around these parts. After years in Corporate America, I was laid off after closing a deal for $450m, lucking my wife was already working on Plan B with Nerium International. Now I am a full time Network Marketer with Nerium and the best thing is I am enjoying seeing people change their lives by them working full time on their part time path to financial and time freedom.

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