MLM Weekly News Report: We Are Covering Youngevity, Escape, ACN, ZurVita,Excel Cellular, TechSoft, Evolv, and KB Gold

What a week it has been in the Direct Selling, MLM World. We have seen mergers, strategic alliances, new product launches, and companies turn the corner financially. Now is truly the time to be working in the Direct Selling industry.


Youngevity: This last weekend Youngevity formed a strategic alliance with Escape International. You can read the press release here.

ACN: Yesterday ACN launched their WiMax service, then today they launched Commercial Phone Service, coast-to-coast. And on top of that ACN announced early in 2011 they will be featured on a NBC Prime Time Reality Show. We will be doing a full review on ACN in the up coming weeks.

KB Gold: We have received calls and emails inquiries this week wanting more info on KB Gold. Here is what we have found so far.

1. The company is based out of Germany

2. The company is using the words “Free Franchise” which is completely illegal in the US based on current FTC and SEC regulations.

3. The company has requested Passport information be sent to them by some prospective distributors

4. The company doesn’t seem licensed to transact any type of business in any state in the USA.

We strongly suggest reps be cautious about joining this company. KB Gold is the type of company used for funding international terrorist activities. When these type of companies start operating in the USA, they attract the attention of Homeland Security, FBI and other federal anti-terrorist agencies.

Although the company may be fully legal in Europe, I could not find any mention of them being legal in the USA.

ZurVita Holdings: this little company out of Texas have passed its first mile stone – they turned a profit for the first time since their inception. Mark Jarvis their powerful founder, has passed the operations of the business over to Jay Shafer, so he can focus 1005 of his energies in growing the business. This move reminds me of Primerica where they have Co-CEOs, I think this is a great move.

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Living An Epic Adventure,

Troy Dooly

5 thoughts on “MLM Weekly News Report: We Are Covering Youngevity, Escape, ACN, ZurVita,Excel Cellular, TechSoft, Evolv, and KB Gold”

  1. Troy,
    Let me start by saying KB Gold has been a financial institution for many years and started a MLM approx. 18 months ago that is the first and only savings plan backed by gold and silver.They have been very transparent on every aspect of the operation and you would know this by the references I sent you approx. a month ago but here is the information again (below) so from this day forward you can make intelligent comments on this company. It is very obvious you did not do your home work on this one because of your rather ignorant statements. Identity theft!!!Terrorism!!! Are you having flash backs? Your better than Troy. Do some research with info I provided for you. They do say free franchise in the UK but it is not part of anything we have put out here in the states. This is my replicated site the word “free” does not exist. To generalize and group this company with the likes of thieves and terrorists isn’t fair at all. You said it yourself that you don’t have much info but you make ridiculous statements. Cmon..Do you have an ax to grind already? Can we get our approval before you go poppin off about things you obviously have not researched. Very disappointed with your effort on reporting facts. Again, below is the references I sent you a month ago and if you can’t get the answers you need from this information maybe it’s time to change your name from watch dog to lap dog. I know this blog sells your newspapers but this is way out of line.

    KB GmbH
    Berner Str. 4 1476 Munich, Germany
    Phone: +49 89 750 767 72
    Fax: + 49 89 750 767 74
    President: Mike Koschine
    Business registration according to § 34c GWO local
    authorities in München / Rupperstr.
    Tax number: 145/142/70482
    Comm. Register # HR B161895
    Worldwide license for the production of Certified Monetary Gold

    Kreissparkasse Munich Starnberg
    Sendlinger-Tor-Platz 1
    80336 München
    Acct Name: KB-Edelmetall GmbH
    Phone: +49 (0) 89 238 01-0

    Gotthard Massif
    Phone: +41 4122 63 652
    Fax: +41 4122 63 653

    PricewaterhouseCoopers AG
    Werftestrasse 3
    CH-6005 Lucerne
    Phone: +41 58 792 6200
    Fax: +41 58 792 6210

    ATTORNEY (Switzerland Vaulting Verifications)
    Kummer Bolzern & Partner
    Winkelriedstrasse 35
    CH-6002 Luzern
    Phone: +41 041 410 05 55
    Fax: +41 041 410 05 56

  2. “KB Gold is the type of company used for funding international terrorist activities”

    Wow! That is a bold statement and one I don’t think anyone should be making without any proof.
    That’s like saying people with blonde hair are the kind of people that commit murders…very amateur.

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