MLM Week In Review: 7 Strategies For Growing Your MLM Business Even In Greece

Worldwide MLM also called Direct Sales is on a rebound, even in the economic torn country of Greece. These seven strategies can help you take your Network Marketing business to a whole new level.

This last week, I was reading the European version of Direct Selling News, and found these powerful headlines, which proved Direct Selling is growing.

Poor economy no obstacle to growth for Amway

Avon empowerment improves the lives of women

Our company cares, says Herbalife

What made this headlines stick out, is they were all focused on the Country of Greece. Think about this for a second… If these international companies realize the growth potential in an economic torn country like Greece, what can you do in your country to grow your team?

In studying these three companies I found seven strategies they are using to grow their field organizations. These same seven strategies will work for you also.

Strategy 1: Develop a solid foundation in your MLM business

Strategy 2: Build your Brand with clarity

Strategy 3: Make sure you are marketing quality products and services

Strategy 4: Provide your team with the best marketing tools and systems to build their business

Strategy 5: Reward each team member’s success at ALL levels

Strategy 6: Commit to helping your team grow internationally

Strategy 7: Never manage, always lead your team

These seven strategies may seem simple, but you will find they may be hard to apply in the beginning as you start to grow.

To gain more knowledge and wisdom in this area, visit John Maxwell On Leadership.

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