MLM News Report: Coffee May Be The Next Billion Dollar Direct Selling Niche

Reserve Your Cup from Reserve Your Cup on Vimeo.

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Vi-Tell Wireless

Scott Rogers over at Vi-Tell Wireless and his team have done something pretty remarkable. Instead of offering a Car Bonus, in a down economy when folks might not qualify for a new BMW or Cadillac, they put together a cool program where distributors can have the Car Payment paid for a year! Free Car Payments! Check it out!


Formerly Ethos Environmental has launched a new All Natural Male Enhancement Product! My concerns with this product is the website doesn’t list any of the ingredients in the product.

Plus, “All Natural” doesn’t mean “Organic”, which means there could still be chemicals or a mixture of herbs which can cause the end user issues. What good is it to have the ability to make love, if you die of high blood pressure, or low blood pressure for that matter?

7 thoughts on “MLM News Report: Coffee May Be The Next Billion Dollar Direct Selling Niche”

  1. I’ve read up on reserve your cup. They sort of hide the comp plan but having coffee as their product will give them awesome potential. I still think people will run from the 600 dollar sign-up.

  2. Thanks Troy, I know you are right. Tazza Di Vita (coffee) is our flag ship product and has taken people & places by storm because of the Adaptogens that’s in the coffee. Major testimonies coming out of this launch. I am one of the over 80% of the world’s population that loves coffee. Thanks for the update.
    Please feel free to check out adaptogens are and see for yourself.

  3. I am an avid coffee drinker, and love MLM. I considered the Gano coffees, but while there was a lot of information about the health benefits, it always sounded ‘hokey’.
    So, I held off. Then, Javita just started and it’s much more of a premium instant coffee without all the goofiness about Gano. It’s just good coffee – and people who you share it with tend to join!

  4. The $600 is really high I think for startup especially when there are alot of other Network Marketing Companies that are less than $500 start-up fee.

  5. Everyone knows to read and that there are TWO levels to join at? a $99 and a $599? If you’re not ready to join at $600 and unlock those bonuses – you can join at $99 and upgrade within 60 days.

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