MLM Blogging For Prospects Works, Just Ask Ty Tribble

Recognized worldwide as the #1 MLM Blogger in the industry, Ty Tribble demonstrated consummate “SHOCK and AWE COOLNESS” (thank you Frank Kern for that phrase) this week when he gave away the secrets to his phenomenal success in an info packed FREE video training series that includes a speech Ty did a few months ago at an event that people paid over $1,300 to attend.

If you haven’t seen the videos yet, what the heck are you waiting for? Click right <<<===here ===>>> and come back to this post when you have watched Ty’s training. Yes … it is THAT good 😉

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a post about some traffic challenges that I was experiencing with my main MLM blog. I got some Tweets and a few comments. One of those comments was from Ty Tribble which kind of shocked me actually. I was thinking to myself … Self,  why did this LEGEND take the time to comment on this blog post …??? Ty’s action made me very curious ABOUT HIM !!! So, what else does a curious Rose do but check this guy out.  And what I found out was VERY IMPRESSIVE indeed. So, I subscribed to his mailing list and I started receiving  helpful emails from him EVERY DAY that lead me to information on his blog. You know what? I am actually beginning to LIKE this Ty Tribble guy alot.

Success Leaves CLUES

Ty has been blogging actively about network marketing for more than 7 years. He has written more than 5000 blog posts during that time frame. He is the fastest distributor in the history of MLM and Network Marketing to reach $100,000 in income out of 50,000 distributors.
He was also the  number one team-builder and number one recruiter for his former company.
So, what was the secret to his incredible success?
BLOGGING and setting up a MARKETING FUNNEL that allows people to get to know him, like him and trust him at their own pace. And he now has the ability to MARKET what ever he wants to his LIST (me included) whenever he wants to. This is how you start developing a “Launch Formula” of your very own 😉
Some of the things that Ty discusses in those videos,  JUST in case you haven’t watched them yet
  • The right way to start an MLM blog from scratch (or how you can transform your current blog into a lead generation magnet almost overnight)
  • How to create MLM blog content that helps your prospects solve their problems and gets them to take action
  • Several simple things you can do to keep people from leaving (bouncing off) your MLM blog right after they arrive
  • This is the most important one of all ~ How to get a year’s worth of free traffic to your blog in just 30 days. ( I paid big time attention to this one and I am beginning to see my Alexa rating start going back up after 48 hours. Thank YOU Ty!)
If you haven’t watched the videos yet, what are you waiting for ?
Click right <<<===here ===>>>

Ty Answers YOUR SPECIFIC Blogging Questions

I am not sure how George Fourie, creator of this wonderful community did it, but he got Ty to agree to personally answer specific blogging questions for members of thatMLMbeat. They also did a video interview in which Ty shares more of his MLM blog secrets, (Part One). I watched this video as well. MORE great information folks.

So, if you have a blogging question for Ty, click  ===>> HERE <<=== to be taken to the thread on this blog in which he is answering questions and ask your question.  You can also ask Ty MLM Blog questions on our Facebook page for the Top 50 MLM Blogs.

Folks, this is a PRIMO opportunity that every blogger should take advantage of. Ty is NOT charging a penny for this. And, if you aren’t aware of this, advice like this usually comes with a $500 an hour price tag. My advice to you, get it while it is FREE and USE it.

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About The Author –
Rose Mis is the author of “Dead Blogs Don’t Lie ~ 7 Secrets To A Wildly Popular High Traffic Blog”. I am also the Executive Chef (aka Chief Cook and Bottle Washer ;-)) of the Attraction Marketing Training Kitchen. You are invited to stop by the Kitchen anytime you have any questions about blogging and marketing YOU with your blog !

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