[Interview] Kary Rogney, Social Tribes And Free Blog Syndication Buddies

In a recent post discussing the benefits of social tribes, I shared 3 Facebook pages which focus on free blog syndication.

Well, today I did our first official interview with Kary Rogney who is the founder of the Tribe Syndication Network.

Kary and his Tribe members have managed to master a Tribe Syndication system where a group of various marketers from different companies work together to promote each others content.

We briefly discuss free blog syndication, the importance of blog buddies and how authenticity attracts! Stop by Kary’s blog, leave him a comment and be sure to mention that I sent you there! 😉

24 thoughts on “[Interview] Kary Rogney, Social Tribes And Free Blog Syndication Buddies”

  1. George,

    Great interview with Kary. This model of helping to syndicate other bloggers is really catching on because it just makes sense. Why would you want to just promote yourself and fight for traffic with tons of other people.

    By helping those other people they in turn help you. It’s a win win and more people are getting noticed a lot faster.

    Thanks for posting.

    Ken Pickard
    The Network Dad

    1. Hey Ken, thanks for the feedback. You guys have done really well with this. You are busy creating a niche through your interaction and I am proud to be amongst your growth. NICE!! George

  2. Thanks, I really enjoyed the interview. Kary is creating some awesome stuff and I am glad to say that I’m one of the people learning from him. He constantly gives a ton of great information and he does so freely. He practices the law of reciprocity and as a result he is reaping the benefits. Thanks again, George, for posting such great information your blog.

    1. Hey Don, yes Kary has lots to share and he is one of the most sincere people I know. Funny, and we only met online! Thanks for stopping by Don. Don’t be a stranger! 😉 George

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  6. George,

    Great interview with Kary Rogney. He is always ready to help people learn and I must say I am one of those people proud to be associated with him in the smallest of ways. I will hope to be learning much more from him and becoming a part of what he offers. Thanks for sharing, George. You too are awesome.

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  8. Great interview George. Adding that personal touch on social media is so important. I appreciate the information you share so freely Kary.
    I was impressed with the social proof that was built on Kary’s blog in such a short time.

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