How to Come Up With Blog Post Ideas

Last time, we talked about the importance of creating your “home base” for promoting yourself and establishing your own distinctive brand online.

Once you’ve created a WordPress blog as your “home base”, it’s time to begin adding fresh content. This is where many people stumble and draw a blank. It can be challenging to come up with things to write about, especially if you are fairly new to blogging. You understand the concept of promoting yourself as a leader, not just pitching your network marketing opportunity, but what do you blog about to accomplish this?

Don’t feel bad if you struggle at first to come up with topics for content. I believe that just about everyone doing this will occasionally experience times when they just don’t really know what they should write about.

ideas for blog posts and website articles

As home business builders and MLM network marketing leaders, we want to provide value and insight to our readers so that they have reason to keep coming back for more. Bear in mind that some visitors to your blog will be serious opportunity seekers, and many will visit a few times and review your content before they feel comfortable contacting you. Thus, you really want to put some thought and effort into this.

Here are a few ideas about what you can write about, which will work well for home business builders and network marketers. You have to use some imagination and integrate these ideas with your own personal experiences, but they can help you get started.

Think about your experiences in building your business and how you’ve overcome obstacles, and write about them. Talk about how and why you got started, and things you’ve learned along the way.

Many of your prospects will ask the same questions over and over – take these “frequently asked questions” and talk about how you answer them. Some common questions might be:

How much money can I make in network marketing?

How much time do I have to put into it?

Can I do this if I have a very tight budget?

Can I really build a business if I work a full-time job?

And so forth…you can build an entire post or article around questions like these.

Read a book or good article about MLM, home business, social networking, or self development.  Pick out parts that resonate with you, and write about them from your own experience and perspective.

Share and comment on a video (from YouTube or elsewhere) that you’ve seen that encouraged you or gave  you insight that helped you in your business.

When you read something online that inspires you, perhaps a business building tip or something that motivates you to action, create a post that relates it to your own personal experience. Don’t just copy it.

Create a “how to do something” post. This can be about anything you’ve learned to do for your business. For example: “How to Set Up an Autoresponder Follow-Up System” or “How to Notify Your Warm Market About Your New Network Marketing Business“.

Go to Google and search for keywords like “MLM message boards” or “network marketing forums”. Visit these boards and scan the topics. Look for questions and problems that networkers are asking about, and write posts for your blog with comments and answers.

Create list type posts. These tend to draw interest and attention, but don’t overdo them. For example: “Top 5 Things to Look For in an MLM Product” or “Ten Top Questions to Ask About a Network Marketing Opportunity“.

These are just a few ideas you can use to get your creative juices flowing. An important thing to keep in mind – just relax and be yourself. Write from your own perspective and experience, and don’t worry about being perfect. You’re not trying to be a professional writer, but rather a communicator. Prospects visiting your blog are interested in learning more about you and who you really are. Be yourself.

7 thoughts on “How to Come Up With Blog Post Ideas”

  1. Hi Eldon,

    Thanks for the tips about an MLM blog topics. I have been writing a small business marketing blog for a while and don’t have trouble coming up with topics for that one, yet when it comes to my MLM blog, I find it challenging as I don’t want it to be only promotional which it really is right now. I plan to take you advice above and start adding more of “me” to that blog as well 🙂

    Thanks for sharing your insights!

  2. You know, it’s funny Eldon, I just wrote an article today on how to be inspired to write articles for your blog. Must be the time of year! Anyway, it’s posted on my blog. I hope you and all your readers have a great day.

  3. I appreciate the comments!

    Ken – I encourage you to get your blog going – it’s essential to helping you establish your unique identity and brand online.

    Julie – definitely add more of “you” to your blog. Relating whatever you write about to your own personal experiences and thoughts is the key.

    Mary Anne – not sure if it’s the time of year, but coming up with what to blog about is troublesome to many people. Appreciate your tip about a creative approach by combining two articles.

  4. Thanks for sharing those great tips! Those can help me a lot in enhancing my blog. I think you’re right I should share more of ‘myself’ in my blog posts.

  5. Good points and reminders. One idea I need to work is getting out of the house more often. As a senior I don’t need to buy a fishing license and have a couple of cameras. Even if I get skunked on the river bank, I can still take a couple photos.

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