Get the Most From Your Social Media Profile

If you’re using social networking communities (such as Facebook) to meet people and connect with potential business partners, it’s very important to go the extra mile and strive to create the best profile you can. Oddly enough, many network marketing and MLM entrepreneurs don’t take time to do a good job with this. Often, they fill out their profile with just a bare minimum of information that doesn’t really leave much of an impression on visitors.

Why Creating Your Best Social Profile is So Important

Many people are out there looking for a way to make money from home. They are looking not only for a good opportunity, but for someone they feel comfortable working with. When they like a post or some other content you’ve created, or read details about your home business, they are likely to click on your profile to learn more about you.

Don’t you sometime do this yourself when you are looking at message boards or browsing discussions in various social communities? When you see someone make an interesting comment or observation, you probably get curious and click on their profile to learn more about them. This is why having a complete profile is so important – you want to come across as “real” and give people more reason to get in touch with you.

Creating Your Best Profile

The first thing you want to do is upload a quality photo of yourself. Since you are in these communities hoping to make business connections, it’s important to have a nice photo that presents you well. A professional portrait isn’t necessary, in fact a nice snapshot with your camera is fine, so long as it presents you in a positive way. I think a head shot for your main profile picture looks the best. Remember that this picture is often the first thing that people see, and making a good first impression is important.

Always be aware of your privacy and don’t put information in your public profiles that you don’t want the world to see. Otherwise, include as much as you like about your personal interests, hobbies, passions, whatever you want to share. Always keep everything in good taste. Many potential new contacts may find you from searches they do on their own interests, in an effort to find like minded friends.

ideas for blog posts and website articles

When you’re done, look at your public profile through the eyes of a potential prospect or friend. Is it professional, and does it show a glimpse of “who you are” apart from your business?

Always include a link in your profile to details about your MLM or network marketing business, or whatever venture you are involved with. The key is letting your business information blend in with everything else as part of the total “you”. Some networkers create profiles that go way overboard with hype and promotion of their opportunity. Serious prospects will be turned away by this – they are looking for more.


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6 thoughts on “Get the Most From Your Social Media Profile”

  1. Eldon I totally agree. I’m very new to all this online marketing business and all the leaders I’ve read blogs from, or looked at their material, follow your suggestions. I think the largest issue is having a logo as your profile pic. It’s tough to make friends with a logo!! Also I like seeing the personal side of the people I connect with too. The links and web marketing is great, but I want to see that you were up at night with your kids too! or that you had a family outing somewhere — this brings some humanity back!

  2. Very useful post. It is so true that some newcomers are not spending enough time on the profile aspect on social media sites. I found it very useful to have a word document with such reusable information saved and ready to be used any time you may need to create a profile. Thanks for your informative post, it’s greatly appreciated. I will certainly mention it to other networkers.

  3. Great article. A great starting point for those of us who are just starting out with Social media. I didn’t have a facebook profile until I started in my business and then wasn’t so sure how to set it. Very helpful advice. Thanks.

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