2013 Facebook Friends, 22,439 Twitter Followers… So Now What? [Weird Ending]

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[SIDENOTE: The coolest, yet strangest thing just happened minutes before completing this post as you will experience shortly]

Do we subconsciously place some sort of authority rank or superior value on the amount Facebook friends or Twitter followers that someone has?

At first we might all unanimously say ‘no!’, but is that really true?

When you connect with someone on Facebook or find someone on Twitter with a inactive time line, is there a little voice uttering to you that you are speaking to someone with little or no experience in there niche?

Maybe so. Or maybe you are in the same boat and just starting out with Social Media and none of it really matters.

Whether we like it or not, numbers have some sort of status (excuse the pun) attached to it. But as the rest of this story reveals, the numbers myth might just be a lie we all choose to believe.

I got on a Skype call with Malika Duke from http://BusinessSavvyMoms.com for a ‘quick’ chat to answer a few questions about her profile here on thatMLMbeat.

The intended 2 minute conversation turned into an awesome hour after Malika shared this story of one of her coaching clients.

Her clients concern was that although she had thousands of Twitter followers, she battled to connect with anyone of them or further any conversations.

Does that sound familiar? If so, what’s the real point in having all these followers then?

I’m confident that we can all plead guilty for clicking away and excepting friend requests like there’s no tomorrow to simply ‘get it done’ and out of the way.

But how many of those friends did we actually connect with? Just adding a simple welcome note or starting a conversation?

Social media has definitely changed the game of internet and network marketing altogether, but maybe we are still approaching web 2.0 with a web 1.0 mindset?

Let me explain…

Web 1.0 was all about great sales letters, one way conversations and automation. The less interaction you could get away with and automate everything, the better.

So now we play a slightly different game. While all the sales letters and automation still serve our businesses tremendously, it’s the connection which takes place before hand that really counts.

Your sales message only has as much value as the relationship you managed to establish before hand.

The old saying of “People only do business with people they know, like and trust” carry more weight in the social hemisphere than ever before.

So before concluding the outcome of Malika’s coaching client and without trying to preach to the choir, here are a few solutions we discussed that will really help you connect with your Facebook friends and Twitter followers:

1. Get personal

Do something that is un-automated. Type a personal message in a friend request, write on someones wall (Facebook), compliment on something you found on their social profile or try and establish some form of ‘common ground’.

Is there something in particular that this person is involved in that resonates with you? It could be as simple as having kids, coming from the same area or an interest in the same business niche. Use that as the conversation starter show that you are human.

2. End conversations with a question

If you want to build a relationship via direct messages, it’s important to keep the conversations going. If you simply answer the message and not proceed with a question, the conversation simply dies.

3. Do something different

Sometimes you get a direct message that has the feeling of being transcribed or rehearsed. People want to get to know the real you. The easiest way to be different and make an impression is just to be yourself. We are all different and unique human beings, let that resonate through the world of social media.

4. Go live!

Yes, connect! If no one has magically scrolled over to your network marketing opportunity link and joined your business yet, then go live!

If you have the opportunity to pick up the phone, get on a Skype call, have a video chat, then do it! There is nothing better than speaking to anyone face to face and with modern technology no one has an excuse not to. The quickest route to building your MLM business is by having a live conversation.

To conclude our story…

With the guidance of Malika, her coaching client based in Australia got back to her with major excitement for making her first personal connection. They got on Skype, found common ground and have partnered in business.

[Extended] Now here is the strange part…

I have never officially spoken to Malika until our Skype conversation a few days ago. We have only spoken on Twitter and Facebook, but we spoke naturally for an hour like we have known each other for many years.

By the way we connected through the power of social media, we already had common ground before we had a live conversation.

Now I live in Perth, Australia and Malika is based in Keller, Texas.

When I reread this post, I couldn’t help noticing that it seemed incomplete without mentioning who Malika’s coaching client was.

I got back on Skype to ask Malika who the Mystery lady was.

Malika replied saying:

[10:33:49 AM] Malika Duke: I hear you are talking to my friend and client CaptainLiz!

Say what?

Liz Hindley a.k.a. Captain Liz was living in Perth about 6 months ago when I met her through a business associate. She has now moved over east, but we managed to re connect about a month ago through social media.

So here I am, talking to Malika for the first time in the United States, several thousand miles away, discussing a topic related to one of her coaching clients Liz who we both know but unknowingly.

Wow, what a strange MLM / Social Media world we live in?

Liz is a pilot so when your business reaches the heights you are after, you now have a pilot connection to take you anywhere!

Be sure to checkout her MLM blog for some awesome authentic tips and great video footage pilot style!

[Disclaimer: The amount of Twitter followers and Facebook friends mentioned in the title is not in reference to anyone in this post! 🙂 ]

13 thoughts on “2013 Facebook Friends, 22,439 Twitter Followers… So Now What? [Weird Ending]”

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  2. We live in a world that is more and more connected every single day. And, since like attracts like, you will often find yourself running into friends and friends of friends on a regular basis more and more. We have a scope or reach now that is completely unrivaled at any time in history!

    However, with all that HAS changed, one thing hasn’t and thats humans needs to build deep relationships. Relationships take time and work, and you gave some great tips to fostering them. Too many people think that by adding numbers and shouting at them that friendships and trust will magically happy. Negative. When we put the time into building relationships they grow and bloom into the magic we seek. Thanks for the great tips!

  3. I am starting my site from scratch.I paid all this money for graphics etc,twitter background and yet i was trashing about in the ocean trying to work out my niche market.My previous mentors did not go over with me and brainstorm more niche.Malika from savvy business mum has however.She is awesome.I am building a new website about my true passion and starting from scratch with that.
    Being nearly bankrupt and over mlm and all the people online that are false and all the people i know who fake it till they make it,just over it basically.I am going to be training from the captain liz site to show people where to start from and what it really takes to make it online.
    I have overspent.If i had of gone with Malika about a year ago i would’nt be in this position i don’t think.
    Kimberlys comments to me about “like attracting like” and thinking that i was shouting at people well you know at least im the one who steps up now and says “hey this is my experience” heres what i’ve learnt.
    My experience also online is the greedy oneupmanship mentality and people outdoing each other.
    Her comments reflected that of a person who is like the rest….a sheep.Not afraid to be her own power and strength.
    I am however mine and i have no where to go now but up.
    I feel free and liberated.
    I have spent my life pandering to others and trying to say all the right things.
    My adult entertainment story is being posted on the captain liz blog anyway.
    If it leaves people somewhat squimish i guess thats ok because there is alot of false prophets and people i would never want to do business with.Its all about building trust and that is but a small part of my life.

  4. Liz,

    I’m rather puzzled how you took what I said both personally and with a negative spin. Wow, totally opposite of its intention. I can only guess you’ve had a rough day and are on defensive because I was both crediting you and in your defense.

    Like does attract like and brings friends closer together. Its the beauty of attracting people like us into our friendship circles. It was a general statement. Of course, that I’ve attracted you into thinking I’m attacking perhaps indicate I need to reevaluate what *I* am attracting LOL.

    I said nothing about you shouting. I said people. Unless you’ve now joined the herd, it was a general concept statement. Too many people DO want to shout and make assumptions. Of course, an assumption is what happened here. I was merely dialoging and commenting and you feel me pointing fingers. It’s really not a good idea to panic over someone that was in your court the whole time.

  5. Kim,
    Its all good.I was having a bad day.A really bad few actually and i do know about the law of attraction however after much recent soul searching i have realised a few hard truths over the last week.It did hit me hard the other day and i have spent the last decade of my life being so self absorbed that alot of life has passed me by.I have missed out on connecting with people and all the joys of having friendships is all about.
    I want to use my story to reach out to others and not use my story to in anyway glorify what i have been through with “the other not talked about industry” but to teach that there are consequences to certain paths in life and to say how it really was for me,but i pulled myself through that and achieved a goal i had set for myself..!!!!! (LOL..i know my target audience afterall is extremely self motivated) 😉
    I read your post again the next day and you did not single me out and next time i will not make a sweeping statement and personalise it.I guess i feel a little exposed as it were lately!!! :0 (so yeah i will get down off my high horse) 😉
    Also i don’t want to put any blame or bag anyone,or say i did’nt get my moneys worth from my mentors they were just providing me with what i asked and paid for i am not coming from a place with ill intent,fool me more i should have been a little bit more meticulous in my research and on the bright side of things have quite a bit of knowledge to move forward.If all i have done is go around it the wrong way for the last year i should be counting my blessings actually!!!!

    George,kim and everyone who reads this post i want to truelly grow and learn from this experience and if it makes anyone feel a bit better of there situation online, there not on there own and that no one can avoid the learning curve that is required to make an income and do things the right way online and not be swept away with the latest fads.

  6. I enjoyed this post immensely. I decided that I am going to go through each and every one of my facebook friends that I added just to “get it done” and on a daily basis, attempt to conversate or leave a comment for at least 2 a day. You make a valid point in the fact that it is “social” marketing. If we aren’t social then what is the point? I appreciate your perspective and I hope to garner new & renewed relationships because of having read this post.

  7. Hi George,

    Pleasure to read you again. It is all about connecting. I’m just beginning with some basic content and as I keep learning will add more things into my funnel. Keep building, keep learning, keep growing.

    All the best,

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