Blogging For Prospects? Ty Tribble PERSONALLY Answers YOUR MLM Blogging Questions [Video]

Are you Blogging For Prospects?

Ty Tribble, who is known in the MLM world as the #1 MLM blogger, has agreed to answer all your personal blogging questions!

Ty already started answering MLM blog questions on our Facebook page for the Top 50 MLM Blogs.

Whether you are new to MLM blogging or have been blogging for quite some time, this is a golden opportunity that every blogger should take advantage of.

Plus, he is not charging a single cent for this, 100% free!

Free advice from a Network Marketing leader who was the fastest distributor in history to reach $100,000 income out of 50,000 distributors.

Ty is also the #1 team-builder and #1 recruiter with his former MLM company.

Not to mention that he has generated thousands upon thousands of qualified leads for his network marketing opportunity.

All from the foundation of blogging!

So, do you have a question for Ty?

All you need to do is ask your question below and Ty will answer them for you.

In fact, he might even do a video for thatMLMbeat members depending on how many questions he gets.

The Facebook page is already buzzing, so grab this opportunity to ask Ty to reveal his MLM blog secrets while you still can!

Once you’ve asked you question, be sure to check out Ty’s free blog training videos that he just released called Blogging for Prospects

15 thoughts on “Blogging For Prospects? Ty Tribble PERSONALLY Answers YOUR MLM Blogging Questions [Video]”

  1. Hi George,

    It sounds like a really great opportunity. I’m sure there is much I can learn from someone who has already blazed the trails. Thanks for sharing this information. Talk to you soon.

  2. I would like to know is it better to leave a link to your capture page in the bottom of your posts, or should you just have the opt-in form it-self right under the post? Secondly is it better to have your blog opt-in form at the top of your blog (feature section) or on the columns or just in the posts themselves. Thank you for your time.

    1. Yes! Have your your opt in all over your blog and then move things around now and then to keep it fresh. Change things up, use graphics, etc. Your regular readers will begin to eventually ignore the opt in unless it stays fresh. I really hesitated for a long time when it comes to pop ups, but I now have one at my MLMBlog, it works well.

  3. Hello George, Ty and Friends! I LOVE this video! George, you rock for allowing us to meet incredible industry movers and shakers like Ty! Prior to Ann Sieg’s recommended video and this interview, I didn’t quite know who Ty is and now I KNOW he definitely has incredible WISDOM we can all learn from! I do have an MLM opportunity but not a lot of … See Morepeople know about it because I only devote a small tab on my blog under “Team Tiebens”.

    My clients typically are entrepreneurs, coaches, speakers and network marketers but I ABSOLUTELY love coaching network marketers the basics of “relational marketing” -how they can attract people they would have never been able to reach before and connect w/ industry leaders and tie all their marketing efforts together using video – make sense of the bits and pieces of information, knowledge and courses they already have, move forward with what they already have and recommend a piece that they will need down the road.

    My question is: “How can I maintain the generic appeal of my blog as The Relational Marketer helping to “Encourage, Empower and Engage Entrepreneurs” but also make it known that I’m also a Network Marketing Success Coach with a network marketing opportunity? Should I create a separate blog or just add an entire page for my MLM opp? I THANK YOU in advance for your reply! 😉 All the best to you George and Ty!

    1. I think this has to do with making your offer valuable and focused on your readers. I have gone off in multiple blog la la land in the past, and I don’t think it is a good idea. Mix it up, give great value and then talk about your business now and then, especially if something cool is going on.

      The whole purpose of everything I do online is to expose myself to more people, build relationships, offer insane value and become attractive to people who are looking to build a network marketing business.

      1. Thank you so much Ty! I watched your Part 2 Interview and the more I watch you, the more I see your passion for blogging and for creating relationships! When I founded The Relational Marketer in 2009, I just wanted to connect with people and connect people with each other. My passion is to encourage entrepreneurs that they already have what it takes to succeed because they are called for a higher purpose and success is in their DNA. The other side of the coin is once they are encouraged, I empower them by teaching them the online marketing skills necessary to succeed online. My blog was the resource w/c allowed me to do that.

        In 1 1/2 years, I sought mentors and built amazing joint venture partnerships with industry leaders I wouldn’t have been able to reach before BUT in the process neglected the very reason I went online which was to learn MLM Online. It was “hush-hush” as I was building my name up as an Author and Speaker. But then I realize, who of the people online have the most belief, talent and commitment to help others? Network Marketers!

        It was only after watching Jonathan Budd’s Video and your video that I realized I have not really focused on the very reason I went online 3 years ago which is to help network marketers succeed online! That prompted the question on how I can best integrate the network marketing aspect of my business in what I already do now…

        I THANK YOU for taking the time to answer my question, for your invaluable inspiration and for the massive encouragement! Not to mention, how much I laughed watching your Renegade Professional LIVE Video! You’re hilarious! Blessings to you and your family…

        Emma 😉

  4. Hey George, couldn’t make the “Live” show, because I’m on the road, but thank you so much for having Ty on the show. You are doing such a great job my friend and I am proud to know you.
    Many Thanks, Donna Merrill

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