Beware: Facebook Virus (Be Careful)

Over the last few days I’ve heard some horror stories with people’s Facebook accounts being hacked into. It seems to be infecting more and more people, and the account holders don’t know anything about it until they login to their Facebook account and see emails and messages from their friends asking if they’ve been hacked, or what the photo/video was about!

The virus usually comes in the form on a pop up message, or an email, asking:

Facebook Virus

As far as I’m aware the hackers can embed a virus into a video so that when you watch the video, it downloads onto your computer or into your Facebook account and they can gain access to your Facebook account and then send out the same message to all your friends.

If you think about it… if a message like that came from one of your friends and you didn’t know anything about the virus, Would you click on the link?

I think most people would.

So, the purpose of this blog post is to make you much more aware of it so this kind of thing doesn’t happen to you.

Over the last few years I’ve seen this kind of thing in:

  • Spoof emails asking for bank details and credit card details (paypal, ebay, bank details etc)
  • IM’s and emails asking you to click a link on Facebook
  • Friends sending a Skype message similar to the Facebook one

Action Steps

  1. Do NOT click on any strange links from your friends. Make sure you send them an email or IM message to check if it  is really them sending it to you. Usually, if it’s a virus, they won’t reply.
  2. Report the link to Facebook and go to for further tips and advice
  3. Make sure your password is strong and secure

Here are a few of the comments I’ve received on my Facebook video about this.

Facebook Virus

It seems to be happening to a LOT of my friends and people in my circle of influence, so please notify as many people as you can about this. Make sure people are aware about it so it doesn’t happen to them.

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