My Lead System Pro – 3 Step Network Marketing Success Blueprint

In network marketing there are 3 steps standing between where you are now and the wildly successful business you dream of having.

Wait a minute only 3?

Yep, you heard me right – 3!

network marketing successAnd now that I’ve said that, you’re wondering about all those laundry lists of “daily action steps” everyone says you have follow. What about those?

I’ll let you in on a little secret: that stuff is just the details. And as the captain of your home business ship, you’re too smart to get bogged down in all those details.

Sure you want to know everything is taken care of and up to your usual high standards of quality, consistency and value. But as an entrepreneur with big dreams of independence and financial freedom, you know better than to get distracted. You’re focused on taking your business to the top!

And the plain truth is that your Network Marketing Success Blueprint can be broken down to one simple-to-follow-and-implement formula that’s only 3 steps.

And the coolest part is that once you’ve mastered these 3 simple steps your business will never be the same.

Imagine right now you’re only 3 steps removed from the dream life you desperately desire and so genuinely deserve.

So what are these 3 simple steps?

1) Connect with lots of people.

2)  Get those people in front of a presentation.

3) Collect a decision from them.

That’s all there is to it.

Pretty simple, yes?

Yea it is pretty simple when I put it that way but here’s the glitch in an otherwise beautifully simple plan:

What if you don’t have enough people to talk to? If you have an endless source of highly qualified, laser targeted prospects for your business, you can go ahead and skip to #2.

But if you’re like I was and you’re sitting there wondering what to do next, read on…

Here is the typical scenario that plays out…

You join a network marketing company and you’re all pumped up about the possibilities. You see the potential and you’re chomping at the bit to get going.

Your sponsor goes through the “getting started” training and tells you to make a list of all your friends and family. Then he prepares you to get ready to start hitting them up to join your new business venture.

You’re a team player, eager to learn and follow the rules. So you go to all your friends and family and try to get them to sign up for your new business.

That’s all great to start with. Maybe you get a few to sign up, maybe you don’t.  But you’re still not anywhere close to your goals for your team size, your pin rank or your income. And never mind that burning dream you have of firing your boss, throwing your alarm clock in the trash and spending your day the way you want to.

Well, what happens when you run out of friends and family to talk to?

What now?

And how do I know all this anyway?

Because that’s exactly what happened to me in my first network marketing company.

Yep! Been there. Don’t that. Got the t-shirt (actually it was a rather nice polo, but I had to buy it myself )

I talked to everyone I knew – and even people I didn’t know – and got exactly nowhere! Change that. I got a couple of customers for a little while and even signed up 1 person under me. But it went nowhere. They didn’t stick around and I eventually got discouraged, played the pity party blame game for a while and basically wallowed in a pool of my own self pity.

Sound familiar? You been there? Yeah, I thought so…

Then, I went to my sponsor and asked him what I was supposed to do next.

He told me I needed to talk to more people. Really? No kidding? See we’re back to #1 of the 3 simple steps in the blueprint again.

But again, another glitch

I knew that’s what I needed to do, but where was I supposed to find all these new people to talk to?

His response: “Just talk to more people”.

Ever feel like you’re going in circles on a merry-go-round? That’s where I was just then.

It became obvious to me at that point that I was going to have to find another way to build my business. And I was going to have to do it pretty much on my own.

Here’s the deal. It’s not your sponsor’s fault they can’t help you to build your business beyond the “talk to your friends and family” stage. Think about it. That’s all they’ve been taught by their sponsor.

They’re basically on the same merry-go-round ride you’re on and that I used to be on.

One day I woke up and decided to jump off the ride and find my own path. I believed wholehearted in the 3 Step Network Marketing Success Blueprint. I was just stuck on the first step!

So I did what any smart, determined, budding entrepreneur would do. I went to the internet and began exploring ways to build my business online.

Now I had never used the internet before except for sending emails and doing some basic Google searches. I didn’t even have a Facebook account at the time. So see, you’re probably already ahead of me there. There’s hope after all!

I began searching for a way to build my business online and soon began to find people who were building very successful businesses just like mine using the internet. I found a few different tools and systems that I flirted with briefly but nothing seemed to click until I found this on a website:


And in one single click of the mouse, everything changed…

Because this ad lead me to the one place that had everything I needed to grow my network marketing business and absolutely kill it on all 3 Steps of the Blueprint.

I knew I had hit pay dirt!

I was on cloud nine because now things would finally change. I’d be able to achieve all my hopes and dreams.

And I did just that. The only difference between you and me now is that I’ve come further along the path to success in my business and my goals are now much, much bigger. And way more fun.

And yours will be too!


Let’s Take a Short Flight of Fantasy

You no longer have to deal with awkward looks and comments from your loved one who think you’re crazy for starting your own business. You don’t have to convince anyone to join because you’ve got so many people looking at your company every day – and some of them are signing up!!

Now when you call people on the phone they’re thrilled to talk to you about your business and they actually thank you for calling them. Because they WANT to talk to you. They want to know about your business because they’re into having their own business too and they know you can help them do that because you know how to generate your own leads and can teach them how to do it too.

How much more fun is that conversation to have with people? And how much faster could your business grow if you not only had a virtually endless flow of leads for yourself but an easy way to help your new team members get their own leads too?