… is all about Abundance, Truth and serving those who serve and provide Value for the Network Marketing Profession.

Let me explain…


There is enough business to go around for everyone. We serve a multitude of MLM bloggers (a.k.a. Ambassador Bloggers) from various countries, backgrounds, perspectives and different MLM companies. They get to share stories, news, tips and training. Sometimes their own and sometimes curated from the best. It’s about delivering the best, even if you’re still in the infancy of your journey to becoming the best.

In exchange for keeping you up to date with the hottest news and educated with cutting edge tips and strategies, our Ambassador Bloggers get to share their brief story in the bio section below each post. You will also find a link with more info about them and their business should you feel that they could be a match for you to do business with.

If you are looking for a leader to join forces with, look no further as here you will find all the action takers. (Bloggers are the Doers!)

Other than serving the industry and bloggers, we also run our own promotions through advertising campaigns, affiliate promotions and strategic partnerships with companies and distributors that represent our values.

And although the end objective for our Ambassador Bloggers is to generate new business, all their blog stories live by the…


The truth for us is all about 100% transparency. Being truthful with content, promotions and everything that we do. First up, let’s talk about content…

Content (blog articles and videos) is the core of what we do. Our goal is to deliver content that is accurate, value based and always representing the truth (even if that isn’t always on the positive)

All content goes through a series of checks and validation by our editorial team before anything goes live. We are the enemy of hype and only publish content that serves and protects our industry.

When it comes to promotions, we strive to only promote reputable companies and distributors that we believe have valuable products and services to offer for our community.

Occasionally we also promote products that we are affiliated with. We do so only if we have used these products internally and believe that they have benefit to our subscribers. If by chance we promote something that we haven’t used internally, we will do thorough research and validating before putting our name behind it.

We value our reputation. And speaking of…


Value comes first. Content is about value, not about promotions and never two shall meet. Our Ambassador Bloggers number 1 goal is to serve the industry and distributors.

It’s about giving before you get!

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