5 Easy Energy Boosters for MLM Moms

Energy is something that MLM Moms always wish they had more of. We often joke that we wish we could bottle up our children’s energy for ourselves. In fact, it is their overflowing amount of energy that usually causes ours to deplete so quickly. 😉 It goes without being said that when our energy depletes, so does or productivity. Fortunately, there are some easy things we can do to fight back and get that energy boost we need.

5 Great Energy Boosters

1) Start Your Day Out Early: It sounds a little funny because it is logical to think that the earlier you start your day, the quicker you’ll run out of energy. But it actually sets your entire day up for being more relaxed and focused. When you wake up before everyone else and allow yourself some quiet time, your mind starts out in the right place. If I wake up with everyone else and get thrust into the whirlwind of taking care of them while trying to get my day started, it only causes stress and starts draining energy.

Use this quiet time to get in some quality work time, shower and get yourself together for the day or, to boost your energy even more, use this time to exercise. Whether it’s a full blown workout or some simple crunches and jumping jacks, starting your day with exercise increases your metabolism and helps your energy levels. I try to get all three of these things in if possible(but we all know that the little munchkins like to change their schedules on us, so we can only try our best).

2) Health it Up! : Taking steps to better your health will always boost energy. This is one place however, us MLM Moms can struggle because we are always taking care of everyone else and not giving ourselves enough attention. Some simple things we can do that don’t take up a lot of time are taking a multivitamin, drinking plenty of water, drinking green shakes(May not sound appetizing, but it’s really just a fruit smoothie with greens thrown in. Find out more here) and cutting out empty calories and fillers that cause our energy to crash.

The easiest way watch the empty calories is to plan snacks ahead. Lets face it, it’s all about convenience. We don’t have a lot of time and the quicker the better. Cut up fruits and vegetables ahead of time. Put them in baggies or containers so all you have to do is grab and go. Bake and set aside some healthy muffins or bread. I also love meal planning (something I totally didn’t want to do for a long time ), I have found that it makes my life easier to plan ahead so I don’t worry about what we’ll have tonight for dinner, plus we eat healthier that way.

3) Get a Breath of Fresh Air : Head outside for a few minutes to take some deep breaths and enjoy the outdoors. Whether it’s nice warm or brisk air, getting fresh air and oxygen to the brain will energize you. Getting some sun is extremely beneficial too! If you can’t get outside, just standing up and taking some deep breaths will help.

4) Move Around: Getting up and moving around is certainly not a hard thing for moms. It’s a great thing to do when you’re feeling tired or unfocused. Get up on your feet and do a few quick simple exercises like jumping jacks. Better yet, take advantage of our built in play mates and crawl and jump around with the kids.

You can also catch up on house work and take a few minutes to clean. We know that there’s always something on the to do list. Don’t get carried away and change your focus from work. Pick something small that will take just a few minutes so you can get your blood flowing again.

5) Pay Attention to Your Personality: This is extremely important when it comes to re-energizing. Depending on our personalities, we relax and replenish in different ways. If you’re an extrovert, you recharge by spending time with other people and can feel drained by spending a lot of time alone. You may need to plan a time for a friendly phone call or lunch/dinner date every once in awhile. If you’re an introvert, being around others too much can drain you. You recharge by having some quality alone time. Make sure you make time to read a book, take a bubble bath or meditate. Whatever your personality, be in tune with yourself and make sure you’re getting what you need.

Energy = Productivity! Plus, keeping our energy up is what keeps us young and healthy so we can keep up with our little ones. Most importantly, our energy is what everyone around us picks up on. For our family and our business contacts, we always want to be emitting a strong positive energy to strengthen and grow those relationships.

Give yourself an energy evaluation and see where you can start getting an energy boost today!
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Believing in Your Success,

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